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Descriptively Different

My life has been different lately. When I say different, I don’t mean bad. I just mean different. The season I’m in has a different expression than previous ones. It’s like living in a multiplied stream of past seasons, but then there’s an evident edge to this season that says, “Take everything you’ve experienced in the past, muster up all you’ve gleaned in those challenging moments and press forward into this new expression.”

I’ll have to admit, as uncomfortable as it can be, I enjoy the stretching. I enjoy the challenges that cause me to expand and grow. I enjoy pressing past the moments I know I am destined to conquer. 

However, I am learning that this new expression comes with new responsibilities. It kind of feels like “race day.” I’ve spent so much time allowing God to refine, develop, grow and mature me… And now, now I am in a moment that asks me to apply all of the seasons of training so that I can run the race I’ve been preparing for.

And, it is very fun. It’s very exciting to think “Wow! I’ve made it so far. I have all of the training and prerequisites to be in this moment. God trusts me enough to be in THIS moment! A moment I have hoped for, prayed for and dreamed about.”

But then I am learning that this moment is challenging because I must constantly be aware. I must constantly be alert. Making sure that I apply what I’ve learned in the past, but also prepared to learn things that are in front of me.

And so, I constantly ask, “Okay, what’s next? What am I missing? What am I not seeing? What would the kingdom of darkness not like me to see?”

Last Wednesday, I asked Holy Spirit those questions and I received this answer,

“Look for it. Look for what you don’t see. Look for what you aren’t seeing. Look for it. There’s something you aren’t seeing at all. Look for it. Lean a little bit closer and look for it. That’s all I’m giving you today. Look for it. You will find it when you look.”

Of course, hearing Holy Spirit challenge me with the thought of being even more preceptive is thrilling, but then it also means, “You need to see things differently, Amanda. Stop looking in the same place. Think differently. See outside of the box. Examine your world and the realms and dimensions that surround it differently.”

So, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve found myself in a place where I ask myself and Holy Spirit more descriptively different, yet complex questions. And do you know, as always, the answers arrive just as they’re needed. 

Then, once they arrive, I challenge myself to ask, “Okay… Now that I have the answer… What do I do with it? How can I apply it from a spirit, soul, heart and body paradigm? How can I work with the answer and solution in such a way that I see it manifest and multiply into the tangible world?”

And I don’t know if this is a way you approach life’s challenges of refinement, development, growth and maturity; however, a long time ago, I learned that a room full of answers is nothing without the right question. The right question will always unlock the answer. So, this is where I find myself…. In a season of expansion that requires me to continue to ask the right question so I can receive the right answer, and then apply the answer by asking another complex question, which will produce another seemingly complex answer. 🌱

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3 thoughts on “Descriptively Different

  1. This is so beautiful and so amazing, Amanda. Gonna have to read it a few times but I want to try to learn from it and apply what you learned. Both you girls are so deep that I am at a loss for words!

    1. I’m reading this again because there is so much here for me to use and apply. This won’t be the last time either; I’ll be back!

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