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The Tranquility to Merge

Have you ever had a vision that burns so bright that you’d continue to give up everything to walk hand-in-hand with it down the path of manifestation?

I have. I do. I live and breathe that vision every day.

Now, some days are challenging. My soul is faced with a plethora of reasons to give up on what I can see. However, my spirit knows the way. She knows that continuing to follow Holy Spirit down the path marked “forward” will continue to give birth to the vision.

Of course, along the way there have been obstacles… Obstacles that I haven’t had a clue how to overcome because I knew I lacked the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation for moving forward; however, I had no clue how I would gain the keys to unlock what was necessary to overcome.

But then… Perseverance has always promised light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a moment of synapse. So, the goal is to have the endurance, patience and tenacity to keep moving forward until I’ve reached the light and can successfully unlock the door with the next key I’ve been given. 

You see, I am sharing all of this because I find myself in a moment where I hear Holy Spirit speaking something very clearly to me. He’s saying, “I need you to grasp something. I have a key I am ready to give you. It’s for unlocking this next season you are stepping into. You need this key. The key is tranquility to walk between both worlds… Between all of the worlds you need to walk between. You need to be free of disturbance as you walk between the different worlds. 

Look at all of the disturbances that have come into your realm recently. Sickness, growth, frustration. So much disturbance has been stirring around your entire being. That’s because there is a tranquility coming to you. 

Now, in the midst of moving forward, there will be many moments of disturbance, but you will have the tranquility to merge… To merge large gaps.

Amanda, you cannot move forward without this key. It is very foundational to the merge I am seeking. The vision you possess cannot come forth without tranquility. It is, in essence, the glue that causes the merge… Or the bridge that connects worlds together. 

So, continue to focus on your need to be free of disturbance. This is more than your soul stepping back because it cannot process what’s happening in the spirit. This tranquility has come at a hefty price of choosing to walk between worlds for over a decade, just to gain the wisdom and understanding to be capable of moving forward.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought about tranquility until Holy Spirit brought it to my attention two weeks ago. Sure, I’ve seen the word. But I’ve always associated the thought of it with “peaceful music in a yoga studio…” HAHA!

But I’ve been considering it for two weeks now, and I am continuing to see it’s absolutely necessary. 

Tranquility is perhaps a very undervalued character. It possesses a quality that is very different than peace. Peace can be accessed even in moments where we don’t necessarily have the understanding to process our surroundings; however, tranquility is different. 

Tranquility requires a certain stamina and edge for perseverance. Tranquility relies on understanding. It is needed to be able to do something that is very monumental. I see tranquility has an agent who hasn’t really had its “moment” yet. Almost like it was created for a time when understanding for multiple things is present.

Solomon operated in tranquility very well. He had the stamina and perseverance in challenging moments to remain free from disturbance. He could stay focused on the moment at hand and not allow surrounding opinions and demonic forces to sway his decisions or thoughts because he walked between so many different worlds. He had to see different points of view. He had to weigh others boxed in thinking and their inability to see more. His view point was very opened up. He had to have tranquility. The tranquility he possessed was very intermingled within the way in which he walked with wisdom and prudence as he drew from their counsel. 

And, I think what I am aiming to communicate is this… We all need tranquility for the world in which we live. Everyone sees things differently based on a host of different factors; however, as we continue to walk with Holy Spirit… As we continue to seek wisdom, knowledge, revelation and understanding… As we continue to see Holy Spirit refine the impurities out of us so that we can gain a clearer picture of what He is wanting… Well, we can then begin to possess the tranquility to help each other understand our world AND the unseen mysteries of life a little bit better. 🌱

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