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Don’t Be Bored…

IMG_3310I’m learning something about myself… And this is what I see… Actually what I feel… I feel like I’m on top of the current place in life right now… That I’ve climbed to the top and that I see that it is good….

And then this is where it all becomes interesting for me in a way… Because I find myself bored at the top… I find myself looking for a challenge… Looking for things to be difficult, annoying, burdensome… And even hurtful… And they aren’t… Which bores me…

And I don’t think this is actually a good thing that I’ve reached this place and that I’m bored… I think I should be way more in awe… I think my attitude should reflect one of gratefulness, rather than boredom and annoyance that I am bored…

But boredom is something I choose so often… And in my boredom I can get myself in trouble… Comparing myself to those around me and thinking I’m not doing enough in life…

So how do I combat boredom?… And how do I stay in awe of where I am in this moment?… Because I know sooner or later it will be over and I will be forced to face another challenge… That’s just part of moving forward in life….

But right now I just need help managing the boredom…. Because I know that within itself is a small challenge for me…. It’s more about realizing I am in a peaceful place… And I don’t know if peace is boring… It’s just still… Yet confident in the present…

And so I think an attitude of gratefulness and peace should become myself lifestyle… Rather than boredom…

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