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Faith Following Iniquitous Odds

Most goals birthed from the heart of a new paradigm of ideas and concepts are often very challenging to reach. Forward movement requires an ample amount of endurance when faced with constant adversity. I am certain many give up along the way because they can’t withstand the crucial requirement of perseverance and the pressure one encounters when asked to capacitate past their limits.

So then, how does one know they are accomplishing the goal of birthing the new ideas and concepts? Is there a friendly marker by the way-side that says, “Keep going! You’re on the right track!” OR do the accomplishments begin to reflect in their speech, mannerisms and lifestyle because they have grown and matured throughout the course of the process? 

Lately, I’ve been asking myself these questions because I am in search of an answer. I need a friendly marker that will help my soul process the perseverance I am experiencing. Like a runner in a race, I need a quick boost of truth to fuse to me and then push me forward past the adversity that is screaming, “MAYBE WE SHOULD GIVE UP!”

As always, I turn to Holy Spirit for a clear and precise answer. He said, “Amanda, most of the time, adversity is the actual kingdom of darkness. Meaning that the challenge you’re experiencing is contained inside something you’ve been asked to overcome. 

Most people don’t attempt to get started with a challenging assignment because they’re already defeated from the beginning. The soul already believes it can’t so it doesn’t. The spiritual components darkness has on individuals is suffocating. Yes, some desire to try new things, but they normally don’t because there’s too much darkness to overcome in order to reach the goal of the new thing in front of them. 

This is why every person needs to go through continuous seasons of refinement. Refinement helps you understand that it is more than possible to overcome great and often powerful iniquitous odds. 

Each step forward with refinement should cause you to feel a refined and rejuvenated surge of faith. You should feel equipped in a new way, ready to move forward because you are no longer containing the iniquitous odds that once held back the fullness of your faith.

Remember our conversation about faith and how it is a frequency? Okay, well your capability and capacity to access greater measures of faith expands as you overcome iniquitous odds. This is actually what you’ve been experiencing lately. You just exited a season where you overcame iniquitous odds in your spiritual bloodline. 

Now that you’ve experienced freedom, you are capable of accessing more faith than you were capable of accessing before. Now you are able to thrive in places you were previously boxed in. Your capacity for faith has increased. The frequency of your faith has increased. The faith you are operating from rides on a purer frequency stream now because it is more aligned with flourishing faith. Do you see that?”

While I could see what He was saying, I asked, “Does famine faith versus flourishing faith fit into this conversation? I know I need faith to keep going, but I see that there have been areas where my faith has been in a place of famine and scarcity because I have been operating from my soul, rather than my spirit. I had faith and belief for the lies of my soul, rather than faith for the truth that flows from You.”

He said, “Yes, famine faith versus flourishing faith does fit into this conversation very well. In past seasons, you learned how dangerous it is to operate from a place of lack and scarcity. Amanda, that is what darkness wants. It wants you to think small and believe small. It wants you to operate from your soulish realm. However, my goal is for you to operate from a higher dimension where your faith can truly flourish. When your heart’s desire pairs up with Mine, then we are able to work on the same goal. 

Another thing, operating with the intangible realms and dimensions of Heaven will always feel risky for your soul; however, the more refinement you encounter, the more faith you can access. And, with greater faith, your soul begins to learn how to dwell with its new surroundings. It begins to realize, ‘Oh I see, Heaven’s got this because this is their goal too.’ The soul begins to realize it is just along for the journey. The process of the journey will continue to ask the soul to trust the spirit more than it did before. 

The faith you need in this very moment is merely the driving force. It’s like a runner’s tennis shoe. The runner’s feet take the steps forward in the race, but the contents of the spirit, soul, heart and body have to keep that faith moving forward. You are able to keep moving because you have the capability and have cultivated the capacity, endurance and perseverance to stay laser focused to the path in front of you.

So, to answer your questions simply, you are on the best path I have for you in this moment right now. And, you should feel encouraged by the amount of faith you are able to access to help you run the race. You should feel encouraged that you don’t have as many iniquitous odds as before holding you back. And, most importantly, you should keep operating with the intangible realm, even if it feels like a giant risk from the perspective of the tangible realm. Keep going.” 🌱

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