Mind · Spirit

Forgiveness from Babes


Sometimes I wonder what it must’ve been like to be a child… to have to learn so many complex skills like taking, walking and reading… How did I do it? Why can’t I really remember it? I feel like they must’ve been an extremely complex tasks… one’s that would take real mental effort and focus today…

It also amazes me how malleable the mind of a child is…. That they can be hurt but forgive so quickly…. that I can share little things like forgiveness and love on such a basic level and they’re absorbed and understood…

The kids I nanny for are teaching me so much… constantly show me how important it is to ask for forgiveness when I am an attitude and it affects their mood… So many times they are having their own day…. they are in their own world… and then I allow my mood to change their world…

And then I find myself kind of explaining to them that I’m not mad at them at all… Just having a rough day or have a negative attitude… And it has nothing to do with them… They’ve done nothing but be them….

When this happens… I find myself explaining forgiveness to a five year old… It’s such a simple thing to do, and he forgives so willingly….

So why does it seem the older we get the more difficult it becomes to forgive and move forward? If you’re anything like me, we tend to overcomplicate the situation and hold on to things for no good reason at all… Which is ridiculous…

So it’s so nice and refreshing to see how well a five-year old can choose to forgive… He doesn’t even have to understand or know the whole situation… He just sees that I was wrong and would like him to forgive me so we can move past that moment and on to the next one…

And I think that’s so amazing… I wish we all had the innocence of a child int hat way… I know the majority of us get hurt at an early age and become effected by the world around us… But how amazing it is that in the midst of that hurt… the hurt we really don’t know or understand… that we can learn something as simple as forgiveness and love others in return….

I just love that and it causes me to be in aw… in aw of the little simple things that make life so beautiful… I only wish I could forgive like a child… to have a heart like a child… to just simply let it all go in that moment and move forward….

Maybe one day that can happen… but until then I’ll just continue to learn from the ones around me that are smaller, but seem to be much bigger than I…

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