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Come Up Here

”Gosh... It’s so beautiful up here. Up here above the chaos below.” That’s what I said to God as I peered out the window from the airplane. It was flying high above what looked like Heaven below. And He’s been saying, “Come higher with Me.” And I’ve been arguing back, “No. No. NO! Because I… Continue reading Come Up Here

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New Assignment

For about a year now it seems as though God’s been emptying me of more... More fear. More idolatry. More selfishness. More hurt and pain. More of me. And to be completely honest with you, it’s been a challenge for me to let go of more without an understanding of “why?” I just keep questioning… Continue reading New Assignment

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Relentless Self-Discipline

I’ve been told for the better half of my life that I have a lot of “self-discipline.” And while I’ve always attributed it to my father’s example in my life, in this moment I’m realizing something new... You see I believe that in order to be self-disciplined you have to have something in you that… Continue reading Relentless Self-Discipline

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Quality of Life…

The day after my grandmother died, a comment was made to my sister… “Well, you know Bridget, it’s really about the quality of life”… If you knew my grandmother’s story, you know that she was healed 41 years ago in August… But before that day, her quality of life wasn’t that great… In a body… Continue reading Quality of Life…