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Multiplication: Part II

After I shared the blog about multiplication on Monday, I woke up on Tuesday and began asking Holy Spirit about the principle. I felt deep in my spirit that there was more He wanted to share with me because questions about the principle began to fill my mind and heart.

So, I sat down with Heaven on Tuesday morning and started asking questions. G (George, my chief angel) came forward and said, “Now, the truth of the matter is there is so much more to explore with multiplication. You’ve merely just scratched the surface of it. You see the seeds you are planting can actually become full-functioning trees of life. But they must be continuously watered. They need care to grow.” I said, “Can the KOD (kingdom of darkness) steal the seeds planted in the realms of God?” G said, “They can’t necessarily steal them the way in which you are thinking. Jehovah’s power is all consuming. Demons and fallen angels can’t just waltz up to a realm and steal the seeds; however, they can be given access. They can be given access in many ways. There are many openings that can provide a pathway for the seeds to be stolen.” I said, “What does the KOD do with a stolen seed?” G said, “Well they will try to take it apart and dismantle it for parts. They are looking to see how the principle of division can dismantle their works; however, they are prevented entry into the seed because it is coated in gold for protection purposes. Something you might do is actually give the seed a key. Create a lock and key for the seed. A lock and key that can only be used for entry and exit purposes by you (the designer) or Heaven. Assign an angel to take the key and store it in a lock box in Heaven. Mark it ‘Seed Keys.’ The angel will keep track of each seed key and each lock that a seed is using.”

Then I asked, “What about demons that can pick a lock?” G said, “Good question. Those types of demons do exist. They use their ancient minds and corrupted wisdom from Heaven to open locks. So, then you would need to assign the cherub angel with an extra role. They need to be assigned to keep lock-picking demons away. And if they need reinforcement, they need to be given the ability to call for the reinforcement” I said, “Well… Could we maybe use a frequency sound instead? A sound that chases or warrants pick-pocketing demons away?” G said, “Yes! Yes, you can absolutely do that. It might honestly be easier to do something of that nature. So, tell the seed to vibrate with the energy from the Father’s throne. That energy is light and the light is a powerful frequency, keeping pick-pocketing demons away.”

I then said, “I want to know about the consumer of the seeds interaction. Can they harm the seed and it’s growth?” G said, “Yes, yes they absolutely can. But it’s different than what you are thinking. A consumer harms the seed by not receiving it properly. But that’s not on you or your works. That is within the consumer’s heart alone. It’s not for you to worry about honestly because the seed will continue to be a gift of frequency and growth in that person’s life. The Father will continue to pursue the person’s heart until he/she is operating where the Father needs him/her.”

Marvelous right? It’s all so marvelous to me that I implored Heaven about it again today. G said, “The completeness of multiplication is found in this… After much practice with the principle (your spirit knows it well) your soul will have an understanding, and then you won’t have to continue to repeat the steps. The purpose of repeating the steps over and over again is to give your soul a lesson in understanding how this principle works. I don’t want your soul doubting what you’re doing. 

Amanda, doubt will immediately stop the flow of multiplication. It will cause the roots from the pathways of connection to shrivel up. They will stop expanding if doubt gets in the way. And it’s because you will have sewn the intent of doubt inside of the seed. Which is why it is so important that your intent of the seed is from the Father’s heart. You must have your spirit man forward and your heart prepared to link to the Father’s when you are sewing a seed. Keep malice and destruction out. Keep doubt, fear, unbelief and confusion out. Keep the soul out of the sewing of the seed.

Remember what you were told about cultivation being a principle of identity and multiplication being a principle of kingship?” 

Then George stopped and told me to go back and read through those notes. 

In the notes, Father said this, “Amanda, seeds come down to intent. So, it is imperative that you have a developed relationship with your human spirit and Holy Spirit before you use the principle of multiplication. Multiplication is a duty. It’s a working duty from a place and position of royalty in the Heavens. 

You see cultivation is more of a principle of identity. You are coming into the kingdom and into relationship with all of creation… All of creation. You’re establishing something deep within the recesses of life when you cultivate. Deeper cultivation opens up avenues for deeper relationship and connection to identity. Identity is foundational. It’s imperative that you have a solid and firm foundation of who you are as a daughter or a son in my kingdom. 

Then comes kingship. Then comes royalty. A prince doesn’t know he’s a prince at infancy. He must come into that knowledge and understanding as he develops, grows and matures in the kingdom he has been born into. And it’s okay. It’s okay that he doesn’t understand who he is yet. It’s not needed for him to understand yet. Yes, he might know he is different, but the level of understanding must be developed with time. The same is true with Me and My kingdom. If people can simply grasp who they are from Heaven’s point of view first… If they can cultivate first, then they can become multipliers as they govern in accordance with their role of kingship. Which requires, acceptance and then a cultivated relationship with one’s power, dominion and authority. How can one operate in multiplication if one does not understand of the power, dominion and authority one possesses?” 🌱

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