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Vulnerable to Vibrant

For at least three years Holy Spirit has continuously said, “Amanda, I want you to continue to grow in beauty.” Every time I hear Him say this, I think “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I guess He’ll embellish when He’s ready.” Well, about a month ago, He said it again. So, I said, “Are you ever going to share what ‘growing in beauty’ means? You keep saying I am cultivating beauty and that my human spirit continues to expand in the area of beauty, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. Can you elaborate?”

Of course, true to form, Holy Spirit said, “Well… I’ve been waiting for you to ask. Beauty is, by all means, a way of being for the human spirit. Too many focus on the foundational kingdom nuances of dominion, power and authority, but what about beauty? What about the beauty that is birthed in our relationship?

Amanda, you have a very beautiful relationship with Me because it’s filled with vibrancy. It’s filled with color and depth. There is a depth of vibrancy within you. It is a deep well many can turn to and draw from.

Let me say this too, vibrancy is bright and expressive. There are many, multi-colored layers contained within vibrancy. 

Remember when we spoke of frequency image? Remember how I told you the goal is to become one in the same with My frequency because you are made in My image, so My desire is for your frequency to match the vibration of My frequency? Okay, good because there is more to that. There is an unlocking of vibrancy and color weaved within that. Amanda, I am beautiful. My nature. My essence. Who I am IS beauty. To see and experience My beauty is rare because most people are seeking My love, My joy, My peace, My passion, My forgiveness, My grace… But My beauty is very different. 

For someone to look at you and see inner beauty means that they see a reflection of My image…. They see a reflection of My colors and shade… They see a reflection of My expression within you.

Remember when you were an insecure teenager and your mom always left notes on your bathroom mirror and in your lunch? She took time writing those notes. She used her time and her love for you to give you a gift. She loved you so much and she wanted you to see how much she loved you. She wanted you to see how much she valued your heart. Your heart is of value to her. She helped cultivate what’s inside of you. She helped mold it, mature it and bring it into reality. She helped the vibrancy of your spirit and heart stand out. She knew those things about you because she knew you in a very vulnerable and intimate way because she is your mother who loves you dearly.

That is what I am talking about. I am talking about a real, raw and vulnerable love that is so expressive it produces beauty. To know My love is to seek My beauty. You are seeking after the expression of My image. You are following the nature and the attitude of my coloring and shading.”

Then I asked, “Okay, let me ask this, how do I experience more vibrancy? How do I experience more of the multi-faceted shading of who You are?

Holy Spirit said, “Those are really good questions. Amanda, a lot of it comes through more time spent with Me. Not with the Bible or with the teaching of others and their relationship and revelation, but with Me and Me alone. 

But you see, there is a deeper layer to vibrancy. The vulnerability cultivated within our relationship produces vibrancy, and then vibrancy produces beauty. You cannot become vibrant and then beautiful without first completely submitting to vulnerability. Submission to vulnerability offers up a space for expression. Real and raw expression of thoughts, feelings, experiences, trauma, pain and brokenness. Vulnerability, in all of its rawness and roughness, is necessary to shine. It is necessary to be transparent about what’s happening inside of one’s self.

So, the more you express yourself to Me in a vulnerable space, the more our relationship develops and grows. And then our relationship breeds a deeper and fuller vibrancy, which will in return birth beauty from within your human spirit. A beauty that is intended to vibrantly shine as it expresses the frequency of the intimacy within our relationship.” 🌱

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7 thoughts on “Vulnerable to Vibrant

  1. And these pictures of you express His beauty. Beautiful!! Colorful. Joy. Fun. Wow🌟

  2. I read this yesterday and again today. I am amazed by the depth of your writing and of your relationship with Holy Spirit.

  3. Amanda, whenever I read or hear the word Beautiful, I think of you. Prov 15:30 – “Eyes that focus on what is beautiful bring joy to the heart, and hearing a good report refreshes and strengthens the inner being.”

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