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What are You Leaving Behind?


In a perfect world…. no in a complete and well-functioning world…. a world that looked at people with love rather than judgement and hate…. well I believe we really wouldn’t care about money and all of the things it can buy us…

I had this thought last night…. and most of it came from a conversation I had with my mom via FaceTime….

I’m tired of hearing about inheritances…. who gets what…. who got what… and so on…

I’m not talking about anything concerning my dad…. just other family members….

It’s comical to me how some see money and material things as an advancement in life…. something to really propel life forward…. and make it more whole and complete…

I feel like in America we are so greedy…. we work all day to place things inside of our homes that we don’t even have time to spend with…. so basically some of us invest our life and what we make in that life on things that just sit and collect dust….

Lately I’ve been really wanting to decorate my apartment…. to add new things to it and really let my creativity flow more…. but then I find myself questioning whether or not it’s worth spending money on things that don’t really give anything back to me at all…. nothing more than maybe being ascetically pleasing…. And then I’d also fit in a little bit more with those around me for having a home that looks “right”….

And that’s where this whole thought on inheritance comes into play too….

Because in a complete, well-functioning world…. I believe we’d care more about how much we love someone standing in line in front of us…. how much we tried to understand ones that aren’t like us rather than push them aside and reject the thought of even smiling at them…

And maybe it’s something I’m fighting off inside of me…. the want for more…. the sight of so much…. the idea that working in Beverly Hills means there’s a way to gain so much more….

But then I look around and see all of the unhappy faces…. all of the pain… the heartache… and the anger, rage and hatred… and in those moments… well something calmly reminds me that the things that seem to make our world go round…. well they don’t….

Beneath the idea of money making the world go round is something else…. the intangible… the unseen and for lots… the unknown…. the secrets of what really make this life tick… and it’s not money….

And I don’t know why I feel so strongly about this in this moment…. but I do…. and sharing it… my thoughts and feelings towards it is my way of lifting it from my shoulders all together….

Because in one way or another…. a majority of us feel the need to compete… to have more… to buy more… because we fit i when we have more and spend more…. Right??!…

No…. so untrue….

I think we might feel more satisfied externally…. but in reality we didn’t do anything for this our soul… for the deepest part of who we are… and we just confused our minds on a high level… helped it get mixed up and confused about what’s truly important….

Which leads me to remember what is important…. It reminds me that I had just as much fun playing in ditches as a kid… before my dad made any money and was successful, as I did when he became a success and started moving us into bigger homes with nicer things…

It also reminds me that my car…. no matter what shape, size and color gets me to the same destination the same way….

And that it might be nice to have things…. and passing them on to the next generation has been deemed “important”… but what about passing on gifts like the time my grandmother has taken to teach me how to cook and bake some of her most important recipes…

Or how about integrity and kindness that comes off of a person…. so much so that it leaks onto younger generations and causes them to adapt and share the wealth….

Because… at the end of the day…. I believe the generation after me would be in a greater place if I left them with principles, life lessons and faith…. rather than a sack of money and a huge house….

And it all causes me to question… what are you leaving behind?….

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