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For the Love of God

"But the disappointment God... It's SO heavy. I don't want to feel it anymore. I don't want to carry it anymore. Plus... Paired with the anger... The anger that's still consuming 10% of my heart... Well the anger really makes the disappointment feel all consuming at times." This is me. This is me working through… Continue reading For the Love of God

disappointment · faith · healing · pain · redeem · refine · restore

Disrespected and Devalued

“I guess… I felt, well I felt deeply disrespected and devalued.” That’s what I told Holy Spirit this morning as He attempted to peel away another layer of my soul that’s sick and dying.You see I had a dream last night, and the dream reminded me of my past… My past where a significant amount… Continue reading Disrespected and Devalued

disappointment · healing · humility · restore

After the Anger… 

What happens when you realize the anger you're feeling towards God is really just your misinterpretation of Him?.. That's where I've been for 3 days now...  A place of discovery... A place of humility... A place where being teachable is necessary for moving forward... Because there's an area of God's personality that I thought I… Continue reading After the Anger…