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The Gumption to Overcome

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the topic of overcoming. I’ve been mulling over it in my spirit and soul, aiming to connect to truth to help me move forward. After much thought and consideration, I sat down with Holy Spirit and asked Him. I said, “Will you teach me how to be better at overcoming? I am struggling in my soul with pressing past this moment of maturity.” 

Holy Spirit responded back, “Remember last Saturday when you were absolutely ready to quit? You walked around in tearful circles all day, feeling weighted down by what your soul sees and thinks, verses what your spirit sees and believes. And then, then at 10:30 pm your human spirit said, ‘No, we will keep pushing the boundaries of this soul. We will keep going because we have the capacity and the capability to keep going.’

So, you see overcoming is more for the soul, than the spirit. Human spirits (like yours) that are developing, growing and maturing with Me are actually very good at overcoming. They aren’t operating from a place of immaturity so they will eventually overcome through the strength of their maturity. They see the wealth Heaven has and they are prepared to take that next step in faith and watch the path appear. But so often here, the soul struggles. The soul gazes at the world around it and thinks, ‘I’ve come this far. I don’t want to go any further because it will be difficult.’ The soul wrestles with stepping out into faith because the soul will be required to grow more, to evolve and change. There is always much more ahead for the soul in terms of catching the new wave that’s coming from the spirit.

Overcoming is the ability to keep going, to endure, to persevere up until the last push where you move up and over that hill, mountain or obstacle in front of you. It requires a certain measure of fortitude and gumption from the spirit and the soul. They must work in tandem with each other and with the needs of Heaven. Those who overcome are like a rock that can’t be moved. They are a pillar in the kingdom that is sturdy and steady and ready for whatever might come around the corner and try to push them over. Actually, overcomers can’t be pushed over. They’ve summitted the mountain and now they have the knowledge, understanding, wisdom and revelation to go forward. 

Overcomers defy logic because they are faithful in believing in the unseen realms of life. They are truly part of My plan to move the heavens and the earth. To bring heaven into the earth realm. An overcomer is a special type of person, Amanda. Lots of people toss the word overcomer around, but they are few and far between because so much fortitude is needed to cultivate into one.” 

I asked, “What does an overcomer look like in the spirit?” He said, “Oh, they are majestic in the way that their spirit glitters and glistens. They have a stamina and aura about them that is concentrated in My glory. They know that it is because of Heaven and the faithfulness of the Lord that they’ve made it to the place of finishing… To the place of overcoming. They also speak differently than most. They have a sound that comes from their mouths that radiates the frequency of life and of courage. I see them as someone I can immensely trust with the things of My kingdom. I have a strong affiliation for them.”

Then I asked, “What level of humility is required in overcoming? I feel that it is a bedrock for the overcomer.” He said, “Good question. Very good question. Humility is such a special language of the overcomer. Knowing when and when not to speak is so vital. They must not multiply and sow seeds of slander, death, unbelief, confusion, doubt or anger.

Humility is the bedrock of the overcomer because they have the capacity to rise again the next day. They have the agility within them that says, ‘I am not there yet, but I will get there. I must just keep going.’ They are very used to failure upon failure. They are used to trying it a million and one times until they get it right. They aren’t afraid of failing or the process one takes to reach any given destination. They’ve pretty much sold out to waking up every day with the gumption to go.”

Then I left the conversation. I mediated on overcoming more and found myself thinking about my significant weight loss of 100-pounds 14 years ago. Choosing to keep moving forward was challenging for me in that season. I didn’t want to keep going. There were moments when I wanted to give up and just throw in the towel. But you know I always felt this overwhelming feeling deep down inside of me. I remember being 20-years-old, laying on the floor next to the treadmill in my parent’s house. As I laid there in pools of sweat, my soul overwhelmed with getting “there,” I felt my spirit move deep down inside of me. She believed I had what it took to keep going. So, I did.

In the midst of these thoughts, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Amanda, do you see? You can overcome your present obstacles because you have a track record with overcoming. You’ve risen above the desires of your soul and finished the race so many times. Overcoming isn’t new to you. It’s more so different now because of the expanse and growth of your spirit. Greater responsibilities are being asked of you, so your soul must expand to meet them. Your human spirit, is capable of the expanse though. It is capable of expanding far past the outer reaches of what it knows. 

Jesus was the ultimate overcomer. He not only went to the cross, but He did it after He was in the garden of Gethsemane taking on the sin, iniquity and transgression of mankind. He did that and THEN He had the gumption to go to the cross. He had the strength, capability and capacity to do an extremely challenging thing and then cross paths with the next one, which was the cross.

Which is why overcoming should be a lifestyle of the maturing child of God. It is a marker of maturity. A marker that says, ‘I am now stepping into the next thing because I am overcoming.” 🌱

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Multiplication: Part II

After I shared the blog about multiplication on Monday, I woke up on Tuesday and began asking Holy Spirit about the principle. I felt deep in my spirit that there was more He wanted to share with me because questions about the principle began to fill my mind and heart.

So, I sat down with Heaven on Tuesday morning and started asking questions. G (George, my chief angel) came forward and said, “Now, the truth of the matter is there is so much more to explore with multiplication. You’ve merely just scratched the surface of it. You see the seeds you are planting can actually become full-functioning trees of life. But they must be continuously watered. They need care to grow.” I said, “Can the KOD (kingdom of darkness) steal the seeds planted in the realms of God?” G said, “They can’t necessarily steal them the way in which you are thinking. Jehovah’s power is all consuming. Demons and fallen angels can’t just waltz up to a realm and steal the seeds; however, they can be given access. They can be given access in many ways. There are many openings that can provide a pathway for the seeds to be stolen.” I said, “What does the KOD do with a stolen seed?” G said, “Well they will try to take it apart and dismantle it for parts. They are looking to see how the principle of division can dismantle their works; however, they are prevented entry into the seed because it is coated in gold for protection purposes. Something you might do is actually give the seed a key. Create a lock and key for the seed. A lock and key that can only be used for entry and exit purposes by you (the designer) or Heaven. Assign an angel to take the key and store it in a lock box in Heaven. Mark it ‘Seed Keys.’ The angel will keep track of each seed key and each lock that a seed is using.”

Then I asked, “What about demons that can pick a lock?” G said, “Good question. Those types of demons do exist. They use their ancient minds and corrupted wisdom from Heaven to open locks. So, then you would need to assign the cherub angel with an extra role. They need to be assigned to keep lock-picking demons away. And if they need reinforcement, they need to be given the ability to call for the reinforcement” I said, “Well… Could we maybe use a frequency sound instead? A sound that chases or warrants pick-pocketing demons away?” G said, “Yes! Yes, you can absolutely do that. It might honestly be easier to do something of that nature. So, tell the seed to vibrate with the energy from the Father’s throne. That energy is light and the light is a powerful frequency, keeping pick-pocketing demons away.”

I then said, “I want to know about the consumer of the seeds interaction. Can they harm the seed and it’s growth?” G said, “Yes, yes they absolutely can. But it’s different than what you are thinking. A consumer harms the seed by not receiving it properly. But that’s not on you or your works. That is within the consumer’s heart alone. It’s not for you to worry about honestly because the seed will continue to be a gift of frequency and growth in that person’s life. The Father will continue to pursue the person’s heart until he/she is operating where the Father needs him/her.”

Marvelous right? It’s all so marvelous to me that I implored Heaven about it again today. G said, “The completeness of multiplication is found in this… After much practice with the principle (your spirit knows it well) your soul will have an understanding, and then you won’t have to continue to repeat the steps. The purpose of repeating the steps over and over again is to give your soul a lesson in understanding how this principle works. I don’t want your soul doubting what you’re doing. 

Amanda, doubt will immediately stop the flow of multiplication. It will cause the roots from the pathways of connection to shrivel up. They will stop expanding if doubt gets in the way. And it’s because you will have sewn the intent of doubt inside of the seed. Which is why it is so important that your intent of the seed is from the Father’s heart. You must have your spirit man forward and your heart prepared to link to the Father’s when you are sewing a seed. Keep malice and destruction out. Keep doubt, fear, unbelief and confusion out. Keep the soul out of the sewing of the seed.

Remember what you were told about cultivation being a principle of identity and multiplication being a principle of kingship?” 

Then George stopped and told me to go back and read through those notes. 

In the notes, Father said this, “Amanda, seeds come down to intent. So, it is imperative that you have a developed relationship with your human spirit and Holy Spirit before you use the principle of multiplication. Multiplication is a duty. It’s a working duty from a place and position of royalty in the Heavens. 

You see cultivation is more of a principle of identity. You are coming into the kingdom and into relationship with all of creation… All of creation. You’re establishing something deep within the recesses of life when you cultivate. Deeper cultivation opens up avenues for deeper relationship and connection to identity. Identity is foundational. It’s imperative that you have a solid and firm foundation of who you are as a daughter or a son in my kingdom. 

Then comes kingship. Then comes royalty. A prince doesn’t know he’s a prince at infancy. He must come into that knowledge and understanding as he develops, grows and matures in the kingdom he has been born into. And it’s okay. It’s okay that he doesn’t understand who he is yet. It’s not needed for him to understand yet. Yes, he might know he is different, but the level of understanding must be developed with time. The same is true with Me and My kingdom. If people can simply grasp who they are from Heaven’s point of view first… If they can cultivate first, then they can become multipliers as they govern in accordance with their role of kingship. Which requires, acceptance and then a cultivated relationship with one’s power, dominion and authority. How can one operate in multiplication if one does not understand of the power, dominion and authority one possesses?” 🌱

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Multiplication: Part I

Last October, I shared about an evil timeline God cut me out of. I explained how my trading on the evil timeline caused me to receive a constant stream of disappointment and perpetual woundedness in the realm of business. 

After cutting me loose, Holy Spirit made it very clear that my angels had gone in and smoothed out the wrinkle in the timeline so that I could operate on the timeline Heaven ordained for me. He also said, “I am now going to be faithful and supply what you’ve trusted in another for. I am going to actually teach you how to do business from Heaven. You’ve waited so earnestly for this, constantly asking me for revelation.”

Now, since that day, my life has changed in a significant way. I am able to connect to revelation concerning business that is revolutionizing my world.

Which is why I am here today. I am here to share about the principle of multiplication. Immediately, after being cut loose, my angels and Holy Spirit started talking to me about trade and multiplication. He said, “The multiplication principle is the foundation of trade. It’s how Lucifer fell so quickly. He started to multiply his seeds of iniquity. He began to create and design through trade. Of course, his creation was counterfeit, but he was multiplying with his trade. He used the fallen angels to help him with this.

Amanda, multiplication comes down to seeds. A seed can multiply into a giant harvest that produces more seed. When Bridget gets a custom, that custom is a seed. That seed needs to be spoken to and over properly. That seed has the power within it to produce a larger harvest than that one custom. It can connect you to more people. It can connect you to more customs. It can literally open up so many trading routes in the Heavens. But you must speak that over it. You must sew multiplication into it. You must treat it as a blessing. It must be treated as a newly established trade route, with a future purpose. 

And you aren’t just establishing trade routes with a seed of multiplication, you are also opening realms, dimensions, portals and timelines.

So, when you produce a new writing, see it as a seed. Take that seed in your spirit’s hands and follow these instructions:

– Study the content of the seed. If it is a writing, ask Me what My intent is for it. How do I want to reach people through the words you are speaking? If it is a custom or something else your sister is creating, again, ask Me about it. Ask Me what My intentions are for it. How can that piece of art hanging in someone’s home edify the space? How can a Singing-and-Painting split through the current frequency waves and open up more of Heaven in the space or place of the person viewing it?

– Then, coat the seed in gold for ultimate and eternal protection.

– Next, establish and open up bridges, tunnels, pathways and lines of communication and connection. They will kind of look like roots in the spirit. Open ended, but entitled and prepared for more growth as they connect to others.

– Very important step! Encode the seed with the principle of division, so that it will divide the works of Satan and the kingdom of darkness or the defeated kingdom.

– Next, assign and commission cherub angels to each seed (they love this work) to water the seed and help it grow to fruition.

– And last, but honestly the most important component, plant the seed in the realms of God. Planting them in My realms ensures that the seeds will overflow from My throne on high. They will be an outpour from the highest heights with a direction to come down low into the second heaven and then the earth realm so that they may begin to do a new work in creation. (Here are the names/realms of God I currently use)

  • Jehovah-Jireh – God Our Provider (Genesis 22:12-14)
  • Jehovah-Rapha – God our Healer (Exodus 15:22-26)
  • Jehovah-Shammah – God who is There (Ezekiel 48:30-35)
  • Jehovah-Nissi – God our banner of victory (Exodus 17:15-16) 
  • Jehovah-Tsidkenu – God is our Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6) 
  • Jehovah-Hoseenu – God our Maker (Psalm 95:6)
  • Jehovah-Makedesh – God our Sanctifier (Leviticus 20:8)
  • Jehovah-Rohi – God Our Shepherd (Psalm 23:1)
  • Jehovah-Shalom – God our Peace (Judges 6:24)
  • Jehovah-Gibbor – God who is Mighty (Psalm 24:8) 
  • Jehovah-Izzuwz – God who is Strong (Psalm 24:8)
  • Jehovah-Elohim – God who is Creator (Genesis 2:4)
  • Jehovah-Sabaoth – God of the Hosts of Heaven (Isaiah 14:27) 

Now, remember, whatever you’re doing from Heaven is large and powerful. It’s linked to your human spirit, which is designed to operate from a place of kingship as it governs over the heavens and the earth. Also, this principle is weighty because it contains My glory. You are trading with My glory for the kingdom’s sake.”

In this moment, I have been using the principle of multiplication for 3 months. George (my chief personal angel) instructed me to use it as much as possible. Holy Spirit also told me to make a list of where I use it and how I use it. Now, I’m not the best at keeping up with how I use this principle because I often find myself using it in the moment; however, I do keep a record in my journal every day because I see the literal day as a seed. I see the day as a seed of multiplication that has the potential to expand and multiply from the realms of God. 🌱

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Onward & Upward: Pressing Past the Soul

I am weary, God. I am very weary. I don’t enjoy this process of maturity that asks me to keep climbing upwards. It is a high peak where we are going. My soul doesn’t like this. My soul wants to give up and walk away. I don’t like this at all.

Holy Spirit said, “Okay… Are you finished? Are you finished whining and complaining about what I told you would be challenging? I prepared you for this. I forewarned you of this climb upward. I told you this would take effort and that you would have to keep your eyes steadily on me at all times. I gave you what you need to climb. I gave you a harness and all of the necessary items. I didn’t send you unprepared. I would never send you unprepared. I told you to let go and rest if you needed to. I told you to just hang there for a moment and catch your breath. 

Amanda, I see your soul. I see that it is in its own form of self-induced anguish because it wants to be somewhere else right now. But you must keep climbing. You two must keep going. You must not give up now. Too much is at stake. Look at all of the things I’ve opened up for you. Look at the connections I’ve given you.

So, tell your soul to stop being such a whiner. Tell it to close its mouth. Tell it to sit down and wait for further instruction. There are many ways I will have you use your soul this week, but complaining isn’t one of them. 

Now… Now forge a path forward with today. Take the steps down the path I’ve laid out for you and do not be afraid. Do not lose hope.”

And, with that, Holy Spirit said, “Call George (my chief angel) forward. So, I did. George said, “What do you need?” I said, “I need to know how to move forward in this delicate moment.” He said, “Amanda, who said it was delicate? We (the angels) already did the work. You must just cross paths with it all now. You must embrace every single day with a heart that is ready to tackle the contents of each item you’ve been assigned to create this year. Trust Heaven. You two (my sister and I) must lean heavily into Heaven in this new year. You must rely on us in ways you’ve never relied on us before. We are all here. 100% accessible. 

Amanda, the power struggle between your spirit and soul is good because, as you keep choosing to go, you begin to realize how vitally important it is to walk in the light and the life that it brings you. 

Amanda, growing weary is for those leading from their souls. Your soul will always grow weary. It isn’t designed to lead. The soul isn’t a leader, so it loses steam very, very quickly. This is one of the reasons your world has so many ill people. Running about with worry, anxiety, stress and fear… They lead from their souls, rather than following their human spirit, who should be following Holy Spirit. 

You are able to fully engage the contents of the day when you chose to let your soul sit back and rest until it is needed. There is always a time and a place for the soul, but that time and place is after the spirit has received a direction for forward movement. From there you can move with the soul. But until then, your spirit… Your spirit must be in the lead, growing with us… Growing with Holy Spirit… Growing with Heaven. Your spirit must be prepared to receive the next step, so then it can hand the step to your soul. And, then your soul can work to bring that step forward in the earth.

Let me tell you something about the soul… The soul is very swayable. It can be swayed by the darkness. It can be conned into believing that the darkness is chief and supreme. It can start to believe lies, manipulation and deception very quickly. If your spirit isn’t plugged into Holy Spirit and constantly receiving peace, love and joy from the realm of Heaven, then your soul can’t be renewed. The soul must be renewed through the spirit. Having the mind of Christ is following after the spirit’s lead above all.

Amanda, people need to hear this. They need this so, so much. This year will be two things. It will either be dark or light. For those walking in the dark, expect them to be drawn into the darkness more if they do not meet the Father. For those in the light, expect them to draw closer to Heaven. Then there are also those in false light, which could go either way. Watch for that.” 🌱

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King-Sized Kingdom

A few years ago, I was given a sizeable inheritance from my grandparents upon death. Now, if you know me really well, then you’ll understand that I consulted Holy Spirit thoroughly about the inheritance. I wanted to know how it should be spent, how it should be invested and where I could give into the lives of others.

Now, the inheritance has taught me several spiritual lessons along the way. Mainly, I’ve learned that it didn’t matter my rights or wrongs, my grandparents gave it to me because they loved me and wanted me to be able to move forward in life and expand in ways they didn’t.

It’s the same with God you know? When we truly meet Him and begin to cultivate a relationship, He provides us with an entitled inheritance. Like my grandparents, He looks past our rights and our wrongs and sees that we are entitled to the kingdom of God (Heaven) because He loves us and we have right-standing through Jesus. He actually looks deep into the depth of who we are (which exists on other dimensions of reality), sees the finished work of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, extends the law of grace and then freely gives us access to the vastness and riches of His kingdom.

For me, the kingdom of God supersedes anything I’ve ever known. Just the reality that my human spirit (which exist in another realm and dimension) can link up to and have constant communicative relationship with Holy Spirit and Heaven (which also exist in another realm and dimension) fascinates me. 

And I think the fascination of it all has led me to truly meditate on the words He’s been speaking to me lately. Over the past two weeks, I keep hearing “king-sized kingdom.” He continues to repeat, “Amanda, my kingdom is king-sized. You have been GIVEN…You’ve been GIVEN (through the law of grace) a king-sized kingdom. Think about that for a moment. The kingdom I’ve given you, it exists with your human spirit in realms and dimensions of endless possibilities. Endless quantum possibilities.

In this moment, you don’t fully come close to grasping the term king-sized. But soon you will. As you step out every single day, you must step out with your human spirit leading. When your human spirit leads, it has the capacity to operate from a sphere of royalty… From a place of kingship, that is created to govern over life. Which means, you must pursue everything that is entitled to you as an inheritor of the kingdom with an open heart. You must pursue the king-sizeableness of endless wealth that is stored up for you. Endless wealth that I want to extend to you because you are royalty in my kingdom. Grasping this concept isn’t hard. It’s not hard, it’s just been buried and bound by religion. Grasping and begging at the feet of an institution.”

Now, if you’re like me then you’re probably wondering how? How do I pull from my entitled inheritance stored up in the realm and dimension of the Kingdom of God and Heaven? My answer to you is cultivate. Boldly step away from the daily and weekly mindset of stagnation that demands us to serve a church building, institution and daily devotional and instead cultivate a singular relationship with Him.

Connection to God isn’t found through daily rituals and weekly meeting places. Relationship with Him isn’t reliant on how much Biblical knowledge we do or do not have. Instead, connection to Him is a relationship. Connection to Him is like connection to any person we know. We are supposed to be in a communicative relationship with Him, sharing the depths of our spirits, souls and hearts. He’s not interested in the man-made formulas and buildings of worship. Instead, He just wants to have a conversation with us about life, death and everything in between. 

He created us for communication, you know? He needed US! He still needs us. But we have to develop and grow a relationship with Him like we do with anyone else. 

Think of the closest, most trusted person to you. That person most likely knows everything about you because you’ve shared the ends and outs of yourself with him or her. You’ve been willing to be vulnerable and express the highs and the lows. Okay, a relationship with God is very much the same. 

And what’s so legitimate about God and the Kingdom of God (or Heaven) is the reality that, when we connect, we begin to pull on that king-sized kingdom. We begin to encounter the supernatural, quantum reality of His kingdom and what it has for us. No more do we slump around in beggar’s clothes, looking for the next tiny, minuscule step. Instead, He we to connect our human spirit to Him and engage Heaven for our needs. Most people that believe in Him consider Him a mystery. And, He is mysterious; however, His ways are to be understood if we would just take the time and get to know Him and His heart. His heart is always pleading with creation to be understood. 🌱

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Engaging the Contents of 2022

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something I’ve been adamantly looking forward to is having the opportunity to sit down with Holy Spirit and gain a clear direction for 2022. So, this morning was the day… The day I would sit down and receive the scroll Heaven has for me and Cultivate Life!

Before I could receive the scroll, I asked Jesus to refine and remove the lies I’ve been believing about myself, others, God and Cultivate Life this year. I also asked Him to show me any coping mechanisms I’ve used along the way to handle the lies I’ve accepted. I wanted to start fresh, with a clean spiritual slate!

In my computer, I made a long list in each category. Then I laid each category before Jesus in the courts of Heaven and asked Him to overturn each and every lie I’ve accepted this year. I also asked Him to burn up every evil timeline attached to the lies, and I declared that all evil trades on the timelines were to immediately cease and desist.

In the midst of this, I saw myself in the driver’s seat of my SUV in a carwash. The water from the wash cleansed every single inch of the car. Mainly, I saw windshield wipers moving dirt away from the glass. I kept thinking, “I can see so much clearer now!! WOW!”

After I left the car wash, I saw a large scroll. Usually, the scrolls I see unroll from the top down, but this one was different. It was rolled on both ends. Like an ancient biblical scroll. The scroll was very big in length. Like the size of blueprints. I saw my angels all piled around a table in great anticipation. I couple of them were jumping up and down and squealing. Then I saw Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) bring the scroll to the table. He opened it up and I stood there, prepared to read the contents.

All of a sudden, I heard an angel say, “You need a light.” Then I saw a candle move towards me. It was placed in my spirit’s hand. Then I heard, “It’s ready to be read!”

Before I could read it, Holy Spirit said, “Let’s take it to the garden inside of your mountain.” So, I went there in the spirit. I go here often. It’s actually one of my favorite places to be in the spirit because it contains living stones in every color and sound that look just like peonies (my favorite flower). I sat down next to the stone flowers and heard Holy Spirit say, “Receive the scroll into your heart so that it vibrates with the frequencies of your entire being… So that it reverberates with you all year long.” So, I obeyed.

Right before I read the scroll, He said, “We need to go to the courts of times and seasons. You need to ask what time the scroll is in from times perspective, and what season you are in.” I heard the words, “Chapter. Spring. Two.” I saw pink flowers everywhere. As I heard the word “Two,” the physical alarm on my fridge in my house went off and I ran to the kitchen to fix it. As I walked back to my room, I heard, “The time is now.”

Upon reading the scroll, I asked Allison to come forward. Allison is the head of my business in Heaven. She is within the cloud of witnesses that helps Cultivate Life operate smoothly and function the way it needs to in the Heavens and the Earth. She also works very closely with George (chief angel of my personal life), Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) and Topucca (chief advancing angel).

So, Allison came forward with Michael and Lucifer (who is Bridget’s chief angel—- Not the same Lucifer you might be thinking), and I began to engage the scroll.

This is what I asked:

-What are the big things I need to know about the scroll: projects, events, shifts, relationships?

-What needs to change in me (positive & negative) to bring it forward?

-Do I need to change anything financially?

-How do my writings and blog entries need to change?

-If I do all of this, will I be successful?

As I asked these questions, loads of answers began to flow and then several more detailed questions appeared. I obtained answers about projects my sister and I are working on and how to move them forward. I received direction on which relationships need to be pruned out of my life and how to prepare my heart for the ones that are coming in the new year. The scrolls gave me key words for the year and how they will relate to the books I am writing. It told me how I could shape my writing style and make it more engaging for readers, with streams of application. It also revealed how to engage more revelation. Most importantly, it told me I must lean heavily into more intimacy with God. Mainly though, it encouraged me to keep pulling from Heaven like never before. 

You see I believe my greatest asset this year has been my follow into higher realms and dimensions of Heaven. While the world scrambles about in chaos, great confusion and deception, we have the capability to come up higher. Our belief in Jesus gives us access to a spiritual kingdom that needs us to govern over the heavens and the earth. However, the only way to access the spiritual phenomenon, which is the Kingdom of God, is to spend intimate time with Holy Spirit. We should ALWAYS be on the increase of intimacy with Him. This is how new relationships with the quantum, spirit realm of Heaven are established and then cultivated.

So, I am here to encourage you to access Heaven. Ask about your scroll. Ask loads of questions surrounding it. Maybe even follow what I wrote about in this writing and see where it takes you. Also, please don’t be overwhelmed thinking, “Amanda, I don’t have the relationship with God that you have. I can’t hear Him, angels and such like you can. I cannot see into the spirit like that.” But, you have to understand, what I experience has been a process. It’s been a journey of healing and restoration. I didn’t get here overnight. It’s taken cultivation, dedication and discipline. However, I do believe this type of depth and intimacy with Heaven is available to all of us! We can all engage and receive from Him no matter the stage of cultivation we are in!

So, just try! Just try to gain one single word from Him. He needs us you know? He cannot establish the Kingdom in the earth without our help. We are the literal vessels on this planet He is using. And He needs constant relationship with every single one of us, just like we need it with Him! 🌱

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Gifts for the Mountain of Maturity

Last Tuesday, Holy Spirit presented me an endless pile of gifts. I saw them in the spirit, wrapped in white paper with giant pink bows and received them with open arms. He told me most of the gifts were locked and needed a key. I asked if I could start opening the gifts that don’t have keys. He said, “Yes.” So, I opened the first one. It was a harness. He said, “The mountain you’ve been climbing is about to get steep. You need this harness. It will ensure your protection and security.” So, I put the harness on. Then, I saw a rope, a hook and a helmet. The angels handed them to me. Holy Spirit said, “You need all of these items to climb to the place, to the top of where you’re going. Yes, it’s steep, but you are protected from an impending fall. You’re protected from hitting the ground. If you come loose from the side of the mountain, grasp hold again and climb. There is a top. There is a peak coming. It’s ahead. You need these gifts to help make the summit easier.” Then I saw a light on the helmet. Holy Spirit said, “The light lets you know you won’t always be climbing in the daylight. You’ll need to keep going through the night. Keep persevering even when you want to stop. If you want to rest, just hang there for a moment on the rope, lean into My goodness and strength and catch your breath. Then keep moving forward.”

Before I could ask Him about the mountain, I saw gloves. He said, “I’ve noticed your thoughts lately. You keep thinking your hands feel weak and tired. These gloves will give your hands the strength they need to keep pulling you up the mountain.” I said, “The gloves look just like my hands. They are a literal copy of my flesh.” He said, “Yes, but they give you strength. Don’t mind their appearance. It is good and necessary. Oh, and one more thing!” Then I saw a tube of lipstick. I laughed, and said, “This seems silly. Why is it here?” He said, “Put it on. It will amplify your voice as you go so others hear you when you speak. It’s forever stay too. You don’t have to reapply it. It just lasts. Everlasting.”

Immediately after receiving the gifts, I asked, “What is this mountain I am climbing?” Holy Spirit said, “The mountain of maturity.”

Then I asked, “How will I change?” He said, “Remember the other day when you had the thought, ‘I don’t know who I see when I look at myself in the mirror? I am changing again and I can see it.” I said, “Yes, I remember.” He said, “Okay, well it’s because you’re stepping into a higher elevation of maturity. Maturity that solely belongs to you. That’s where you’re headed. It’s maturity that’s been marked out for you for a long time. And you’re coming into it now. Best part? You aren’t late growing into it. You’re right on time. 100% on time for this.”

Now, I am tired in so many ways right now. Following Holy Spirit’s lead takes a lot of dedication: spirit, soul, heart and body. And yes, yes, my soul has stepped back in a tremendous way and relied on a place of rest while my spirit takes the lead; however, I am still tired of moving towards what seems like an endless summit to the top of all He’s laid before me.

Still, I put on the harness and gear I need to climb up the steep peak. And, I don’t know what to climb up will entail yet. I don’t know how it will push me and force me to come into a place of full growth. I am kind of nervous, but also very assured with the truth that God has provided me with what I need to climb up. 

I am actually so assured that I asked my angels about the mountain. They’ve been very quiet for the past few weeks. Every time I engage them to converse, they let me know that they can’t speak. They are very busy. However, two days ago, I heard Topucca (my lead advancing angel—who is on assignment to advance the plans of the Kingdom of God into the earth). He came forward. I said, “Where have you been? I haven’t spoken to you in so long. It’s been weeks.” He said, “Yes, I know we’ve been very, very busy. There’s a lot happening in the heavens and earth right now. It’s very good. Don’t pay much attention to the optics you see coming out of the media. Leave it alone. Stay focused on the Father. In Him and through Him all things stand and are new. 

Amanda, God has been prepping your heart for a new level of maturity. It is very good. The gifts He gave you yesterday for this next phase of the climb are good. You need them to summit. They will help you. Remember, the gifts are there to catch you when you begin to feel tired or like you might fall. Also, listen to me. Capacitate. It’s time to capacitate again. It’s time to allow the Father to stretch you into a new dimension of life. You will need this dimension going into the new year. Giants will… Let me repeat myself… Giants will fall next year. It’s time for them to come down all over the world. Specifically in realms you’ve been pursuing.”

Now, I haven’t a clue where you are in your track of cultivation right now. I don’t know how Holy Spirit is working with you to refine, develop, grow and mature every ounce of potential and gifting He’s placed inside of you. But, I do know that He is wanting to provide all of us with the gifts and materials needed to keep moving forward. So where ever you are, pursue His heart, lean into what the Kingdom has for you and then do not be afraid to use what He’s given to it’s full potential. I know I will! 🌱

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About a month ago, I was speaking with one of my angels. I saw him walking in the distance from a field. He came closer with a scroll. He said, “I have the scroll, but this part needs to be unlocked.” Then, I saw another tiny scroll inside of the larger one, but it was locked. Now, the angel had the key he needed to unlock the scroll (I gave him a few days before); however, he needed my lead to unlock it. So, with my commission, he unlocked the tiny scroll inside. The scroll began to unroll. It rolled and rolled and rolled. I said, “It’s longer than the large scroll.”  Topucca the angel replied, “Yes longer, but secret knowledge is contained inside.”

So, what did the tiny scroll contain? 

“The old ways of receiving and knowing Jesus are in the past. We are in a new paradigm where who He is will be presented very differently. But it will be a whole and complete way and method. 

Jesus is so many things. People have been deeply distracted from this truth because of religion’s desire to suffocate the truth. The more Jesus is suppressed, the less people know the Father, His heart and the realm of Heaven in its fullness. Remember, Satan’s goal is to always oppose the Father, drawing people deeper into darkness and pain.

Most humans see themselves as flawed, broken and deeply wounded. And they are. Don’t get me wrong. Humanity is flawed, fractured and broken; however, and there’s more… There’s a deeper truth that draws humans in, which is that they can… You can be divided from that brokenness. God can separate the dark from the light. He sees his children in right standing through Jesus, and He wants to pull you into a deeper measure and fullness of His light and His love. 

Humans think of division as an evil thing because of the current culture. But there is a basic meaning to it. To split in two. To sever. To cut in half. It’s not an evil thing. Satan, in his corruption, has used division for evil purposes. Just like he has twisted light for his own gain.

Division is a word that isn’t used in the current believing culture. But it’s a word that I would have you use as an ecclesia, as a body of governing believers over the heavens and the earth. I would have you use the word divide.”

Fascinating right?! God is a divider. He’s in the business of division. He is in the business of splitting us from the evil, darkness and iniquity that dwells in us, through us and within our realm of life.

Just the image of it. Just the language itself. It’s powerful. Like Topucca said to me, “It’s very, very piercing. This word carries weight and it travels quickly throughout the ethosphere. It’s taps deeply on the foundational essence of humanity.”

Truly, it contains much more than my soul can comprehend. I’ve needed my human spirit to grasp this truth and cultivate a lifestyle of it over the past month. 

Now, you might be wondering, “How are you cultivating a lifestyle of division?” Well, I followed Holy Spirit’s lead when Topucca said this, “That’s all vulnerability is Amanda. It’s the expression of evil, darkness, pain and iniquity. Truth (no matter what it is) gains its power when darkness is brought out into the light. As soon as it’s spoken from a place of rawness, intimacy and vulnerability, the light captures the darkness and begins its process of division.”

So, division is where I’ve been resting. I’ve begun to rest on the truth that God is always in the business of dividing us from evil and darkness with light, and that light is Jesus. Jesus isn’t a man in a story book. He isn’t the hype that religions argue about. Instead, He is a very real and alive. He dwells in realms and dimensions we cannot see with our physical eyes, but must see and experience through the eyes of our activated human spirits. 

And He wanting to divide us from the darkness and pain we are currently experiencing, but we must become vulnerable enough to express it. We must not be afraid to share the deepest measure of our hearts, no matter what it might look like. Because, once we do… Once we’ve shared the darkness lurking around inside of us and the realm that surrounds us, then God has the opportunity to split us from the darkness with His light… Bringing more life, love and peace than we’ve ever experienced before. 🌱

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Frequency Image

I saw a clear image last week. All of this growing talk of frequency Heaven is sharing, and then the revelation pierced my spirit in a very immediate and direct way. 

The angel Topucca said, “That is actually always God’s goal. To have you vibrating at a high-level of frequency because then you’re in His image. You’re in a more whole and complete form. It’s always, always His goal for creation to vibrate with and be a reverberation of the sound of Heaven. 

And if people could just see Him from this lens, Amanda. If they could just see that He is out to bring everyone into this vibration, to come up higher next to Him. Not in a pious way, in a very real and vulnerable way. God is seeking for His children to become more and more vulnerable with Him about their world and the world. He’s seeking to bring creation back into alignment and oneness, which is what Christ did. It’s what He paid for.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the revelation my spirit keeps receiving. Just the truth of it all. The understanding of the spirit/quantum realm and how Holy Spirit is constantly aiming to pull us into more of a oneness and wholeness with Heaven.

The truth about Him has been so twisted and skewed you know? Evil has truly lived up to its Hebraic meaning in helping us oppose God and become inferior to His very nature which is love. Religion has actually used evil to really separate us from a relationship with God, but to pursue dogma, theology, hate, judgment and separation instead.

Which is why, I am so adamant about truth. I am so open to helping others see that God is interested in relationship with us, and that is cultivated through vulnerability. It’s found through very open, raw and real communicative conversations about life, death and everything in between. He is so wanting us to share the deepest measure of our heart with Him so that He can dig down past the hurt, pain, brokenness, muck and mire, heal us, restore us and then pull us up higher. He’s aiming to bring us into a higher elevation and reverberation with Him.

A relationship with Him is what Jesus paid for you know? Grace is law in the courts of Heaven today because of Christ. And it will forever split darkness from light, bringing a separation between the choices we’ve made or our ancestors have made. So, then we can come into greater alignment and communication with Him. 

And when we go deeper, when we press past the layer of this material, 3D world, we will continue to find more depth than we’ve ever known. A love and peace far greater than we’ve ever comprehended. A sense of oneness that says, “I am created in and now reflect the image of God.” 🌱

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Heaven’s Perspective

It’s very rare that I sit down to write and don’t know what to say… But here I am. It’s one of those days where (because I promised myself and God I would keep sharing) I must write.

But what do I write? And how do I write it? I asked Holy Spirit yesterday. He didn’t give me an answer. So, I engaged Heaven further. I wanted to know if maybe there was a scroll dimensions above that might give me a lead on what I should write. And all I heard was, “Heaven’s Perspective. Share about the perspective of Heaven.”

For more than 24 hours I’ve tossed those words around in my mind. I tried to engage my spirit for a lead. But still nothing. Nothing came forth. And then, then I heard my spirit say, “I’ve got it. Tell your readers about your life. Give them a breakdown of your daily reality. Go ahead and do it.”

For me, every day is different, but seemingly the same. I spend at least two undistracted hours every morning engaging Heaven. I listen to Holy Spirit. I question and converse with Him about my personal growth, my family and friends, my business, my sister’s business, my city, my nation and the world. Sometimes as I go down this list, family and friends faces or people I don’t even know will pop into my vision and I ask God what they need. How can I seemingly intercede for that person or group? I also message a person if Holy Spirit says to send them what I’m hearing and seeing. A lot of the time I have visions. I write them down. I try my best to keep a clean record of what I’m hearing and seeing. This is something I’ve grown with over the years, so looking back I don’t have a daily written record. Just memories I pull on from my spirit’s gift of memory. 

And then there are the conversations I’ve been having with angels and the cloud of witnesses. This is semi-new in the sense that I was seeing angels in my visions, but now I hear their voices. Which is a change. They all have different ranks. Some think my conversations with angels are thrilling, which they are… But, I tend to just really love communicating with Holy Spirit. Really Him and the Father. Jesus too… but Holy Spirit is truly my best friend so I always want to spend time with Him.

After two hours of this, sometimes it’s more but really never less, I move into more of a work mode. I manage my sister’s business and career through Cultivate Life. Meaning that the system and methods Cultivate Life operates on help dictate and orchestrate Bridget Winder Art. And I know… A lot of people wonder what that actually looks like. And, honestly, it changes from day to day. She creates a lot of art, in many different forms (painting, sketching, singing, acting, performing, etc). In my undistracted morning time, I ask Heaven loads of questions about different art pieces and production projects. And Heaven gives me a lead about where we should go next. They don’t just answer my questions, they also provide me with a template for how to go about the day. They also advise me on how to price things or sometimes even how to respond to emails.

Then some days I jump on calls with people who are growing and cultivating a relationship with God. Those that need some guidance. We’ve all been there at some point. Needing a nudge. Needing someone that is like minded that can help us move forward through the season we are in. So, I’ll jump on a call and just listen. Listen and ask Holy Spirit how the entire conversation needs to move forward. And there’s always prayer. Prayer that’s focused on meeting specific needs.

Actually, prayer is important to me. I spend two hours (sometimes more) on a prayer call for the state of Louisiana every Tuesday. The call is from 6am-6pm. People from all over the state jump on the call. There’s a new list of needs released every week. I moderate from 3pm-4pm. Which means, I lead the call and anyone that jumps onto the call can jump in and add a prayer or what Holy Spirit might be showing them at any time. I’ve been a part of this for more than a year and I really enjoy it. It’s helped me mature and grow in more ways than I can even perceive right now. 

Another thing my day always consists of is gym time. I’ve been working out consistently since I lost 100 pounds 15 years ago. The gym as been many things to me over the years, but the last two years have been the best. I finally appreciate the body I live in because I’m no longer abusing it with food and exercise. And honesty, I believe I’m in the best shape of my life because I’m finally spiritually and mentally free of all of the things that were causing me to be in an abusive relationship.

You know… I’ve been following my spirit’s lead and giving you a breakdown of my daily life, and I just thought of the initial prompt, which was “Heaven’s Perspective.” And I hear Holy Spirit saying this, “This is what it’s about Amanda. You’re giving your readers a glance of how to do life from Heaven’s perspective. How to get up and spend the time listening and learning from Me. How to apply what you’ve been told to your business. And how to work with other’s as you go about your daily life. Amanda, this is what I need others to do. I need them to constantly draw closer and closer to Me. To put down their distractions and excuses and really engage what I have for them and the world.”

And I don’t know about your life or how it operates, but Heaven is pleading with us to drop all of the fluff of the material world and truly cultivate a life that’s deeply connected to the realm of Heaven. The life of a child of God is meant to be lived from the human spirit. We are meant to connect to Heaven and gain its game plan every single day. Iniquity and evil don’t have to rule and reign over our lives. We are capable of coming up higher and truly living from Heaven’s perspective. 🌱