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Here… Not There

The winds of change over the past two months have shaken me up. I have been through seasons of great shaking, but this… This season has been very unique in the sense that it’s shaken and then taken things from me that I didn’t even know existed within the realms of my spirit, soul, heart and body. 

Do I feel different? Yes. Do I have more joy? Absolutely. Am I freer than I’ve ever been? Of course. Has it been an extremely challenging two months? YES. Am I ready for it to end so I can get “there?” 100%.

However, I am learning that “there” shouldn’t be my end goal.

This afternoon, I sat down with Holy Spirit to ask Him questions about some thoughts I’ve had and how I am perceiving things in a skewed way. I said, “Okay, then tell me… Tell me how I am perceiving my reality in a skewed way.”

He said, “Amanda, you think you’ll get ‘there’ one day. You will never ever get ‘there.’ ‘There’ is for the dying realm. ‘There’ is a Luciferian make and model. It’s a model of ascension that is unholy. It assures that Lucifer will stay on top. It is his way. His system. 

My make and My model are opposite. Heaven is invading Earth. It is invading the 2nd heaven and the Earth realm. The kingdom will be superimposed on top of the current systems and culture. 

Right now, Satan has his system superimposed over the culture. But there is a flip in motion. There is a dethroning happening. With the dethronement will be a moving in of My sons and daughters who are prepared to rule and reign as kings. Amanda, there are many. 

But… Lean in close and listen… The great thing about the Kingdom is that you never get ‘there.’ 

You see, that is what your downfall is right now. You are seeking ‘there.’ You want to get ‘there’ because when you finally get ‘there’ then you’ve ‘arrived.’ That’s an untrue narrative of My Kingdom. In My Kingdom you never arrive. Instead, you always keep going. You always keep developing, growing and maturing. There’s so much life constantly opening up to you. There’s a vast array of life waiting for you. It is endless.

So, you must have the fortitude of joy to keep going. You must put on the fortitude of joy and go forward every single day.”

I said, “I don’t understand what the fortitude of joy means.” He said, “It means you must have the nearness of Me of My spirit every single day. In that…. In the nearness of My spirit, you will find an everlasting amount of peace to keep going. Regardless of the evil, the pushback and the iniquity you continue to encounter. You must keep drawing near to Me. You must have the fortitude to draw near and access more joy. More joy than you’ve ever known. It is inside of you because I am inside of you. You must pull from the reservoir of your human spirit, who is pulling from Me.

Amanda, Satan robs. He steals. He takes. He does not give. He is a taker. He does not want relationship with you. He wants your soul pieces and parts fragmented up for more power so that he can make trade. Satan is striving for ‘there.’ That is part of his downfall. It’s part of his iniquity. He was trying to get ‘there.’ He was aiming to get to where I am… But I AM, so he can never be. 

You will forever be pulling from a source and the source of Me will forever be taking you higher. It would be wise to repent of aiming for ‘there.’ It is crushing you right now.”

Seeing what He was saying for the first time with clear eyes, I stepped into the mercy court and repented for striving to get ‘there.’

When I finished, Holy Spirit said, “Religion has taught you that there is a ‘there.’ It’s imbedded within the mindset. Deeply imbedded within the mindset of religion. Amanda, there isn’t a ‘there’ with Me. You never arrive. Eternity is endless. There isn’t an end. 

Don’t you see it? It’s the foundational part of religion… To go ‘there.’ To get ‘there.’ To get to Heaven. To achieve ‘it’. That is Satanic. It’s unholy. Heaven is ‘here.’ It is now. It is in you and running through you. You constantly engage with Heaven. 

The foundation of you has been taught that you need to get ‘there.’ You don’t need ‘there.’ You need ‘here.’ Replace ‘there’ with ‘here.’

Another thing, the kingdom of darkness has this notion of ascending and achieving ‘it.’ My Kingdom is the notion of ‘here’ and descending down into. The religion in you wants ‘there,’ the spirit in you wants ‘here.’ This is a dimensional process. It’s a dimensional process happening within your realms. 

Satan’s thought, Adam and Eve’s thought… “I can be God. I can be like God.” Striving to be ‘there.’ That was part of the sin. Amanda, Yahweh was present with Lucifer. He was present with Adam and Eve. They didn’t need to go ‘there.’ ‘Here’ with Him was their reality.

Amanda, you will do a lot better if you can start telling yourself, ‘I am here. I am walking with Heaven. I am within the realm of Heaven because my human spirit sits on a throne in Heaven governing.’ Rather than thinking, ‘One day I’ll be there. One day I will finally be rid of enough iniquity to get where I am going and be ‘there.’ You aren’t ever going to be ‘there.’ You are ‘here.’ 🌱

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