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Tactile Edge

Hi! Here I am. Continuing my pursuit with Wisdom and Prudence. I am learning they have a lot to share with me… With us. The main focal point is to invite them into our day and ask them to journey along with us in the process of cultivation. Be encouraged to sit with them in moments you choose to sit and listen to Holy Spirit. Listen to the advice and guidance Wisdom is bringing forward. Ask Prudence for the practical, applicative steps for moving forward. See them as they are, personified spiritual beings who are designed too deeply engage with our human spirits. They are longing to offer up direction to all who are willing to note their presence and eat from their table. 

On March 2, Wisdom shared this with me and asked me to share it with you.

She said, “You need to keep going. Every day is an unfolding event. Trust the timing. Keep moving forward with Holy Spirit.” 

Then, Wisdom slid a piece of textured paper towards me. I said, “That’s textured. It’s tactile like Holy Spirit said I need to become.” Then Wisdom slid a flat piece of paper over next to the textured one. She said, “What’s the difference?” I said, “One is flat and one is raised. The textured one is closer to me because of the raised parts.” Wisdom said, “Yes, and you’ve been asked to be tactile in this season. Raised up off the paper. Connecting to every day. Eager for change. Embracing the change of every day. That’s also part of being tactile…. Connecting to every single element of change Heaven is supplying you with. I know that it’s extremely uncomfortable. Your soul is exhausted. Tell it to step back and rest. It won’t be able to configure the reconfiguration you’re experiencing. 

You see your soul wants the change to happen so then it can attempt to rest in control again. It is looking for something it can sink its teeth into. It wants the familiarity of controlling each step. But in truth you’ve been asked to follow your spirit, who is being led by Holy Spirit, guided by George (my chief angel) and taught by me and Prudence. So, your soul isn’t always going to know what next is. It’s okay.”

I asked, “Well then how do I work with Prudence in a better way? Prudence is supposed to lay out the steps I take. Correct?”

Wisdom said, “Yes, but you don’t always need to plan months in advance with Prudence. Right now, Prudence is making sure your days are filled… One step at a time with exactly what you need for forward movement. You’re being given the steps for each day that are leading you to where you need to be; however, you can’t see tomorrow’s steps… But they will present themselves to you as soon as they are ready for you to meet them. So, you must be tactile in reaching out and connecting to the steps as they come. Become very prepared to grab something in the moment and just go with where you are being led. Prudence can put the next 5-10 steps together very, very quickly and you must be spirit forward, ready and willing to move forward.

See your soul has trained you to believe you need the next 5-10 steps, plus the next 5-10 days. That’s untrue. That doesn’t leave any room for Holy Spirit to work at all. He needs the space to move and to work. Scheduling is great and it is wise. But when your schedule controls your every move, that is a problem. Holy Spirit becomes a side show. Heaven can’t really, truly work when you’re locked into, “This is the way things have to be.” Loosen up some more. Really, tell your soul to loosen up and take a few breaths. You aren’t being led to a damaging place at all. 

So, that is your homework for today. Follow me (Wisdom). Follow the steps Prudence is giving you, and when Holy Spirit interjects something into the day, follow Him. You got this!”

With that, Wisdom and Prudence left the library and I spent the next 12 days learning from them about other nuances of humility and grace.

This morning, as I sat down to journal, I felt my spirit pondering the words “tactile edge.” So, I asked Holy Spirit about it. I said, “Can I ask more questions about ‘tactile edge?’ Am I engaging tactfulness properly? Am I going about it in the manner that Wisdom and Prudence would like me to be?” Holy Spirit said, “Good question. Being tactile is a matter of skill. It’s a matter of edge. It’s a matter of being present and in the moment when things you’re supposed to encounter begin to pass by you. You have to be raised up, willing to execute the moment. This is for a lot of the ecclesia right now. Being tactile is a good edge for the ecclesia. I need My people to get a move on it. To run where no one has run before, in a direction no one has gone before. Amanda, you are living in unprecedented times.”

I asked, “Holy Spirit, how can I engage with my spirit better during this tactile moment? He said, “Your spirit needs to rise. She needs to rise every single day. She needs to be in the libraries of Heaven learning while you are sleeping. She needs the proper posture. She needs the alignment within her. She needs to be given the permission from you to go about doing things. She doesn’t always engage the libraries when you are sleeping because she is waiting on a deeper relationship with you. It’s not that she couldn’t do these things on her own. It’s more so that she wants to acquire relationship with you, so she waits. Amanda, you spirit is very patient. Which is vastly different from your soul. We both know how dominantly impatient your soul is. But your spirit, she will wait. Sometimes she waits so long and then has to choose to become forceful in the ways of things. 

But if you truly want to know how to engage with her better in this tactile moment, then engage with her more. Reach out and really use her for what she’s worth. She needs to become a stronger more dominant voice in your life. Let the soul rest until it’s time for her to step onto the scene. Bring the spirit forward now. Allow her to lead you this week as you follow Me.” 🌱

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