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Trading on Golden Routes

Last Wednesday, during my time with Holy Spirit, I began asking Him questions about trade routes. He said, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow you will learn about them. It’s not on your scroll for today. Tomorrow.” So, I came back the next day eager and ready to learn. Holy Spirit said, “You need George (my chief personal angel) for this.”

Then, I saw George coming in the distance. I could tell he was speaking to me about seeds, but I couldn’t hear him yet. Then I heard him say, “Amanda, I have some things to share with you that the Father has kept hidden from you until now. The seeds you are planting into His realms, along with the ones you’ve moved into the second Heaven, are capable of being covered in glory because they are coated in gold. 

The gold casing you apply to them gives them the foundation for the frequency of glory. It gives them the casing they need to make the sound the glory makes. Gold is the basic measure of unit the glory needs to reverberate with. 

A seed can have glory all over it, but it must be coated in gold in order to carry the weight of the glory. Without the gold casing, the seed won’t have the same sound level and impact in the heavens and the earth. The voice of glory is amplified once the seed is coated in glory.

Gold is a specific compound of Heaven, of the throne room. And this isn’t your normal, earthly gold. No, this is gold from the dimension of Heaven. It’s a high quality. It’s a high grade and substance that can bind with things in a much higher way and reality than normal, earthly gold. 

The kingdom of darkness knows about the glory gold. We will call it that from now on, the glory gold. They know about the glory gold. They want to connect to the glory gold because of its high measure of frequency. 

Actually, they (the fallen angels) took lots of it upon their exit from Heaven. They plundered what they could. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We are here to talk about trade routes. We are here to discuss the trade routes that come off of the seed like roots in the ground from a tree.

Actually, I want you to think of the Cultivate Life tree from this point forward. I want you to have that image in your spirit’s mind and heart.”

In that moment, I could sense George was really trying to show me something. I thought, “He’s trying to give me a clear message about Heaven and the way in which a seed becomes a full functioning tree of life with golden trade routes springing forth from it.”

Then I heard George again. He said, “Go look at your notes from October and November of last year on trade routes and iniquity.” So I asked Holy Spirit to lead me to the notes George was referring too. 

In my notes I found a section where the Father instructed me to start sowing seeds of multiplication into His realms. Then I heard George say, “Do you see? Planting your seeds of multiplication into the realms of the Father gives them the glory they need to go forth. His realms give the gold coated seed the aura it needs. The majesty of the glory of God is thrusted upon the seed once it’s been established within the realms of God. Amanda, the seeds MUST be planted within His realms. They will not spring forth and give off glory without being planted in His realms. The glory is a substance where the miraculous happens. The seeds you are planting into the realms of God will become miracle working trees of life in the heavens and the earth as they grow. And, then as you begin to trade on each seed’s route, the routes will be able to produce miracles in the heavens and the earth.”

With that said, George quickly pivoted and made a strong motion towards a blog I wrote in November entitled “Faith Currency.” In the blog, an angel said, “Remember faith is many things, but most importantly it is currency. It is (electrical) currency you use when you actively choose to move forward with your words and God’s multiplication principle. Faith is also a conduit by which everything flows. Faith rides on the frequency of Heaven.”

After referencing the blog, he said, “Okay, now this piece is vital. You will need faith currency in order to move forward and begin trading on the golden routes that will develop and grow from your established seeds of multiplication. You need faith currency, the frequency of it. It must be established within your heart and belief system as you move forward and begin to trade on golden routes. 

Remember yesterday?  You stopped and realized an email you were answering wasn’t a new seed, it was a trade on that seeds route. So, you must now begin to become aware of when you are trading on a seeds route. Ask Holy Spirit for the discernment to know if you need to plant a new seed or if you need to simply trade on the route of a seed that’s already been planted in the realms of God. Example, when that newspaper answers you, your response will be trading on a route. It won’t be a new seed. A new seed is only established when you are doing something new! 

Then, as the trade routes develop and grow, they will become strong and be able to collapse the kingdom of darkness’s trading routes through the establishment of your trade routes. The glory gold vibrating off of the trade routes will crush evil and darkness! Oh, you can also have me and your other angels go in and capture the evil routes, dimensions and domains your trading routes have collapsed in the capture bags. Give all of your angels the assignment to have the bags in hand and use them with full force once a trading route, dimension and/or domain has been collapsed.

Again, you are looking to use golden trading routes to collapse to capture. Completely collapse and capture the infiltrated camp. Amanda, this is a new way of taking over the enemy, his domains and kingdom. It is coming from the heights of Heaven. You are governing as a daughter and a queen within the Kingdom of God when you use these principles.

Also, remember, cultivation is about identity. Multiplication is about kingship. You can’t be a multiplier until you have cultivated a relationship with Heaven and those of the realm of Heaven.”

And with that George left and I was left to meditate on what he had just spoken. Now whenever I sit down to work on anything, I ask Holy Spirit, “Is this a new seed or a trading route?” Usually, I immediately know. Also, because I’ve moved all of my 2nd Heaven seeds to the 3rd heaven, all of my past seeds are now coated in gold and sown into the realms of God. Meaning, any routes I am trading on that might not have been covered in the glory of God before certainly are now! 🌱

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