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The Edge of Faith

Last Wednesday I found myself in a conversation with Holy Spirit. I said, “Will you give me greater entail and detail surrounding the dreams and the vision you’ve placed inside of me? I can sense You have a thorough set of blueprints I need to lay eyes on.”

Immediately after asking, I had a vision. I was on a mountain side at the edge of the mountain. Holy Spirit said, “Look down.” When I looked down, I could see a river flowing below. Then He said, “Do you see that? That river is the flow of revelation and truth you need to move forward in, and it’s all at the edge of your faith.

You must press up against the edge of your faith so that you may expand into more. You must jump into that river and follow the flow.”

Trying to make sense of everything I saw I said, “Are you saying that I need to press past my comfort zone and then step out into more faith in order to access the thorough blueprint I am seeking?”

He said, “Amanda, a higher vibration and frequency is achieved when you get to the edge of your faith. If you will allow yourself to go a little bit further, you will press past the boundaries that you know and then find yourself in an upgraded frequency that will willingly work with you. You need this upgrade to receive the deeper entail, but you cannot receive it and the entail until you’ve allowed your faith to expand.”

I said, “What you’re asking me to do seems like more than going ‘a little bit further.’ You are literally asking me to free-fall into what I can see below.”

He said, “Yes, it is a free-fall that does appear to your soul like more than ‘a little bit further,’ but it is the next step. From My vantage point it is a very small, but defining step. Now, allow your spirit to walk to the edge of that mountain you saw in the vision and jump into the river below. Just jump. Let it be a free fall of faith, knowing that you are going to land in a free-flowing river of revelation and truth.” So, I did what He said. I jumped into the flow of the river. 

After jumping in He said, “Do you see? That’s how your faith expands… When you do the next thing. Even if that next thing is challenging on your soul, you must remain spirit forward and allow your faith to expand into greater things.

You must always go to the edge. You must get up close and personal with it so that you may receive what’s on the other side of it. What you’re seeking is always at the edge of your faith. So, keep walking the outer rings. Keep taking the risk. Keep being the outlier. Don’t stop challenging the edge of your faith. It keeps you on your toes. It ensures that the frequency of your faith will continue to become a purer stream and vibration of space and sound for you to work with.”

And with that being said, the conversation was over and I moved forward with my week. As my week progressed, I began to see the deeper entail I was seeking. I began to see how it is intricately intertwined with the revelation and truth flowing from Holy Spirit into my spirit right now. I began to realize that my spirit needed to really press up against the edge of my faith so I could take the next step and expand into increase. 🌱

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