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The Heart of Intent

I sat down with the Father last week to discuss multiplication. The week before He told me I had merely scratched the surface of it. Before I could even begin to ask a question, I heard “the heart of intent. That’s where we are headed next.”

Then He took me back to 2008, a time when I learned about the mechanics of quantum faith. He said, “Remember when you were losing weight? You needed your words. You needed the positive affirmation to keep going. Amanda, you even taped words of affirmation all over your bedroom, bathroom and vehicle. Do you remember that chapter of your life when you surrounded yourself with words of faith because you were bent on truly understanding quantum faith and the mechanics of it? Remember? Okay, good. Those words, they helped shape you and your world in so many ways. They gave your realms a substance to live by. Faith needs the affirmation of words. On a quantum level, faith through the process of spoken words, builds your world. Words overflowing from the realm of your human spirit unify with the realm of your soul, heart and body and then begin to become a reality in the physical realm.

Now, words are the foundational component of life that leave the realm of your spirit, soul, heart and body after you’ve thought them or had the conversation inside of yourself with them. They are alive and active. The foundational nature of a word is to bring life. But it can also bring death. Amanda, in this new chapter you are in, you must use your words wisely. You must speak of things that bring and build life. Slandering must stop. You cannot move forward as a kingdom multiplier with a mouth that slanders.

Something you must stop doing is speaking about things and passing judgement just for the sake of it. That is wasteful. It’s very wasteful of your time, energy and word quota. Heaven keeps track of your words, but so does Hell. Words are binding. You are legally bound to what you’ve spoken. Which is why it is so vitally important that you speak things that edify. You are to multiply life, not death.

Now, the heart of intent… It ties into this. Your heart is the middle ground of your entire being. Deep within it lies intent. Which is why the heart needs to be guided by the spirit, which is guided by Holy Spirit. The heart is actually a gate that is easily swayed by the spirit, soul and body. It is unique in the fact that, because it is in the middle, it can leak knowledge, understanding wisdom and revelation to the other parts of you. Once your spirit has received something from Heaven, your heart has the capability of opening its gates so that the rest of you can absorb truth too.

When it comes to multiplication of the seed, the heart needs to be in alignment with your spirit. The intent of the heart for each seed must align with My intent. If your spirit can simply meditate on each seed, then the realm of your heart will be able to align with the realm of My heart and then it can give off to all of the gates.”

I asked, “Why does my heart need to be involved in this rather than my spirit?” The Father said, “It’s not that your spirit isn’t involved. It’s more so that the heart has the ability to quickly pump things through the gates of the spirit, soul and body. There’s a faster measure of unit through the heart because it is the center, because it is the middle ground. So, you must come from a place of blessing, not from a place of cursing or slander.

I asked, “Father, how can my heart link up with your heart and have an intent around it that reflects your intent? Surely, you don’t want me to stop every time and mediate on your intentions?” He said, “Amanda, take your heart to the Courts of Heaven right now.” I said, “I am here. Which court?” He said, “The mercy court.”  I said, “I am here. What am I here for?” He said, “Ask that your heart would be cleansed. You need the gates of your heart to be cleansed. The gate connecting from your heart to your spirit, from your heart to your soul, from your heart to your body and from your heart to Me… Your Father. They all need to be cleansed with living water.”

So, I asked for them to be cleansed with living water. Then I started to repent and renounce all of the slander, negative speech, dying language, judgements passed, gossip, lies, frustration, built-up anger, pain, misunderstanding from my soul, fear, fear of man from my soul to my heart.” Then He said, “Amanda, the gates work both ways you see. It’s not just a flow from your heart into the other realms. The other realms also flow into your heart. Then, from the overflow of the heart, the mouth begins to speak and then the body gets involved. 

When the body and the soul are involved, but leave out the spirit, we are always sowing death or a form of false light. You absolutely cannot sow life-giving seeds of multiplication from your soul and body alone. You must have your spirit involved. Seeds sewn from the soul don’t grow in the 3rd dimension of Heaven. Instead, they are planted in lower laying realms and dimensions.

Now, I am going to share something with you that is uncomfortable to see and hear. Look….” I looked and saw what seemed to be never ending fields upon fields upon fields of seed that had been planted but had never grown. I attempted to ask what they were, but before I could, I heard, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Amanda, do you see? Do you see what has happened? Because there has been a lack of connection to the human spirit for centuries upon centuries, seeds have been sewn into the dead, unfertilized ground of the 2nd Heaven where the soul exists.

Do you remember 7 years ago when you said to a friend, ‘I don’t believe we see miracles, healing, signs and wonders today because of the place we are existing from. I think as a whole people believe in the manifestation of healing from their soul, rather than their spirit. So, the things people pray and God intends cannot manifest. Faith from the soul alone isn’t powerful. People are speaking from their soulish realm, which is powerless. That’s why so many people sound fake and unbelievable in what they are saying and doing. It isn’t coming from their human spirit. It’s flowing from their soul realm.” I said, “Yes, I remember that.” He said, “Okay, good. I’m glad. Because it is truth. 

Amanda, I designed all of you to flow from your spirit. And it’s true, healings and manifestations only flow from the spirit, unless they are false… Meaning that the Kingdom of Darkness is at play and is using false light and deception. So, when you are aligned with the intension of My heart, your gates need to be cleansed. There needs to be a free flow between your heart, spirit, soul and body and with Me.” 

I asked, “Father, how do we exist from this place always though? It’s too much effort to keep cleansing them.” He said, “Good question. You need to continue to allow negative speech to die inside of you. You need to continue to cultivate a relationship with your human spirit. The more you do these two things, the more you will grow in this part of the principle of multiplication.”

So, I will leave you with this:

  • Invite your spirit forward, tell your soul to step back and ask your body to be at peace.
  • Ask the Father for entrance to the Mercy Court.
  • When you get there, ask angels to cleanse your heart and the gates of your heart with living water.
  • Then, repent and renounce all of the slander, negative speech, dying language, judgements passed, gossip, lies, frustration, built-up anger, pain, misunderstanding from your soul, fear, fear of man from your soul to your heart. (You might be lead to repent and renounce more).
  • Last, ask the Father what His intent for each seed of multiplication you are sewing is.
  • Repeat these steps when using the principle of multiplication.

Remember though, the Father stated, the more we continue to allow negative speech to die within us and the more we cultivate a relationship with our human spirit, the less we will need to ask for a cleansing of the heart and the gates of the heart. It is possible to rest in His desired intent for each and every seed we intend on multiplying. 🌱

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