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The Gumption to Overcome

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the topic of overcoming. I’ve been mulling over it in my spirit and soul, aiming to connect to truth to help me move forward. After much thought and consideration, I sat down with Holy Spirit and asked Him. I said, “Will you teach me how to… Continue reading The Gumption to Overcome

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Sky’s the Limit… Right?

Over the past week or so something has been troubling my heart. Nothing bad has happened, but all of a sudden I feel very distant from God... You see for almost a decade I feel as though I've been climbing this very, very tall, but bumpy mountain range. Now when I began my journey I… Continue reading Sky’s the Limit… Right?

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Walking with Healing…

The environment I grew up in was one where healing was a common thing.... Probably from the age of two, I was taught that healing is real... And that it's meant for our world... Because of my grandmother's story, I was encouraged to learn all that I could from her about the power of healing... And… Continue reading Walking with Healing…