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Painless Days

Remember a few months ago when I said I was doing a lot ofoff road following with God?.. Well, guess what?… We’re still “off road” and I honestly have no idea where I’m going…

Plus, to make things a little bit riskier, my “New Year’s resolution” is to not plan… To not think ahead of today… To just be in the now… To let life and God surprise me… To get really up close and personal with the unknown and unfamiliar…

And, although it might sound ridiculous, I’m quickly learning that life is much better like this… There are less things to stress and worry about and more things to enjoy… Because if I’m being completely honest with myself, stress and worry only create unnecessary pain in my life…

And… I don’t really need anymore pain… It’s taken far too long to get rid of the pain of the past… Creating more is just, well it’s exhausting…

But this idea of living one day at a time… Not thinking about tomorrow… Not stressing about next week… Not wondering where I’ll be when this house sells…

This idea is giving me life…

It’s providing me with what seems like more time to rest and relax in the truth that God is going to continue to meet right where I am… That I don’t have to make anything happen any faster than it’s supposed to happen… And, that if I can just continue to stay diligent and disciplined to Him and His ways, well we will continue to make a great team that moves forward in life…

And honestly it’s taken me a long time to be at a place where I can let go of my control… In my mind, my control somehow guarantees I won’t lose in life… Somehow I’ve convinced myself that pain and problems won’t happen if I can predict tomorrow…

But, you know what? Letting go of tomorrow has actually given me the energy to be in today… And if a problem does arise, it’s so much easier to find a solution without the worries of tomorrow and next week getting in my way… My soul feels lighter too, and I can actually think without impending emotions getting in my way…

So, I know it goes against the curve and culture of today, but I’m just fine with just living in the present… I mean, we only have now anyway… Right?

2 thoughts on “Painless Days

  1. Amanda ,
    Good point! Hello. My name is Bea and I met your grandmother over 25 years ago . I
    was in Hawaii for 3 weeks helping a friend move, when I came upon the book God Healed Me by Dolores Winder lying on a table in the hotel . Just couldn’t put it down and brought it back home to New Jersey with me. Using address on book, I wrote to receive newsletters from your grandparents’ ministry. About 7 months later, she was to be speaking at a church in Gap, Pennsylvania. Drove myself, and was invited to spend an evening with her and others at a home they were staying. Quite the weekend. Quite the ministry. Had not seen her for all these years except on a show “It’s Supernatural!” Always wanted to let her know how much she meant to me, but I see she passed on in 2016. (Same year my mother also passed). I saw memorial pics. May I ask what happened? I am also blown away that her beloved son, I believe Chris is his name, passed before her.

    1. Hi Bea! Thank you for sharing that with me! Delores was my grandmother. I love to hear how God helped others through the ministry!

      Yes, she did pass away October of 2016. She was older and in heart failure for several years. We miss her a lot!

      My father was Chris. He did pass away before her in June of 2014 of cancer. It’s been a struggle for our family to understand why she was healed and he wasn’t, but God is still faithful through it all.

      Again, thank you for reaching out! I have a similar passion for healing and God like my grandmother, so I love to hear about how He’s worked to change lives!! Blessings!


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