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Just Be


I’m learning that the more I lived in the moment…. the here and now…. well…. the least stressed, anxious and worried I am.

I’m learning that’s it’s much better to be…. to just be.

To be here and now and present…..

And I can’t really describe what that’s like, but it’s much more amazing than the place I’ve been living from…. a place that was constantly focused on yesterday or tomorrow.

But within just being…. well there’s something beautiful.

I had a conversation the other day that caused me to pose several questions. Why do we have to label ourselves and others? Why is it nerdy for one person to build a board game with castles and roads, but it’s cool for me to nanny for a former super model?

Who decided these things? I’m watching kids all day, and I love it…. but who decided that what I do is much cooler than what someone spent hours toiling over?…. and why do we care so much to label people as cool, lame, boring, nerdy, bitchy and dramatic?

I understand it’s not in human nature to get a long with everyone, and we should all have somewhere we feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to share ourselves…. but in the midst of it….. why do we have to label it all?

Some labels have negative connotations. Just because someone is nerdy, weird or lame…. well that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinating people to meet and get to know…. and just because some is cool, fun to be around and bitchy…. well that doesn’t mean they aren’t equally good to meet and get to know as well.

I feel like we’ve set so many unnecessary standards with our words… the way we label people… and what we see at first glance…. like we don’t take the time to look deeper into someone and discover what they’re really made of… who they like to be….. just be….

Because in a sense, I believe we all have moments of just being…. moments that truly make us who we are…. where we express ourselves at our highest form and are truly vulnerable enough to share our hearts with the world…. and within that we are just being…. and just being is brave…. brave and beautiful.

We find this in a lot of artist….. their work shows us what being is all about… it shows us that regardless of all the labels that are so surface…. well there’s so much more underneath it all….

And I don’t really know why I’m writing this…. maybe it’s because as I discover myself and figure out who I am and what I want…. I kind of get offended when I hear others being labeled…. because there is so much more to a person than that label…. may it be good or bad.

And I guess it kind of challenges me in a way to look for something other than a generic label the next time I meet someone new or talk to someone I know….. to really find what’s inside of them that’s good, honest and true and allow that to be my focal point.

Plus who cares if they’re lame, boring, bitchy, cool or nerdy…. there’s something we all do well…. and we should be recognized be it…. because within it…. I believe it’s when we are just being….. well an individual.

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