Corey Rives Visual Art

Amanda Winder, born and raised in Shreveport, LA, has always been passionate about God and health of the whole person. Growing up she was taught that we must be healthy and whole on the inside first, that we are more than flesh and blood. Because of this, Amanda loves to write about the internal struggles we all encounter in life and the cultivated process one takes with God when overcoming the highs and lows.

She is the owner & operator of Cultivate Life, Inc… A space where every religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation and background can come together, share his or her story and learn how to cultivate a healthier lifestyle: spirit, soul, heart & body.

Amanda says, ” Cultivate Life is a place where we can all stand together, and try to understand the ups and downs of death and life a little bit better”… She believes, ” When we accept, respect and love one another the way that Father God and Jesus love us, we are able to live healthier, fuller lives.”

For more about Cultivate Life, Inc. please visit: http://www.cultivatelife.us