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Engaging the Contents of 2022

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something I’ve been adamantly looking forward to is having the opportunity to sit down with Holy Spirit and gain a clear direction for 2022. So, this morning was the day… The day I would sit down and receive the scroll Heaven has for me and Cultivate Life!

Before I could receive the scroll, I asked Jesus to refine and remove the lies I’ve been believing about myself, others, God and Cultivate Life this year. I also asked Him to show me any coping mechanisms I’ve used along the way to handle the lies I’ve accepted. I wanted to start fresh, with a clean spiritual slate!

In my computer, I made a long list in each category. Then I laid each category before Jesus in the courts of Heaven and asked Him to overturn each and every lie I’ve accepted this year. I also asked Him to burn up every evil timeline attached to the lies, and I declared that all evil trades on the timelines were to immediately cease and desist.

In the midst of this, I saw myself in the driver’s seat of my SUV in a carwash. The water from the wash cleansed every single inch of the car. Mainly, I saw windshield wipers moving dirt away from the glass. I kept thinking, “I can see so much clearer now!! WOW!”

After I left the car wash, I saw a large scroll. Usually, the scrolls I see unroll from the top down, but this one was different. It was rolled on both ends. Like an ancient biblical scroll. The scroll was very big in length. Like the size of blueprints. I saw my angels all piled around a table in great anticipation. I couple of them were jumping up and down and squealing. Then I saw Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) bring the scroll to the table. He opened it up and I stood there, prepared to read the contents.

All of a sudden, I heard an angel say, “You need a light.” Then I saw a candle move towards me. It was placed in my spirit’s hand. Then I heard, “It’s ready to be read!”

Before I could read it, Holy Spirit said, “Let’s take it to the garden inside of your mountain.” So, I went there in the spirit. I go here often. It’s actually one of my favorite places to be in the spirit because it contains living stones in every color and sound that look just like peonies (my favorite flower). I sat down next to the stone flowers and heard Holy Spirit say, “Receive the scroll into your heart so that it vibrates with the frequencies of your entire being… So that it reverberates with you all year long.” So, I obeyed.

Right before I read the scroll, He said, “We need to go to the courts of times and seasons. You need to ask what time the scroll is in from times perspective, and what season you are in.” I heard the words, “Chapter. Spring. Two.” I saw pink flowers everywhere. As I heard the word “Two,” the physical alarm on my fridge in my house went off and I ran to the kitchen to fix it. As I walked back to my room, I heard, “The time is now.”

Upon reading the scroll, I asked Allison to come forward. Allison is the head of my business in Heaven. She is within the cloud of witnesses that helps Cultivate Life operate smoothly and function the way it needs to in the Heavens and the Earth. She also works very closely with George (chief angel of my personal life), Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) and Topucca (chief advancing angel).

So, Allison came forward with Michael and Lucifer (who is Bridget’s chief angel—- Not the same Lucifer you might be thinking), and I began to engage the scroll.

This is what I asked:

-What are the big things I need to know about the scroll: projects, events, shifts, relationships?

-What needs to change in me (positive & negative) to bring it forward?

-Do I need to change anything financially?

-How do my writings and blog entries need to change?

-If I do all of this, will I be successful?

As I asked these questions, loads of answers began to flow and then several more detailed questions appeared. I obtained answers about projects my sister and I are working on and how to move them forward. I received direction on which relationships need to be pruned out of my life and how to prepare my heart for the ones that are coming in the new year. The scrolls gave me key words for the year and how they will relate to the books I am writing. It told me how I could shape my writing style and make it more engaging for readers, with streams of application. It also revealed how to engage more revelation. Most importantly, it told me I must lean heavily into more intimacy with God. Mainly though, it encouraged me to keep pulling from Heaven like never before. 

You see I believe my greatest asset this year has been my follow into higher realms and dimensions of Heaven. While the world scrambles about in chaos, great confusion and deception, we have the capability to come up higher. Our belief in Jesus gives us access to a spiritual kingdom that needs us to govern over the heavens and the earth. However, the only way to access the spiritual phenomenon, which is the Kingdom of God, is to spend intimate time with Holy Spirit. We should ALWAYS be on the increase of intimacy with Him. This is how new relationships with the quantum, spirit realm of Heaven are established and then cultivated.

So, I am here to encourage you to access Heaven. Ask about your scroll. Ask loads of questions surrounding it. Maybe even follow what I wrote about in this writing and see where it takes you. Also, please don’t be overwhelmed thinking, “Amanda, I don’t have the relationship with God that you have. I can’t hear Him, angels and such like you can. I cannot see into the spirit like that.” But, you have to understand, what I experience has been a process. It’s been a journey of healing and restoration. I didn’t get here overnight. It’s taken cultivation, dedication and discipline. However, I do believe this type of depth and intimacy with Heaven is available to all of us! We can all engage and receive from Him no matter the stage of cultivation we are in!

So, just try! Just try to gain one single word from Him. He needs us you know? He cannot establish the Kingdom in the earth without our help. We are the literal vessels on this planet He is using. And He needs constant relationship with every single one of us, just like we need it with Him! 🌱

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