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A Promise is A Promise

Six-and-a-half years ago my dad unexpectedly died. A month before he passed my parents had just celebrated their milestone 30th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, they planned to take a trip to Hawaii, but… Well obviously, that didn’t happen. Last week my mom turned 60-years-old. So, in true Winder Sister form and fashion, Bridget and I decided… Continue reading A Promise is A Promise

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Rule & Reign

Dominion... Dominion, power and authority... The constant, active and alive keys to the present world and age we're living in. We won't survive and thrive, spirit, soul, heart and body, without them. They are essential to moving forward as children of God who are cultivating life within the Kingdom of Heaven. You see it's just… Continue reading Rule & Reign

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When It’s Finally Over

In the past few months I've heard it said at least 20 times now, "Well, hindsight is 20/20." And though I do believe that statement is true, I've grown to love the confusion and uncertainty built into life. Now, don't get me wrong... I don't like to be confused and uncertain; however, without the confusion… Continue reading When It’s Finally Over

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Death Halts Life….

Have you ever walked into a situation completely blind?... Believing in your mind you know the solution will be quick and simple, but then very quickly realizing, "This is going to take much more time and effort than I thought." That's been my year... A continuation of, "How much longer is this going to last?… Continue reading Death Halts Life….

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Maintaining Life, with the Lows…

What happens when you continue to feel your world, life as you once knew it, shaken?... Shaking...  Because that's exactly what mine continues to do... All year long... Over and over and over again... But then something deep inside of me reminds me that I have to stay strong for my mother and sister... That… Continue reading Maintaining Life, with the Lows…