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Second-Heaven Seeds

Last Monday Holy Spirit said, “Go to the Help Desk and look for Allison.” (Allison is within my cloud of witnesses in Heaven. She helps Cultivate Life operate smoothly, and often provides me with revelation. The Help Desk is a place in Heaven we can go when we have a question but don’t have direction.)

So, I went to the Help Desk. Once I got there, I saw Allison. She was waiting for me. She wanted to speak to me about the heart of intent.

She said, “Amanda, we see that you’ve been keeping up with the words flowing from your mouth like the Father asked. From the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks. What is your heart saying? Tell me.”

I said, “Hmmm… It’s saying that it’s trying to become better at sowing and reaping truth and life, rather than death. It’s telling me it’s happy about the way in which I’ve been cleaning its gates with living water. It’s telling me that it feels alive… Like it can thrive, but it must be given a greater opportunity with living words. Allison, is this what you wanted me to see?”

She said, “Yes, I want you to see how happy your heart is becoming. Amanda, you need to have a healthy heart. A healthy heart is founded on a clean heart and that’s way different than what you’ve been taught or what you know.

You must keep the gates of your heart clean. Keep cleansing them with living water before you seek the Father’s intent on the matter of the seed. Keep cleansing them so that you can go forth and multiply. This is about multiplication. We are aiming to have a steady influx of multiplied seeds. As you work on your tongue more and more, you will find that you don’t need to cleanse the gates of your heart as often as you have. But, for now, please cleanse them. 

Now, Heaven also wants you to go and collect those seeds (I shared about in The Heart of Intent blog). The ones that have been planted in the 2nd Heaven (where Satan and warfare exist) with your soul… You and Bridget please go and have angels collect them and bring them up to the 3rd Heaven.”

With that she pointed to a conversation I had with the Father a few days before. 

I said, “Father, I want to know what happened to all of those 2nd heaven seeds I saw in the endless realms of fields. Do they ever grow? Do they ever produce a harvest?” He said, “No, they don’t grow or produce a harvest because they are planted in the 2nd heaven. They were planted by the soul with its intent in mind, rather than the spirit with My intent in mind. Yes, a lot of the time the heart was attached to them, but it was only the heart attached. Meaning that sometimes the prayers for those seeds do get through because there is a flow of Heaven into the realm of your heart, but mainly those seeds fall along the path and die. They’ve been destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge in terms of not being connected to the human spirit and the realm of the 3rd heaven.

Far too often many healings and miracles people have believed for have gone to the 2nd heaven to die. The healings and miracles cannot manifest because they were birthed from the realm of the soul and then planted in the 2nd heaven. They weren’t planted in the 3rd heaven, in the realm where I exist with Jesus. They aren’t connected to the glory of the throne room. Jesus isn’t involved in the process of healing.”

I said, “Father, how did we get this way?” He said, “Denying Holy Spirit. Complete denial of Him and revelation. Institutionalized religion. A boxed in way of thinking this is the way I am and how I will be viewed. Amanda, it is inaccurate. It is fallacy. People are living their entire existence relying on their soul for answers. Relying on a connection to a false, cheap Jesus who operates from within the 2nd heaven. 

Humans don’t truly know Jesus unless they are connected to their human spirit, which is connected to the 3rd heaven. Relationship with Jesus outside of the 3rd heaven is simply not relationship with Him at all. It is relationship with the soul. The 2nd heaven (where Satan dwells) is very, very good at making false prototypes of Jesus. They do it all the time. They erect a false version of Him within their spheres.

Now listen, I want you to know something, those seeds… The endless fields of seeds you saw a few days ago. The seeds sown into the fields of the 2nd heaven can be brought up higher. You can have angels go and get them and bring them up higher for purposes of multiplication and life. This can happen.”

I said, “Well, what if it was a healing someone was believing for but all of those people are dead now? What then?” He said, “So the seed is still seen and respected in the 3rd heaven. Once you move it, I view the intention of the sower’s heart. Is the sower aligned with My heart or not? I honor the good intentions of the heart. I always honor that. So once you bring the seeds up and plant them in higher realms, then I can refine, develop, grow and mature them down the bloodline of the ancestors of those that are dead now. The seeds can still become full-functioning trees of life. They will just be received a different way in which the initial sower was expecting. Amanda, nothing is lost. Nothing. I can redeem, restore and reinstate everything.”

I said, “I feel that there are certain angels that need to be assigned to pull these seeds up and bring them to the 2nd heaven.” He said, “Yes, you need reinstatement angels and replenishing angels. The reinstatement angels will reinstate the seeds. They will collect them from the 2nd heaven, bring them up into the 3rd heaven and plant them in their rightful place and position within My realms so that they may be cultivated. Then the replenishing angels will tend to their needs. Some of the seeds are kind of sick-like. They need help. Lots of help. Lots of repair.”

I said, “So, is this something you would have me do? I’m sure I have most definitely sewn seeds into the 2nd heaven with my soul.” He said, “Yes, you can do this. Start with yourself and your sister. Start there. Have the reinstatement angels go in and get the seeds, leaving not one behind. Then have them bring them upwards and deposit them into My realms for replenishing and growth. And you can do this with your ancestor’s seeds too. You can collect the seeds they sowed from their souls into the 2nd heaven. You can have angels collect all of them and bring them upwards into the 3rd heaven so that they may be cultivated.”

So, the next day my sister and I did what He said. We both moved the seeds from the 2nd heaven to the 3rd heaven. We both commissioned reinstatement angels and replenishing angels to go and get the seeds and to deliver them to the 3rd heaven so that they could be replanted in the realms of God. Once they were reinstated and replenished, Holy Spirit told us to take the seeds in our hands and follow the steps of the multiplication principle. And we didn’t just do it for our 2nd heaven seeds, but also for the 2nd heaven seeds our ancestors had sown.

So, now you might be wondering, “How can I do this?”

  • Call your spirit forward. Tell your soul to step back. Tell your body to be at peace.
  • Ask angels to cleanse your heart and the gates of your heart with living water, and that your heart will come into alignment with the intent of the Father’s heart. You may also need to step into the court of mercy and repent for things you’ve spoken.
  • Then, ask to step into the realm of Heaven. Take a step in and ask that your spirit would be taken to the place where you and/or your ancestors have sewn seeds in the 2nd heaven. 
  • Once you’re there, commission reinstatement angels to gather all 2nd heaven seeds you and/or your ancestors have sewn. Gather them in secure bags (so not one slips out on their journey) and take them up to the 3rd heaven.
  • Then tell the reinstatement angels to plant the seeds in the realms of God, and have the replenishing angels come and repair every seed that is bent, broken or sick.
  • Next, use the multiplication principle. Speak it over each and every seed you’ve just moved and replanted. 🌱

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