Someone said to me once that “teamwork makes the dream work”…..

And until that day…. I’d never thought about teamwork much… I’d never truly considered how much we all need each other to get the job done…

Even in day-to-day life activities we need each other…. people realizing that without one another the world couldn’t go round..

But instead I continue to discover life out here… in Cali, or at least L.A. isn’t very team oriented… People are, well too focused on themselves…

And it’s clear and pretty evident that that’s truth when you watch people give less than 100% because they are ready to go home, tend to their lives outside of work, or just be a lazy American…

I just don’t understand why we can’t work together and give 100%…..

And I say all of this because I wasn’t a team player a year ago…. I was so selfish and put myself first… never thinking about others or the importance of why we should work together… or how it makes life run more effectively and efficiently….

I was only thinking of well me… and in a years time I see how off I was…. how out of focus my view and perspective on life was…. And even the idea of working as a team was like sending a negative message to my brain… the message just wasn’t clear… it didn’t make sense…

And now… well now I find myself in an environment where people don’t want to work together for the better of the entire household…. they say they do…. just like I said I did… but they don’t…

And maybe it’s a little bit of karma catching up with me to have to pull the weight of those that don’t do their part…. But it’s definitely another life lesson… Another wake up call for me to do well and pay attention to life around me…. to be considerate of others and to try and help where I see that help is needed….

Because at the end of the day I believe we are here for each other…. I believe we need each other to help make life work.. I mean, isn’t that why God created woman? So man would have a helper? Someone to do life with and make things move better? And if so, well…. there are billions of us now… so shouldn’t we be even more encouraged to work together… as a team… as one…

Because on Saturdays I watch Alabama take the field as one…. understanding they need one another to make every single play… and that no one’s greater than the other…. that each one is equal and each role is vital…. But then on Sunday I watch the Cowboys and they play like most of the world…. selfishly and with “look at me and what I can do” on their minds….

Of course I had to throw a little football in their because it helps me understand the bigger picture some more…. to realize that there is a great example out there to help us understand life more… and to help us see that when we are playing with things like love, acceptance, peace and joy…. well then we can spot negative opponents like bitterness, anger and jealousy much easier…

We can route our way around them and really make touchdowns in life and celebrate together…. And I feel like I’m just rambling now, but I feel very strongly about continuing to learn about teamwork and work like a team….

Who knows…. maybe one day all of the hype of care, money and houses will go away and we will be focused on helping the person next to us…. rather than getting the paycheck to buy the newest toy…

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