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About a month ago, I was speaking with one of my angels. I saw him walking in the distance from a field. He came closer with a scroll. He said, “I have the scroll, but this part needs to be unlocked.” Then, I saw another tiny scroll inside of the larger one, but it was locked. Now, the angel had the key he needed to unlock the scroll (I gave him a few days before); however, he needed my lead to unlock it. So, with my commission, he unlocked the tiny scroll inside. The scroll began to unroll. It rolled and rolled and rolled. I said, “It’s longer than the large scroll.”  Topucca the angel replied, “Yes longer, but secret knowledge is contained inside.”

So, what did the tiny scroll contain? 

“The old ways of receiving and knowing Jesus are in the past. We are in a new paradigm where who He is will be presented very differently. But it will be a whole and complete way and method. 

Jesus is so many things. People have been deeply distracted from this truth because of religion’s desire to suffocate the truth. The more Jesus is suppressed, the less people know the Father, His heart and the realm of Heaven in its fullness. Remember, Satan’s goal is to always oppose the Father, drawing people deeper into darkness and pain.

Most humans see themselves as flawed, broken and deeply wounded. And they are. Don’t get me wrong. Humanity is flawed, fractured and broken; however, and there’s more… There’s a deeper truth that draws humans in, which is that they can… You can be divided from that brokenness. God can separate the dark from the light. He sees his children in right standing through Jesus, and He wants to pull you into a deeper measure and fullness of His light and His love. 

Humans think of division as an evil thing because of the current culture. But there is a basic meaning to it. To split in two. To sever. To cut in half. It’s not an evil thing. Satan, in his corruption, has used division for evil purposes. Just like he has twisted light for his own gain.

Division is a word that isn’t used in the current believing culture. But it’s a word that I would have you use as an ecclesia, as a body of governing believers over the heavens and the earth. I would have you use the word divide.”

Fascinating right?! God is a divider. He’s in the business of division. He is in the business of splitting us from the evil, darkness and iniquity that dwells in us, through us and within our realm of life.

Just the image of it. Just the language itself. It’s powerful. Like Topucca said to me, “It’s very, very piercing. This word carries weight and it travels quickly throughout the ethosphere. It’s taps deeply on the foundational essence of humanity.”

Truly, it contains much more than my soul can comprehend. I’ve needed my human spirit to grasp this truth and cultivate a lifestyle of it over the past month. 

Now, you might be wondering, “How are you cultivating a lifestyle of division?” Well, I followed Holy Spirit’s lead when Topucca said this, “That’s all vulnerability is Amanda. It’s the expression of evil, darkness, pain and iniquity. Truth (no matter what it is) gains its power when darkness is brought out into the light. As soon as it’s spoken from a place of rawness, intimacy and vulnerability, the light captures the darkness and begins its process of division.”

So, division is where I’ve been resting. I’ve begun to rest on the truth that God is always in the business of dividing us from evil and darkness with light, and that light is Jesus. Jesus isn’t a man in a story book. He isn’t the hype that religions argue about. Instead, He is a very real and alive. He dwells in realms and dimensions we cannot see with our physical eyes, but must see and experience through the eyes of our activated human spirits. 

And He wanting to divide us from the darkness and pain we are currently experiencing, but we must become vulnerable enough to express it. We must not be afraid to share the deepest measure of our hearts, no matter what it might look like. Because, once we do… Once we’ve shared the darkness lurking around inside of us and the realm that surrounds us, then God has the opportunity to split us from the darkness with His light… Bringing more life, love and peace than we’ve ever experienced before. 🌱

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