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Lessons from the Pink Book

Continuing my recent lessons with Wisdom and Prudence, I asked, “Wisdom and Prudence, do you have anything to share with me today? They said, “Yes! Let’s go.”

Then I saw myself standing outside of their library. They each grabbed me by a hand and we went inside. I see all kinds of things. Almost like I am in a museum of sorts. Like “Night at the Museum” the movie where you can see all of the animals behind the glass.

I have this knowing too that Wisdom and Prudence have knowledge and understanding about all of creation, and because they possess the revelation they can help bring it forward.

Oh, we stopped. Now I am sitting on the floor in Indian style. They said, “We are learning here today.” Now I am being handed a pink book. Medium pink. It’s thick. This is an actual book. What’s in here?

“Love,” Wisdom said. “Love is here and I want to show you how you can now apply love to grace and humility.” 

Now, I see a heart inside the pages of the book. The heart is red. There is a translucent blue rectangle across the page. It’s covering the bottom part of the heart. But just the bottom part. It is the amount of my heart that is actually active with the love of God.

Wisdom said, “You use your mouth too much with negative speech. Too much gossip. Too much slander. You’ve been told to work on this, and you have been, but now it’s time to work on it more. That line, it can’t grow upward until you will your tongue to stop cultivating death. You need that line to grow more too. The growth of that line will help you embrace more love and the love will help you embrace more grace and humility. But you must watch your tongue.”

Then I asked, “Prudence, what steps do I need to take to do this?” Prudence said, “You need to be quieter. Process things more before you open your mouth. Discern them. You’ve been taught by a friend to say things that are ‘true’ because that is ‘right.’ I am here to tell you that was out of your friend’s immaturity as a prophet gift to teach you that way. You don’t need that way. It’s not life-giving and you are a life-giver. You need to be spreading life. There is a way to deliver truth, but it’s not from the seat of negative speech and gossip. 

Another thing, if it’s not your mandate or on your scroll, then it’s not yours to really comment on or solve. So, something you can do is really be honest with yourself before you open your mouth. Ask yourself, ‘Is this mine to correct and/or solve?’ If the answer is no, leave it alone.”

Wisdom said, “Now, we are going to stay here for the rest of the week on the area and topic of love. Practice what we’ve shared with you today. Okay?”

With that I said, “Okay!” And the conversation was over. 

Several days later I sat down to talk to Holy Spirit about slander. And, again, I saw that heart with the blue line. I said, “Holy Spirit, I am concerned about how low that line is. I want to see it grow upwards so that my heart is filled with more of your love. Can you help me?”

Then, Holy Spirit began to show me what happens to my heart when I speak from a place of slander. He said, “When you slander, your heart, that’s filled with the Father’s love, gets drained. It’s like a swimming pool of water. When you pull the plug on a pool, the water begins to drain and everything in the pool goes from weightless to weighted. Now there is substantial weight to the pool. Everything inside suddenly feels empty and heavy. This is what happens when you slander… A plug is pulled on the heart. A gate is opened from the body realm and/or the soul realm. And then, from the overflow of the heart, the mouth begins to speak. The soul’s thoughts of slander flow into the heart filling it with slander and then the body begins to speak about what the soul is processing. 

Amanda, the open gate, willed by slander, from the soul realm drains your heart of the love that the Father filled up when you were in His presence. You’ve spent time in His presence allowing Him to fill your heart up with His love, grace and presence. But then, as soon as that slander begins to work in your soul, a plug is pulled/a gate is opened and out pours the contents of what God has been keeping in. 

You see the goal is to apply the love in your heart to a person and/or a situation. Rather than slander them, you should be lifting them up in love which is supported by grace. This is why I keep saying “Keep your mouth closed.” I don’t want you speaking poorly about others… Even if it’s truth. And also, I don’t want the love inside of you to be syphoned off.” 🌱

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