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Delve Deeper

“Direction of the flow is key and necessary. It would help to have a key to direct the flow,” said Topucca (my lead advancing angel).

“Do you need keys to unlock the flow?” I asked. Topucca responded with, “Yes, remember you’ve been given access to the keys of the Kingdom through Jesus. You must give the keys to me to unlock this flow.”

So, like I always do when creating spiritual keys for my angels to unlock things, I charged my arche (my own personal realm/domain/magistrate) with the names of God, interfaced it with the seven spirits of God (listed in Isaiah 11:1-2), placed my star (email me if you want further entail) in the core of my arche, aligned my arche with booby traps (to prevent any and all witchcraft or occultist backlash) and then reached into the frequency flow of my arche and pulled out a key.

As I pulled out one, I saw another, and then another. Next thing I knew I was holding four keys. They were all similar, but the blade on each key looked somewhat different. I handed Topucca the keys, which all came together on a ring. Then he said, “We will use the keys to open four different doors. Remember four is an earthly number (both angels and Holy Spirit have been talking in fours all morning). So, you will see this largeness in the earth. Do not be afraid of it.” 

Remember last week when I encouraged you to “lean in a bit closer?” I was absolutely serious when I said it. The closer we lean into the kingdom of God, the greater the connectivity and the larger the increase. 

Now, I’ve been sharing more lately because I believe it’s absolutely necessary. My past writings have only scraped the surface of what transpires in my life on a moment-by-moment basis. Because, in truth, so much happens that I’d have to write a factual novel in order for you to follow. 

But, you know, it should be the same for all of us. We should all be walking so close to the realm of Heaven that it resounds significantly off of the moments of our day-to-day lives. No more of this watered-down faith, cheap/access-less grace, repetitive stagnation and religion. We must go deeper. And deeper means further into the realms and dimensions of life that have always surrounded us. Solutions are all around us. Charged and ready. Capable of being pulled out of our sphere, we just have to connect to our human spirit and Holy Spirit in order to access them. 

And I don’t know if you’re like me in the sense of really pursuing life-giving solutions and creative ventures for forward movement; however, if you are, I want to encourage you again to lean in a bit closer to God. Literally put down your distractions. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and video games will be there when you’re done. I promise. Put down your distractions. Do away with your excuses (I know we all have them). And then cultivate relationships with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Cultivate a sense of oneness of your spirit. And do not be afraid to delve deeper into your surroundings. 🌱

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