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Do Not Disrupt

I had a dream on Sunday morning. I was in my gym, very focused, minding my own business while I worked out. In the middle of my shoulder workout, a woman hovered over me. I could tell that she wanted something, but I tried to remain focused. Finally, she approached me and asked if she could use the machine I was using. I told her, “No,” and then continued my workout. The entire workout I could feel her presence around me though. I could feel the frustration she was carrying because I wouldn’t let her disrupt my focus. The gym was also packed full of people. People who, if I had let them, would’ve also thrown my focus off.

When I woke up, I quickly wrote the dream down, as well as some other undisclosed pieces. I asked Holy Spirit about it. He began to explain how important my focus would need to be going forward. He said, “Do you see the disruption? Do you see the way in which outside spiritual forces would like to oppose you and slow you down right now by breaking your focus? You are in a “run hard” moment. You understand a “run hard” moment. You’ve been through them multiple times in previous seasons. 

So, you understand how important it is to maintain focus in the moment. You understand that perseverance must be precedent. Amanda, you cannot persevere without focus. Remain focused.”

I left the conversation and went about my day. Hours later I found myself in a moment filled with disruption. The moment caused my soul to feel all kinds of feelings. My spirit knew what was happening though. She understood how important it was to stay focused in the moment and not become perturbed by what I was experiencing. So, I asked her to step back and stayed laser focused. I kept reminding myself, “Amanda, Holy Spirit already warned you of this. He warned you of imposing spiritual disruption. Now, handle yourself with grace, poise and the unity you uphold in the culture of your own life.”

So, that’s what I did. 

Actually, that’s what I did all week. Every time a moment of disruption would come up, I paused and reminded my soul of the focus we’ve been asked to maintain. Then I reminded her of tranquility. Actually, I reminded her multiple times of tranquility by saying,

“Soul, remember, we are cultivating tranquility right now. Holy Spirit told us we must remain free from disturbance. We must keep moving forward despite every iniquitous odd that creeps up and hovers, trying to break our focus.”

Reminding my soul of these truths has helped. It’s helped me quickly drop all opposing disturbances and conflict. It’s helped me stay set on birthing the ideas, concepts and projects standing before me. And, most importantly, reminding myself of truth has helped me further grasp and understand the importance of listening to and following through with where Holy Spirit is leading, despite the dark, intangible chaos aiming to destroy what my focus is set on. 🌱

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  1. That is a great post. Holy Spirit has been speaking to me also FOCUS. Thank you. Much love to you.

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