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A Multitude of Grace

Last Wednesday, I sat down with Holy Spirit. I was ready and eager to learn more about what Heaven wanted to share with me about humility and grace. Then I heard Holy Spirit. He said, “Are you ready to hear? George (my chief angel) has loads to share with you today.” I said, “I am ready!!!”

Then I see G coming. He’s carrying piles of books for me to learn from. Some of the books look messy, like papers are shuffled in between pages and kind of hanging out. I asked, “G, why are they like that?”

He said, “Amanda, they are like this because Solomon learned from these books too. I want you to see that they’ve been read before. They are marked in certain places too. Actually, it’s part of the learning experience you will engage and experience as you go. When you see something highlighted, you should always ask about it. You should always write it down too.

These books are written by the Father. They contain information and revelation about humility and grace. There are 5 of them.”

Then I saw them…. They’re were aligned on a wood like table with papers sticking out. I asked, “Which one do I read first G?”

He said, “Which one do you want to read first? I appreciate you asking but this is for you to dig in and learn from.”

I said, “I guess I’d like to read the one that’s easiest on my soul. The one that my entire being can consume without feeling too overwhelmed and such.”

G said, “Good choice. I see that you are juggling a lot right now, so we will save the deeper and more complex revelation for later. Okay, now let’s start with grace. That’s where we shall start. Pull that green tab on the book.”

As I pulled the tab, I started to see a picture graph. There’s a big circle with a tiny circle dot in the middle. I asked, “What does that mean?”

G said, “Grace covers a multitude.’ That’s what it says right here on the side” I asked, “So is the multitude the small dot?”

G said, “Yes, yes the multitude is the smallness of your mistakes. They are small in the eyes of grace. Grace is large, Amanda, which is why it is compared to an ocean. It’s all consuming. A multitude can be consumed by grace. It’s all consuming in every way. You see it is of the utmost importance to walk in the light of grace. Jesus was walking in this light. He was walking in the 

ways of grace long before He ever went to the garden or the cross. He had an understanding of grace and the wisdom and revelation to apply it to all that He encountered.”

I asked, “So, how do I apply this in my life for this season?” He said, “Well, when you are faced with a situation that needs grace, say for example this new venture you’re in… When you come across a moment where you’ve made a mistake, apply grace to the mistake. And I’m not talking about flippant cheap grace. I am actually speaking of going to the Courts of Heaven and letting yourself off the hook immediately through the repentance of the court systems. You see grace works very well in all areas you are headed. You are going to need grace. You are going to make mistakes. It’s part of learning. No one rides a bike for the first time and just gets it. That’s why a child has training wheels. And then the parent takes those training wheels off so the child can ride on two wheels. It’s the same here. You are riding with training wheels right now as you learn. Eventually, the wheels will come off and you will be responsible for balancing and riding. You will be responsible for a complex act.

But for now, approach this new endeavor with the training wheels on, knowing that you are learning how to ride. You don’t have to have it all together in this moment. You don’t even have to have it all together this week or this month. It’s a process. Then when you jump into the endeavor, don’t become overwhelmed. Allow your soul to rest and allow your spirit to lead from a place of grace, knowing that if you fall and fail, you can get up and try again. The Father isn’t judging you. He wants you to learn how to embrace this endeavor doing it His way alone. He’s asking for you to apply His methods to the processes.

You will need to use the court system and other tools every step of the way. There’s a lot to this, so it’s very important to consume it one bite at a time. 

Most importantly, do not allow your soul to lead you here. It’s not good. It isn’t cultivated enough to grasp these concepts without feeling like it’s going to fail miserably. You need to really embrace the fullness of this with your spirit and follow along with your spirit. Because your soul will start saying the most obviously annoying things.”

And with that, George closed the book and we left the library and I began to apply what he taught. 

Now, if I’m honest, I’m learning I’m not the best at applying grace with myself in the midst of this massive learning curve and new endeavor. Like George said to me, “I see you’re juggling a lot right now.” And it’s true, I am juggling many things in the midst of learning new things. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll understand how much I enjoy being excellent in everything I do. However, in this moment of learning, it’s challenging to be excellent because I am making mistakes. I have had multiple moments of failure. So I see why I need to have grace. I need to enter the courts of Heaven and repent when I get frustrated because of my mistakes, and then I need to move forward as I continue to learn. Knowing that, with enough practice, self-discipline, determination and grace, I will eventually become excellent in these new endeavors. 🌱

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