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Multiplication: Part I

Last October, I shared about an evil timeline God cut me out of. I explained how my trading on the evil timeline caused me to receive a constant stream of disappointment and perpetual woundedness in the realm of business. 

After cutting me loose, Holy Spirit made it very clear that my angels had gone in and smoothed out the wrinkle in the timeline so that I could operate on the timeline Heaven ordained for me. He also said, “I am now going to be faithful and supply what you’ve trusted in another for. I am going to actually teach you how to do business from Heaven. You’ve waited so earnestly for this, constantly asking me for revelation.”

Now, since that day, my life has changed in a significant way. I am able to connect to revelation concerning business that is revolutionizing my world.

Which is why I am here today. I am here to share about the principle of multiplication. Immediately, after being cut loose, my angels and Holy Spirit started talking to me about trade and multiplication. He said, “The multiplication principle is the foundation of trade. It’s how Lucifer fell so quickly. He started to multiply his seeds of iniquity. He began to create and design through trade. Of course, his creation was counterfeit, but he was multiplying with his trade. He used the fallen angels to help him with this.

Amanda, multiplication comes down to seeds. A seed can multiply into a giant harvest that produces more seed. When Bridget gets a custom, that custom is a seed. That seed needs to be spoken to and over properly. That seed has the power within it to produce a larger harvest than that one custom. It can connect you to more people. It can connect you to more customs. It can literally open up so many trading routes in the Heavens. But you must speak that over it. You must sew multiplication into it. You must treat it as a blessing. It must be treated as a newly established trade route, with a future purpose. 

And you aren’t just establishing trade routes with a seed of multiplication, you are also opening realms, dimensions, portals and timelines.

So, when you produce a new writing, see it as a seed. Take that seed in your spirit’s hands and follow these instructions:

– Study the content of the seed. If it is a writing, ask Me what My intent is for it. How do I want to reach people through the words you are speaking? If it is a custom or something else your sister is creating, again, ask Me about it. Ask Me what My intentions are for it. How can that piece of art hanging in someone’s home edify the space? How can a Singing-and-Painting split through the current frequency waves and open up more of Heaven in the space or place of the person viewing it?

– Then, coat the seed in gold for ultimate and eternal protection.

– Next, establish and open up bridges, tunnels, pathways and lines of communication and connection. They will kind of look like roots in the spirit. Open ended, but entitled and prepared for more growth as they connect to others.

– Very important step! Encode the seed with the principle of division, so that it will divide the works of Satan and the kingdom of darkness or the defeated kingdom.

– Next, assign and commission cherub angels to each seed (they love this work) to water the seed and help it grow to fruition.

– And last, but honestly the most important component, plant the seed in the realms of God. Planting them in My realms ensures that the seeds will overflow from My throne on high. They will be an outpour from the highest heights with a direction to come down low into the second heaven and then the earth realm so that they may begin to do a new work in creation. (Here are the names/realms of God I currently use)

  • Jehovah-Jireh – God Our Provider (Genesis 22:12-14)
  • Jehovah-Rapha – God our Healer (Exodus 15:22-26)
  • Jehovah-Shammah – God who is There (Ezekiel 48:30-35)
  • Jehovah-Nissi – God our banner of victory (Exodus 17:15-16) 
  • Jehovah-Tsidkenu – God is our Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6) 
  • Jehovah-Hoseenu – God our Maker (Psalm 95:6)
  • Jehovah-Makedesh – God our Sanctifier (Leviticus 20:8)
  • Jehovah-Rohi – God Our Shepherd (Psalm 23:1)
  • Jehovah-Shalom – God our Peace (Judges 6:24)
  • Jehovah-Gibbor – God who is Mighty (Psalm 24:8) 
  • Jehovah-Izzuwz – God who is Strong (Psalm 24:8)
  • Jehovah-Elohim – God who is Creator (Genesis 2:4)
  • Jehovah-Sabaoth – God of the Hosts of Heaven (Isaiah 14:27) 

Now, remember, whatever you’re doing from Heaven is large and powerful. It’s linked to your human spirit, which is designed to operate from a place of kingship as it governs over the heavens and the earth. Also, this principle is weighty because it contains My glory. You are trading with My glory for the kingdom’s sake.”

In this moment, I have been using the principle of multiplication for 3 months. George (my chief personal angel) instructed me to use it as much as possible. Holy Spirit also told me to make a list of where I use it and how I use it. Now, I’m not the best at keeping up with how I use this principle because I often find myself using it in the moment; however, I do keep a record in my journal every day because I see the literal day as a seed. I see the day as a seed of multiplication that has the potential to expand and multiply from the realms of God. 🌱

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Frequency Image

I saw a clear image last week. All of this growing talk of frequency Heaven is sharing, and then the revelation pierced my spirit in a very immediate and direct way. 

The angel Topucca said, “That is actually always God’s goal. To have you vibrating at a high-level of frequency because then you’re in His image. You’re in a more whole and complete form. It’s always, always His goal for creation to vibrate with and be a reverberation of the sound of Heaven. 

And if people could just see Him from this lens, Amanda. If they could just see that He is out to bring everyone into this vibration, to come up higher next to Him. Not in a pious way, in a very real and vulnerable way. God is seeking for His children to become more and more vulnerable with Him about their world and the world. He’s seeking to bring creation back into alignment and oneness, which is what Christ did. It’s what He paid for.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the revelation my spirit keeps receiving. Just the truth of it all. The understanding of the spirit/quantum realm and how Holy Spirit is constantly aiming to pull us into more of a oneness and wholeness with Heaven.

The truth about Him has been so twisted and skewed you know? Evil has truly lived up to its Hebraic meaning in helping us oppose God and become inferior to His very nature which is love. Religion has actually used evil to really separate us from a relationship with God, but to pursue dogma, theology, hate, judgment and separation instead.

Which is why, I am so adamant about truth. I am so open to helping others see that God is interested in relationship with us, and that is cultivated through vulnerability. It’s found through very open, raw and real communicative conversations about life, death and everything in between. He is so wanting us to share the deepest measure of our heart with Him so that He can dig down past the hurt, pain, brokenness, muck and mire, heal us, restore us and then pull us up higher. He’s aiming to bring us into a higher elevation and reverberation with Him.

A relationship with Him is what Jesus paid for you know? Grace is law in the courts of Heaven today because of Christ. And it will forever split darkness from light, bringing a separation between the choices we’ve made or our ancestors have made. So, then we can come into greater alignment and communication with Him. 

And when we go deeper, when we press past the layer of this material, 3D world, we will continue to find more depth than we’ve ever known. A love and peace far greater than we’ve ever comprehended. A sense of oneness that says, “I am created in and now reflect the image of God.” 🌱

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Delve Deeper

“Direction of the flow is key and necessary. It would help to have a key to direct the flow,” said Topucca (my lead advancing angel).

“Do you need keys to unlock the flow?” I asked. Topucca responded with, “Yes, remember you’ve been given access to the keys of the Kingdom through Jesus. You must give the keys to me to unlock this flow.”

So, like I always do when creating spiritual keys for my angels to unlock things, I charged my arche (my own personal realm/domain/magistrate) with the names of God, interfaced it with the seven spirits of God (listed in Isaiah 11:1-2), placed my star (email me if you want further entail) in the core of my arche, aligned my arche with booby traps (to prevent any and all witchcraft or occultist backlash) and then reached into the frequency flow of my arche and pulled out a key.

As I pulled out one, I saw another, and then another. Next thing I knew I was holding four keys. They were all similar, but the blade on each key looked somewhat different. I handed Topucca the keys, which all came together on a ring. Then he said, “We will use the keys to open four different doors. Remember four is an earthly number (both angels and Holy Spirit have been talking in fours all morning). So, you will see this largeness in the earth. Do not be afraid of it.” 

Remember last week when I encouraged you to “lean in a bit closer?” I was absolutely serious when I said it. The closer we lean into the kingdom of God, the greater the connectivity and the larger the increase. 

Now, I’ve been sharing more lately because I believe it’s absolutely necessary. My past writings have only scraped the surface of what transpires in my life on a moment-by-moment basis. Because, in truth, so much happens that I’d have to write a factual novel in order for you to follow. 

But, you know, it should be the same for all of us. We should all be walking so close to the realm of Heaven that it resounds significantly off of the moments of our day-to-day lives. No more of this watered-down faith, cheap/access-less grace, repetitive stagnation and religion. We must go deeper. And deeper means further into the realms and dimensions of life that have always surrounded us. Solutions are all around us. Charged and ready. Capable of being pulled out of our sphere, we just have to connect to our human spirit and Holy Spirit in order to access them. 

And I don’t know if you’re like me in the sense of really pursuing life-giving solutions and creative ventures for forward movement; however, if you are, I want to encourage you again to lean in a bit closer to God. Literally put down your distractions. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and video games will be there when you’re done. I promise. Put down your distractions. Do away with your excuses (I know we all have them). And then cultivate relationships with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Cultivate a sense of oneness of your spirit. And do not be afraid to delve deeper into your surroundings. 🌱

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Lean In A Bit Closer

“That vibration you hear is me. I know you hear the frequency coming from me.” 

I knew the angel speaking to me was telling the truth. The high-pitched sounds and vibrations I hear have only increased in the past six months. For a while I thought the sounds were just Holy Spirit, but the angel speaking to me made it very clear that it was him. 

When I hear the frequency of Heaven, I hear a vibration. The room gets very loud and very full, but not in a chaotic way. It’s not like the sound a car makes when the base is turned up loud. But it is what you would think light might sound like if it could speak. It’s a piercing sound. A piercing sound that has a direct target. It’s on a mission to cut straight forward and deliver revelation and truth. It feels clean. Very clean and very pure. It’s not overwhelming in a dark or negative way, but it is very large and significant in nature. 

And the frequency really gets stronger when I hear Holy Spirit and one specific advancing angel speak to me. This one specific angel, his name is Topucca. I know it sounds different. It sounded different to me the first time he said it. But the energy and presence of God surrounding him is really, really strong and sharp. I mean, I sometimes feel like my room is beaming with intense force because his presence is so large. Like even right now, while I am writing, he feels so close.

Now, I don’t know what your thoughts are about what I’m sharing; however, I am here to motivate you to cultivate a deeper connection with the spirit realm around you. But before I do, I want to remind you to invite your spirit forward and tell your soul to sit back and relax. It’s good to do this because it ensures our spirit is leading and receiving what’s being communicated, rather than allowing the soul to try and hash out what it “thinks.” After all, we are a spirit, with a heart and a soul all incased within a body.

Okay, now that our spirits are leading, I want to share a conversation I had with my lead angel. 

I called George forward to speak with him and commission him to help me with some work. I immediately saw him picking fruit again. I said, “You pick fruit a lot, G.” He said, “Yes, it’s my primary job, to pick the fruit. To harvest it. The trees in your garden are really giving off so much right now. I’ve been taking buckets and buckets full of fruit to the storehouse every day. This is where you can find me if I’m not fighting a war or battle, I’ll be here, tending to your garden. I love the garden. Your spirit loves the garden.”

Now, I want to ask you a question. What does your spirit think about conversations with Heaven? How do you feel about talking to God? Does He talk back? And if He does, who do you hear? Holy Spirit? The Father? Jesus? Or, are you diverse in your connections, hearing and communicating with all three of them? Can you hear other created beings of Heaven speaking? Can you sense when an angel is near? If so, do you have the faith to ask them for assistance?

You see I am sharing my stories and asking these questions because Heaven is pleading for us to partner with it right now. It’s begging for us to let go of our distractions and engage it for solutions and forward movement. If you can see the evil and wickedness increasing in the earth, then you should feel very, very, very encouraged because there is a process and a system to combat it all. There are many Heavenly avenues of trade and communication open to us in this very moment. Avenues of trade and communication that have been sealed up until recently. They are open and ready for us to engage them and work with them.

And if this sounds completely strange or different to you, good! I feel like I wake up in a new world everyday with more things to learn and explore than I knew from the day before. The resources of the Kingdom of God are endless! So please, do not limit yourselves. Drop your distractions and excuses and lean in a little bit closer. 🌱

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Faith Currency

My expanded spirit stepped into a higher frequency of freedom. It stretched out into the newness of its capacity to prepare for all that Heaven was ready to deposit. 

The violent nature of darkness subsided, and I boldly reminded evil that it’s been locked out of my life. 

The evil timeline I’d been caught in for a decade burned in flames as I confidently stepped into God’s ordained timeline for my life.

And then, then revelation began to flow from the scrolls of Heaven like it’s never flowed before. And as it flowed, I asked my angels to help me keep up with the current and the speed of it all. I asked them to show me how to manage and steward the wisdom, knowledge and understanding coming from Heaven properly. I haven’t felt a flow like this since college… Since I created the system Cultivate Life operates from. 

And then one of my angels stepped forward and said, “Remember faith is many things, but most importantly it is currency. It is currency you use when you actively choose to move forward with your words and God’s multiplication principle. Faith is also a conduit by which everything flows. Faith rides on the frequency of Heaven. 

Think of faith as a boat that’s traveling downstream. The boat has a destination route. You are conducting the boat. The current of the water is determined by exterior forces (wind, rain, other boats, people, etc.) surrounding it. However, sometimes, actually a lot of the time, the boat will change the speed it moves by increasing the acceleration. When you accelerate the boat, it moves faster.

The same is true with faith. Faith is currency moving across frequency. The frequency is determined by surrounding forces (angels, demons, principalities, grids, nodes, glory, fault lines, lay lines, realms, dimensions, timelines and much, much more). However, you can accelerate the faith currency from within your own heart. When your heart is aligned in a position of stillness, worship and the goodness of God, the faith currency will move faster.

This is why Holy Spirit told you to take the summer to focus in on stillness and the goodness of God. The glory manifested in Heaven will in fact align your faith currency in a higher way! It will have more value and be able to work at an accelerated rate. Then, when the glory of Heaven is attached, the faith currency zips past all of the interference. Which is why it’s soooo good that you use your arche (my own personal realm/domain/magistrate) to clean the spiritual grids and nodes of your city and state. It’s helping the acceleration of what you’re seeing move faster. It’s getting the job of Heaven done in a more efficient and effective way.

So, stay in the stillness. Stay in the goodness. Remain in the glory place. And keep sewing the faith currency. You will see lots of things change.” 🌱