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Pressing Past the Edge of Maturity

I had this moment last week where I felt it… I felt the persistent and cumbersome pressure of maturity tapping on my shoulder. You know? The type of reminder that says, “I committed to this and I have to press through no matter how challenging it might be.” 

Seasons of maturity are always so unique to me. They are less about refinement and more about whole-heartily embracing the reality that I made “this” choice and now must steward “this” choice to the best of my ability. 

Maturity isn’t a resting ground. It’s not a place of I’ve “finally made it!” Sure, it’s a solid and secure fortress to live life from, but then there is always opposition that butts up against maturity asking that we grow just a little bit more.

Edge of Maturity

This morning I saw exactly what I’ve been feeling. I saw an outline of a circle that had reached its current potential. The rim of the circle was at the edge of its boundaries. It had grown in enormous capacity. I thought, “Wow, look! Look how much it’s expanded!” Then it began to bust past those boundaries. As it busted past them, it picked up objects that were laying on the outskirts. 

In a state of amazement, I said, “Holy Spirit…. Is that expanding circle me?” 

Pressing Past the Edge of Maturity

“He said, “Yes, you’re at that place again. That place where you’ve reached the boundary line I set. Amanda, every time you reach a boundary line, you begin to walk in a stronger amplification of maturity; however, maturity isn’t a dead end. It is only the beginning. Once you’ve come to a place of full capacity, I am then able to stretch you out some more. I am able to press the boundaries where you feel most uncomfortable. That uncomfortably offers up a steady and secure place for new growth. And with new growth you begin to pick up more. Higher thoughts, greater insight and an increase of revelation. It’s like the vision you just saw. Your realm is increasing, and, as it increases it begins to take on more than before.

So now the challenge set before you would ask that you live from the reality of more responsibility. Pressing past the edge of maturity will always ask you to become responsible for more than before. When you reach a marker of maturity, I see that you are cable of carrying more. You are capable of increase. So then, a new cycle of development and growth begins. And as it begins, it stretches in ways you never thought possible. Asking that you steward the increase with greater reverence and poise.”

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