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Quietness for Peace


It’s a new day…. a new week…. a new month….. a fresh morning…. and I need the ability to walk into my work environment with a quiet mind and soul.

In the midst of all the drama that goes on…. I need to remain drama less…. to let things just roll of my back and move forward…. but, I’m not that good at staying drama free.

I feel like it sticks to me like a magnet and finds me whenever I don’t need it the most…. when I want to just be away from all of it…. all of the gossip and craziness of another’s life….. that stuff seems to follow me everywhere…

And once again this is a challenge….. I believe it’s put in my life….my path…. where I am here and now…. to help me get to where I need to be…. to qualify me for whatever I am chasing after in life… To help me reach my goals and dreams…..

I think so many times in life we want something so much but we are unwilling to work things out in ourselves…. we are unwilling to climb the mountain in front of us so we can be at the top and enjoy the view….. instead, as Americans and a lot of the time we want life handed to us on a silver platter…. for it to be easy….

And it’s not…. Now it can be fun and enjoyable… but getting what we want isn’t always a picnic or a day at the park…. it takes work….

You’d think after last week that I’d be over life…. over having to deal with what’s here and now…. Screw in my tire, new tires and brakes, 62 hours working, exhaustion, the first college football weekend without my dad, and then I have to hear about all of the challenges mom and Bridge have been through…. and it’s exhausting….

But I know deep down within me that these things that seem like a headache…. the things that I’d rather not live with…. well, I need to live with in the moment because they are just another part of life…. another part of the journey up the mountain I’m climbing…. and one day I’ll reach the top…

I also have to remind myself life is so good… I have a job, shelter, food and clothes…. I have people that love me and care about me and individuals who continue to accept who I am even in the midst of me changing and developing and being so far away from home and all that I know….

And then…. then when I see a woman with a grocery basket asking if she can get in the gate at my apartment so she can get food out of the trash…. well then I know deep with in me I have absolutely nothing to complain about at all…. that my life is so good…. that I’m blessed beyond my minds ability to see with the family and life I’ve been born into….

And…. how dare I complain about a flat tire or a dramatic work environment….

Instead… I should be striving with all that is in my to create new healthy habits that display more love and acceptance…. an attitude that doesn’t fuel drama…. because I do…. and attitude that doesn’t fuel gossip and hate either…. because I am equally guilty of that too….

And just maybe…. in the midst of continuing to think about others…. in the midst of loving children and chowing them I care…. maybe I can find it in me to love those that don’t respect anything…. and maybe I can find it within me to keep a quiet mind…. a quiet soul and…. in return a quiet mouth…. to just be….. well at peace.

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