Last week I saw something in the spirit that intrigued me. I was praying with a client when I watched angels pour buckets of grace onto the ground surrounding a large tree. 

Initially, the ground around the tree was dry and desolate and the roots were screaming for hydration. However, as the grace began to saturate the ground, I watched as the root system absorbed the grace and then began to work with the nutrients in the soil to bring new life into the very desolate tree. 

In that moment, I sat back in amazement. What I had just seen was so powerful to witness that I began to wonder, “Is grace applied like this in my life? Am I allowing it to saturate the grounds of my spiritual life so I can then receive new life?”

As I’ve gone forward into this week, I’ve continued to think about what I saw. When I find myself in moments where I know I need to apply grace, I see that image of the angels with buckets and then I see the grace hitting the ground, being absorbed into the soil and then working with nutrients or other spiritual components to nourish me. 

I asked Holy Spirit, “What is your goal with grace as an agent of hydration and nutrient support in my life?” 

He said, “Amanda, as you know, you are a tree planted in life. You are a tree of life. My goal is to see that the grounds of your life remain completely saturated with grace. Like watering a plant, your spirit needs the constant refreshing of grace to be able to move forward in all things big and small. When you live in a state of saturation you are never in need because you have more than enough grace. You, as a tree of life, should never feel like you are languishing and dying. I designed you to always return to a position of grace and receive hydration.

So, moving forward, commission your angels to continuously water the grounds of your life: spirit, soul, heart and body with grace. Commission them to generously pour it out all over you. Instruct them to make sure their buckets are never empty. They should always be able to request more when you need it. 

My goal is for you to walk in grace because grace is, like you saw, a method of hydration and a substance of life. It gives new life.”

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  1. Well I have now charged my angels to pour out grace all over me and to keep their buckets full and ready!

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