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Heaven’s Perspective

It’s very rare that I sit down to write and don’t know what to say… But here I am. It’s one of those days where (because I promised myself and God I would keep sharing) I must write.

But what do I write? And how do I write it? I asked Holy Spirit yesterday. He didn’t give me an answer. So, I engaged Heaven further. I wanted to know if maybe there was a scroll dimensions above that might give me a lead on what I should write. And all I heard was, “Heaven’s Perspective. Share about the perspective of Heaven.”

For more than 24 hours I’ve tossed those words around in my mind. I tried to engage my spirit for a lead. But still nothing. Nothing came forth. And then, then I heard my spirit say, “I’ve got it. Tell your readers about your life. Give them a breakdown of your daily reality. Go ahead and do it.”

For me, every day is different, but seemingly the same. I spend at least two undistracted hours every morning engaging Heaven. I listen to Holy Spirit. I question and converse with Him about my personal growth, my family and friends, my business, my sister’s business, my city, my nation and the world. Sometimes as I go down this list, family and friends faces or people I don’t even know will pop into my vision and I ask God what they need. How can I seemingly intercede for that person or group? I also message a person if Holy Spirit says to send them what I’m hearing and seeing. A lot of the time I have visions. I write them down. I try my best to keep a clean record of what I’m hearing and seeing. This is something I’ve grown with over the years, so looking back I don’t have a daily written record. Just memories I pull on from my spirit’s gift of memory. 

And then there are the conversations I’ve been having with angels and the cloud of witnesses. This is semi-new in the sense that I was seeing angels in my visions, but now I hear their voices. Which is a change. They all have different ranks. Some think my conversations with angels are thrilling, which they are… But, I tend to just really love communicating with Holy Spirit. Really Him and the Father. Jesus too… but Holy Spirit is truly my best friend so I always want to spend time with Him.

After two hours of this, sometimes it’s more but really never less, I move into more of a work mode. I manage my sister’s business and career through Cultivate Life. Meaning that the system and methods Cultivate Life operates on help dictate and orchestrate Bridget Winder Art. And I know… A lot of people wonder what that actually looks like. And, honestly, it changes from day to day. She creates a lot of art, in many different forms (painting, sketching, singing, acting, performing, etc). In my undistracted morning time, I ask Heaven loads of questions about different art pieces and production projects. And Heaven gives me a lead about where we should go next. They don’t just answer my questions, they also provide me with a template for how to go about the day. They also advise me on how to price things or sometimes even how to respond to emails.

Then some days I jump on calls with people who are growing and cultivating a relationship with God. Those that need some guidance. We’ve all been there at some point. Needing a nudge. Needing someone that is like minded that can help us move forward through the season we are in. So, I’ll jump on a call and just listen. Listen and ask Holy Spirit how the entire conversation needs to move forward. And there’s always prayer. Prayer that’s focused on meeting specific needs.

Actually, prayer is important to me. I spend two hours (sometimes more) on a prayer call for the state of Louisiana every Tuesday. The call is from 6am-6pm. People from all over the state jump on the call. There’s a new list of needs released every week. I moderate from 3pm-4pm. Which means, I lead the call and anyone that jumps onto the call can jump in and add a prayer or what Holy Spirit might be showing them at any time. I’ve been a part of this for more than a year and I really enjoy it. It’s helped me mature and grow in more ways than I can even perceive right now. 

Another thing my day always consists of is gym time. I’ve been working out consistently since I lost 100 pounds 15 years ago. The gym as been many things to me over the years, but the last two years have been the best. I finally appreciate the body I live in because I’m no longer abusing it with food and exercise. And honesty, I believe I’m in the best shape of my life because I’m finally spiritually and mentally free of all of the things that were causing me to be in an abusive relationship.

You know… I’ve been following my spirit’s lead and giving you a breakdown of my daily life, and I just thought of the initial prompt, which was “Heaven’s Perspective.” And I hear Holy Spirit saying this, “This is what it’s about Amanda. You’re giving your readers a glance of how to do life from Heaven’s perspective. How to get up and spend the time listening and learning from Me. How to apply what you’ve been told to your business. And how to work with other’s as you go about your daily life. Amanda, this is what I need others to do. I need them to constantly draw closer and closer to Me. To put down their distractions and excuses and really engage what I have for them and the world.”

And I don’t know about your life or how it operates, but Heaven is pleading with us to drop all of the fluff of the material world and truly cultivate a life that’s deeply connected to the realm of Heaven. The life of a child of God is meant to be lived from the human spirit. We are meant to connect to Heaven and gain its game plan every single day. Iniquity and evil don’t have to rule and reign over our lives. We are capable of coming up higher and truly living from Heaven’s perspective. 🌱

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