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The Realm of the Blood

Lately, a topic has been swirling around the realm of my spirit. I’ve been here before with this topic, but this time its presence has seemed more tangible. Almost like it’s saying, “You must reach out and engage me right now because I need you to know and understand some things.”

So, I took my thoughts and began to ask questions….

I said Holy Spirit, “What is the realm of the blood of Jesus?” He said, “A super sophisticated realm of alignment and regeneration containing the nutrients of the realm of Heaven.”

Then He said, “Amanda, what do you know about blood?” I said, “I know that blood is a source of life. It contains elements of new life and new growth. The blood carries nutrients towards the cells and carbon dioxide away.”

He said, “So, when you’re pleading or applying the blood of Jesus over something or someone, you are asking that that realm would carry death away. That it would move the death away from the person. That it would filter it out as it begins to come in. Also, you are asking that the realm of the blood would attract or pull what is righteous or virtuous in.

It’s a pretty big power punch if you truly think about it. 

So now let’s think about how you’re applying the realm of the blood of Jesus to the multiplication principle. It means that you are recognizing this powerful territory as a place of trade. The blood of Jesus is also a trade route and you are inviting that trade route to intersect and connect with you. You are asking it to come and become intermingled with the route you are establishing and trading on. You are asking the nutrients, the strength and the chemical balance of its frequency to come and be a part of the seed. You are binding it to the seed. It is a legally binding substance once it’s been applied.”

Then I said, “Is applying the blood of Jesus different than pleading it? You keep using the word ‘apply,’ rather than ‘plead.’ Why? What’s the difference?” He said, “YES. Absolutely yes. Applying it is applying it. It’s more of a working nuance. It’s more attuned to an agent you know you are working with in business. You know you need that realm as a trade route over your seed.

Pleading it is different. It is a form of protection. So, one is used in a creative or building manner and the other is used in a protection manner. But both offer up a form of trade where the power, authority and dominion of Jesus is administered into a situation. Think in terms of nutrients and oxygen in the blood again. The blood of Jesus possesses its own nutrients (or substance for nourishment and growth) and also it offers the substance of life. 

So, pleading the blood of Jesus is like pleading the fifth. It’s a form of protection that keeps unwanted activity out. It’s a legal right and authoritative positioning.

Amanda, this is an untapped bed you are in. Think of a flower bed. Like the one at your outside of your grandmother’s ministry house. She always had someone working in it when spring time came because it needed maintenance. It’s the same with this truth. This needs some maintenance. Believers have abused this truth. They’ve allowed it to become overgrown with weeds and have not tended to it properly. They haven’t really consulted Me on it. It just gets used and thrown around from person to person.

But I am giving you more because you need more. You need an influx of this now. So, I am giving you gardening tools to go in and work in the bed until what’s growing there is life giving and life altering. I want the nuances of the realm of the blood to vibrantly stand out.”

With that I sat back and pondered. Since He said the topic is an “untapped bed,” I knew I needed to give my spirit time to really process what He shared.

After a few days of processing, I came back to Him. I said, “Holy Spirit, what else do I need to know about the realm of the blood?” He said, “You need to see its power. Just since you were given a description of it, you’ve seen it differently when speaking about it. But now you need to have an understanding. Understanding always births a greater ability to discern how to apply what you now posses. 

You now have a tiny pinch of understanding of the blood. So, when you apply it, you are applying it with that renewed mindset. The same is true with everything you learn about from the realm of Heaven.

Now, it is important to ask Wisdom and Prudence how to apply this reality.

I said, “Wisdom and Prudence, how can I apply this reality of the realm of the blood?’ Wisdom said, “Grace. The merit of grace. Grace offers you the ability to apply the blood to a situation. Grace abounds muchly. It offers up a stable ground to build from in areas you never knew you could build from at all.

So, it’s best to think in terms of grace when applying the blood. Remember how we taught you about grace and humility? Remember how we discussed love and slander and how you need your heart to be filled with a greater measure of love?

Okay, I want you to now think of grace and humility and I want you to see them as elements of the realm of the blood of Jesus. They are strong elements that give the realm depth, intimacy or vulnerability to be what it is… Which is the realm of the blood. Grace and humility are like nutrients within the realm of the blood. Actually, you could think of grace almost like you think of DNA. Grace is a foundational component like DNA is in the blood. Grace offers up the space to regenerate just like the DNA does. You need that genetic coding to multiply a new generation and the same is true with grace. You need grace to multiply a new generation.

So, in terms of applying it, think about where you are using this phrase, ‘the realm of the blood of Jesus.’ Think about how you are using it. Position yourself in shrewdness to truly use it in a way and manner that edifies.”

Then, at Wisdom’s lead, Prudence stepped forward and said, “Please take etiquette when applying the realm of the blood. Please have manners. Please be polite and uphold the reality in which you are walking with it. Please don’t abuse it. Please don’t spoil it. Please speak of it in the highest regards, bringing life and truth to every person you encounter. 

Amanda, the realm of the blood is highly significant. It is a constant realm that can wrap itself around a structure. So, use it with great wisdom. Focus on that.” 🌱

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