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Over the weekend I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. The start of the journey was challenging for me because so many people were on the bridge. I felt irritated as I dodged my way around slow walkers, people taking photos and kids running all over the place. 

Despite my frustration, I powered through the crowds making every effort to get to the other side. As I began to near the middle portion of the bridge, I started to notice the number of people thinned out because they weren’t interested in walking the entire length of the bridge. My frustration immediately melted away as I took in the largeness of the wide-open space. I felt calm. I felt like I could take in the city views without the complication of the crowd. It was a lot easier to see the path too. 

I loved the middle. It was free from disturbance. Tranquility rested there. 

As I made my way down the other side of the bridge, the crowd increased again and that’s when it began to hit me. “OHHHH! I see. Holy Spirit is still teaching me about tranquility. He wants me to see the freedom from disturbance the middle ground possesses! I GET IT!”

I actually received His message so well that I woke up yesterday morning mediating on it. When I woke up, I felt very angry about some things. I felt stolen from. And that’s when He reminded me, “Amanda, you must walk free from disturbance. You must allow tranquility to take on more form and some shape in your life as you move forward. I understand how frustrated your soul feels. I get that you feel like you’ve been stolen from, but I want you to walk in tranquility. Regardless of what your soul is feeling, you must get up and over those feelings and thoughts and remain middle grounded with the tranquility to make wise, thorough and thought through decisions about the direction I am leading you in.

Remember Solomon. Remember your spirit’s precise thoughts about him that you shared in your last writing? Those thoughts are vital. They are paramount. They mean so much. Amanda, he was able to walk between worlds. Solomon was able to make a wise decision because he possessed the tranquility to do so. He possessed the freedom from disturbance to do so. 

Also, you must coexist with grace in a higher way, through a higher frequency and vibration. There is a dimension of grace that is accessible to you. This grace will help you keep going. It’s absolutely needed. You will need it in every way. 

This dimension of grace dwells with wisdom. It dwells with tranquility. They work together in unison and harmony. They rely on each other.

You need the tranquility and the grace to summit. You need it to go up and over the path as it forms in front of you.”

With that, I left the conversation with a deeper peace about the tranquility I’ve been steadily focused on cultivating a relationship with. 🌱

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