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King-Sized Kingdom

A few years ago, I was given a sizeable inheritance from my grandparents upon death. Now, if you know me really well, then you’ll understand that I consulted Holy Spirit thoroughly about the inheritance. I wanted to know how it should be spent, how it should be invested and where I could give into the lives of others.

Now, the inheritance has taught me several spiritual lessons along the way. Mainly, I’ve learned that it didn’t matter my rights or wrongs, my grandparents gave it to me because they loved me and wanted me to be able to move forward in life and expand in ways they didn’t.

It’s the same with God you know? When we truly meet Him and begin to cultivate a relationship, He provides us with an entitled inheritance. Like my grandparents, He looks past our rights and our wrongs and sees that we are entitled to the kingdom of God (Heaven) because He loves us and we have right-standing through Jesus. He actually looks deep into the depth of who we are (which exists on other dimensions of reality), sees the finished work of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, extends the law of grace and then freely gives us access to the vastness and riches of His kingdom.

For me, the kingdom of God supersedes anything I’ve ever known. Just the reality that my human spirit (which exist in another realm and dimension) can link up to and have constant communicative relationship with Holy Spirit and Heaven (which also exist in another realm and dimension) fascinates me. 

And I think the fascination of it all has led me to truly meditate on the words He’s been speaking to me lately. Over the past two weeks, I keep hearing “king-sized kingdom.” He continues to repeat, “Amanda, my kingdom is king-sized. You have been GIVEN…You’ve been GIVEN (through the law of grace) a king-sized kingdom. Think about that for a moment. The kingdom I’ve given you, it exists with your human spirit in realms and dimensions of endless possibilities. Endless quantum possibilities.

In this moment, you don’t fully come close to grasping the term king-sized. But soon you will. As you step out every single day, you must step out with your human spirit leading. When your human spirit leads, it has the capacity to operate from a sphere of royalty… From a place of kingship, that is created to govern over life. Which means, you must pursue everything that is entitled to you as an inheritor of the kingdom with an open heart. You must pursue the king-sizeableness of endless wealth that is stored up for you. Endless wealth that I want to extend to you because you are royalty in my kingdom. Grasping this concept isn’t hard. It’s not hard, it’s just been buried and bound by religion. Grasping and begging at the feet of an institution.”

Now, if you’re like me then you’re probably wondering how? How do I pull from my entitled inheritance stored up in the realm and dimension of the Kingdom of God and Heaven? My answer to you is cultivate. Boldly step away from the daily and weekly mindset of stagnation that demands us to serve a church building, institution and daily devotional and instead cultivate a singular relationship with Him.

Connection to God isn’t found through daily rituals and weekly meeting places. Relationship with Him isn’t reliant on how much Biblical knowledge we do or do not have. Instead, connection to Him is a relationship. Connection to Him is like connection to any person we know. We are supposed to be in a communicative relationship with Him, sharing the depths of our spirits, souls and hearts. He’s not interested in the man-made formulas and buildings of worship. Instead, He just wants to have a conversation with us about life, death and everything in between. 

He created us for communication, you know? He needed US! He still needs us. But we have to develop and grow a relationship with Him like we do with anyone else. 

Think of the closest, most trusted person to you. That person most likely knows everything about you because you’ve shared the ends and outs of yourself with him or her. You’ve been willing to be vulnerable and express the highs and the lows. Okay, a relationship with God is very much the same. 

And what’s so legitimate about God and the Kingdom of God (or Heaven) is the reality that, when we connect, we begin to pull on that king-sized kingdom. We begin to encounter the supernatural, quantum reality of His kingdom and what it has for us. No more do we slump around in beggar’s clothes, looking for the next tiny, minuscule step. Instead, He we to connect our human spirit to Him and engage Heaven for our needs. Most people that believe in Him consider Him a mystery. And, He is mysterious; however, His ways are to be understood if we would just take the time and get to know Him and His heart. His heart is always pleading with creation to be understood. 🌱

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