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Combo Meal: Humility & Grace

Stepping out into a new chapter of life often feels like biting off more than you can chew. So much newness swarms around you at once, and all you want to do is get a firm grasp on the it before it completely owns you and overwhelms you entirely… Or at least that’s how I feel.

As I prepared to leave 2021, Holy Spirit made it clear that my sister and I would be stepping into a new chapter. “Not a new season, but a new chapter.” He would continuously emphasis to me. Now I’ll have to admit, it’s been completely nerve wracking and unsettling for my soul. My soul has had several moments where it’s led my emotions to the brink of tears because it lacks the understanding of where Holy Spirit is leading my human spirit. However, within every moment of lack, He’s reminded me to stay above it all… Living from my spirit and the realm of Heaven where peace flows like a river.

So, it would come as no surprise then to be hit by a curve ball a few weeks ago thinking, “Well I never saw that coming… Now what?” In the past I would’ve let the curve ball define me and rule my emotions. I would’ve really allowed it to push me around. For some reason Heaven’s plans are completely intimidating for my soul because my soul likes control. It loves to have all of the answers so I don’t make mistakes. However, it’s also learning that it must sit back and rest while my spirit follows Holy Spirit one step at a time. 

Which brings me to where I am in this very moment. I feel… I feel challenged in maybe the most challenging position I’ve yet to encounter. I am very aware that God wants me to follow His lead, His system and His way about where I am headed. So, I’ve begun asking Him a slew of questions. I need the spirit of truth to teach me how He wants me to move forward in this new endeavor. And, most importantly, I want to be very, very successful with where I am headed. 

As I sat down to discuss this new role with Him the other day, He said, “Amanda, your ability to capacitate must now expand into a bigger set of shoes than you’ve been wearing. The shoes you are wearing will keep getting larger and you will have to keep filling them. This is a chapter where doors fling open one after another. Sometimes many at once and you must be in the moment with your spirit forward and just go with it. Also, you must watch your heart concerning offenses. 

For example, do you know when the enemy began to play you yesterday? It was when you were in Grand Central Station. Pissed off about how they roped off that section. You were so irritated in your soul. You kept making mention of how stupid the situation was. That is when your soul stepped in and took over. And from there it was leading. The spirit had taken a back seat. The soul was being completely dominant in the way of ruling through fear and perceived stress. Now remember, the soul isn’t evil; however, the soul does need some serious cultivation. It has to learn from Holy Spirit and your spirit how to walk in peace and harmony. Which is why you must stay spirit forward. Always.

Now, let’s discuss humility and grace or what I would call a ‘combo meal.’ Humility and grace working together can become a complex of sorts very quickly. You need humility and grace as a combo meal. Think of a combination order, but not like one at a fast-food restaurant, which is financially and nutritionally cheap. Instead, think of a meal where you receive steak, potatoes, vegetables and a glass of wine. It’s financially and nutritionally expensive. You will definitely need to sit down and take your time eating it. Also, many items on and surrounding the plate make the meal. So, you are getting multiple streams of nutrition from several sources of food. 

That’s how I want you to consume humility and grace. You need both in this moment to move forward, pick this new assignment up and go. You will need the humility to step back and observe and learn, and then you will need grace with yourself when you’ve made a mistake or two… They will happen.

Humility from this moment forward will be found in your ability to be graceful with others. To extend the full measure of grace that you can, even when you do not understand what “next” is. Amanda, you must come from a place of a willingness to learn… A willingness to get your hands dirty and make mistakes you don’t usually make in an effort to understand the way in which this new process works. 

Yes, I said ‘process.’ You are cultivating humility and grace together, so it will take time. Don’t forget that. So, you don’t just need to consume the content of humility and grace by listening to what you’re told, you also need to take time digesting it through application.

Now, your ability to overcome your soul’s intent will be monumental. Remember how we discussed overcoming a few weeks ago? Remember how I told you that overcoming needed humility because you must become teachable in all that you are doing? Never enter a situation where your soul believes you have all the answers and solutions. Always be open and willing to learn from your spirit’s point of view. Never go in as an absolutist. Always go in as a student. Seeing life from the perspective of a student keeps you open to humility.

Going forward, and this is true for many, I will need humility and grace to become a continuous stream of cultivation within you. You will need to walk with these two. They come about in a better way as you ask wisdom to walk with you daily because then you are offered up a position of seeing an applicative method present itself within every action. 

Wisdom, she works with you, your human spirit, Holy Spirit and your angels. Wisdom will point you in the way of humility and grace. She will show you how to have humility in moments where you are lacking it. And then the grace with yourself within the learning curve moment of humility. She is a vital tool in bringing forth what ‘next’ is. She can teach you more about what I am asking than any human being can. Have the confidence and the courage to sit back and listen. Deepen your level of listening. Ask wisdom to point you in a direction of seeing things in a way in which you’ve never seen them before.

So, you must take a step out into the unknown and embrace the new role I’ve entitled and given to you. Fear will only lead you into pride and a place of insecurity in every way. It’s unfriendly to be in that place. 

Now, I want you to see humility… I want you to picture her. What do you see?”

I said, “I see a gentle looking character. Very soft, but very strong. Very gentle. Very, very gentle. Very capable of handling much, but without the need to draw attention to herself, yet you can’t help but see her. She glows. She’s very obvious in her ability to stand out and be seen and heard. But she looks as if she speaks when she knows the moment is appropriate. She has the wisdom to know when to speak and when not to speak. It’s very admirable the way she is… The way she carries herself. She’s also very willing to step down and learn when she doesn’t know something. She listens. She listens more than she speaks, but when she speaks, she is heard because she has much to say. She’s also very brilliant. Father, who can teach me more about her? And who can teach me about wisdom?” 

The Father said, “Solomon can do this Amanda. He can teach you about both. Open yourself up to him teaching you about both. Remember we need a measure of grace applied to humility.”

And with that, the Father concluded what He had to say and I leaned further into the directions He provided. 🌱

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