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Keep Moving


Do you ever feel like life’s a roller coaster? A constant up and down? And when ever you feel somewhat settled and on the ball, that’s when things get a little shaky again and so much of what you know is questioned and you feel challenged?

I feel like that this week. I’ve felt like it all week. Aside from the tragedy of my dad, life has been really good. I really enjoy where I am in life and what I’m learning and experiencing…. but then the questions start to fly and I begin to question everything….

Funny so many of us love roller coasters….. the thrill of being taken up and dropped so quickly…. the excitement of the twists and turns of it all…. and in reality, I think of life like a roller coaster….

I have moments of excitement and thrill…. moments where I can’t wait to get to the top and the ride up feels long and unbearable, but then I have moments of thrill and stress from the thrill…. like when I’m being dropped 100s of feet to the ground…. only to climb up again….

So I guess in the midst of it all…. it’s important to remind myself that…. if I’m riding a coaster…. or even mountain climbing…. will there will be an end to it all?.. there will be a point when I get to the top of the mountain and can understand everything and see out around me….

All week I’ve felt like I’ve been climbing a small area of a mountain…. riding up a leg of the coaster…. and I just need to be able to see something around me…. but there hasn’t been time to look back or look out around me…. only time to look forward and do what I’m doing…. to be where I am….

And finally last night I felt this realization…. I could see things much clearer…. Like I’ve come to a short resting place for a moment…. enough time to observe where I am and see that it’s good…. but to keep moving…. to keep climbing up…. to keep riding the coaster to the top…. in aims of reaching the peak…. the highest point of this mountain…

And I do feel frustrated at times… wondering what in the world I’m doing…. wondering if I’m doing life “right”….. when I know deep within me there’s really no “right way” to do things….. there is a way that is good…. one that brings forth goodness and life…. but there’s no right way…..

The funny thing is…. the way that brings the goodness and life…. well it also requires struggle and questioning… heartache and pain…..

I agree that this world is in a lot of pain…. and I would hate to be the one carrying it all… I would hate to be responsible for the pain and heartache of the world…. and I don’t know if there’s one person out there responsible for it all… feeling it all…

But if there is…. don’t you think we can help make the load a little lighter by thinking of others a little more…. by considering that everyone around us is feeling some type of disappointment…. that we all share something…. something that will bring us together and hold us tighter than glue…

And I don’t know why I feel this need to express that what I’m experiencing may be so close to what you’re experiencing…. but it’s ok because we are going through it together…. we are here together and not alone…

And this ride… this roller coaster ride of life we are on…. this mountain before us… it may look daunting, challenging and scary… it may feel unbearable, depressing and painful…. but it’s not going to last forever…. we just have to keep moving forward….

Moving forward and helping each other…. thinking of one another and hoping for the best in one another’s lives…. and making the load a little less heavy for the one that might be carrying it all…

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