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Multiplication: Part I

Last October, I shared about an evil timeline God cut me out of. I explained how my trading on the evil timeline caused me to receive a constant stream of disappointment and perpetual woundedness in the realm of business. 

After cutting me loose, Holy Spirit made it very clear that my angels had gone in and smoothed out the wrinkle in the timeline so that I could operate on the timeline Heaven ordained for me. He also said, “I am now going to be faithful and supply what you’ve trusted in another for. I am going to actually teach you how to do business from Heaven. You’ve waited so earnestly for this, constantly asking me for revelation.”

Now, since that day, my life has changed in a significant way. I am able to connect to revelation concerning business that is revolutionizing my world.

Which is why I am here today. I am here to share about the principle of multiplication. Immediately, after being cut loose, my angels and Holy Spirit started talking to me about trade and multiplication. He said, “The multiplication principle is the foundation of trade. It’s how Lucifer fell so quickly. He started to multiply his seeds of iniquity. He began to create and design through trade. Of course, his creation was counterfeit, but he was multiplying with his trade. He used the fallen angels to help him with this.

Amanda, multiplication comes down to seeds. A seed can multiply into a giant harvest that produces more seed. When Bridget gets a custom, that custom is a seed. That seed needs to be spoken to and over properly. That seed has the power within it to produce a larger harvest than that one custom. It can connect you to more people. It can connect you to more customs. It can literally open up so many trading routes in the Heavens. But you must speak that over it. You must sew multiplication into it. You must treat it as a blessing. It must be treated as a newly established trade route, with a future purpose. 

And you aren’t just establishing trade routes with a seed of multiplication, you are also opening realms, dimensions, portals and timelines.

So, when you produce a new writing, see it as a seed. Take that seed in your spirit’s hands and follow these instructions:

– Study the content of the seed. If it is a writing, ask Me what My intent is for it. How do I want to reach people through the words you are speaking? If it is a custom or something else your sister is creating, again, ask Me about it. Ask Me what My intentions are for it. How can that piece of art hanging in someone’s home edify the space? How can a Singing-and-Painting split through the current frequency waves and open up more of Heaven in the space or place of the person viewing it?

– Then, coat the seed in gold for ultimate and eternal protection.

– Next, establish and open up bridges, tunnels, pathways and lines of communication and connection. They will kind of look like roots in the spirit. Open ended, but entitled and prepared for more growth as they connect to others.

– Very important step! Encode the seed with the principle of division, so that it will divide the works of Satan and the kingdom of darkness or the defeated kingdom.

– Next, assign and commission cherub angels to each seed (they love this work) to water the seed and help it grow to fruition.

– And last, but honestly the most important component, plant the seed in the realms of God. Planting them in My realms ensures that the seeds will overflow from My throne on high. They will be an outpour from the highest heights with a direction to come down low into the second heaven and then the earth realm so that they may begin to do a new work in creation. (Here are the names/realms of God I currently use)

  • Jehovah-Jireh – God Our Provider (Genesis 22:12-14)
  • Jehovah-Rapha – God our Healer (Exodus 15:22-26)
  • Jehovah-Shammah – God who is There (Ezekiel 48:30-35)
  • Jehovah-Nissi – God our banner of victory (Exodus 17:15-16) 
  • Jehovah-Tsidkenu – God is our Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6) 
  • Jehovah-Hoseenu – God our Maker (Psalm 95:6)
  • Jehovah-Makedesh – God our Sanctifier (Leviticus 20:8)
  • Jehovah-Rohi – God Our Shepherd (Psalm 23:1)
  • Jehovah-Shalom – God our Peace (Judges 6:24)
  • Jehovah-Gibbor – God who is Mighty (Psalm 24:8) 
  • Jehovah-Izzuwz – God who is Strong (Psalm 24:8)
  • Jehovah-Elohim – God who is Creator (Genesis 2:4)
  • Jehovah-Sabaoth – God of the Hosts of Heaven (Isaiah 14:27) 

Now, remember, whatever you’re doing from Heaven is large and powerful. It’s linked to your human spirit, which is designed to operate from a place of kingship as it governs over the heavens and the earth. Also, this principle is weighty because it contains My glory. You are trading with My glory for the kingdom’s sake.”

In this moment, I have been using the principle of multiplication for 3 months. George (my chief personal angel) instructed me to use it as much as possible. Holy Spirit also told me to make a list of where I use it and how I use it. Now, I’m not the best at keeping up with how I use this principle because I often find myself using it in the moment; however, I do keep a record in my journal every day because I see the literal day as a seed. I see the day as a seed of multiplication that has the potential to expand and multiply from the realms of God. 🌱

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Engaging the Contents of 2022

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something I’ve been adamantly looking forward to is having the opportunity to sit down with Holy Spirit and gain a clear direction for 2022. So, this morning was the day… The day I would sit down and receive the scroll Heaven has for me and Cultivate Life!

Before I could receive the scroll, I asked Jesus to refine and remove the lies I’ve been believing about myself, others, God and Cultivate Life this year. I also asked Him to show me any coping mechanisms I’ve used along the way to handle the lies I’ve accepted. I wanted to start fresh, with a clean spiritual slate!

In my computer, I made a long list in each category. Then I laid each category before Jesus in the courts of Heaven and asked Him to overturn each and every lie I’ve accepted this year. I also asked Him to burn up every evil timeline attached to the lies, and I declared that all evil trades on the timelines were to immediately cease and desist.

In the midst of this, I saw myself in the driver’s seat of my SUV in a carwash. The water from the wash cleansed every single inch of the car. Mainly, I saw windshield wipers moving dirt away from the glass. I kept thinking, “I can see so much clearer now!! WOW!”

After I left the car wash, I saw a large scroll. Usually, the scrolls I see unroll from the top down, but this one was different. It was rolled on both ends. Like an ancient biblical scroll. The scroll was very big in length. Like the size of blueprints. I saw my angels all piled around a table in great anticipation. I couple of them were jumping up and down and squealing. Then I saw Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) bring the scroll to the table. He opened it up and I stood there, prepared to read the contents.

All of a sudden, I heard an angel say, “You need a light.” Then I saw a candle move towards me. It was placed in my spirit’s hand. Then I heard, “It’s ready to be read!”

Before I could read it, Holy Spirit said, “Let’s take it to the garden inside of your mountain.” So, I went there in the spirit. I go here often. It’s actually one of my favorite places to be in the spirit because it contains living stones in every color and sound that look just like peonies (my favorite flower). I sat down next to the stone flowers and heard Holy Spirit say, “Receive the scroll into your heart so that it vibrates with the frequencies of your entire being… So that it reverberates with you all year long.” So, I obeyed.

Right before I read the scroll, He said, “We need to go to the courts of times and seasons. You need to ask what time the scroll is in from times perspective, and what season you are in.” I heard the words, “Chapter. Spring. Two.” I saw pink flowers everywhere. As I heard the word “Two,” the physical alarm on my fridge in my house went off and I ran to the kitchen to fix it. As I walked back to my room, I heard, “The time is now.”

Upon reading the scroll, I asked Allison to come forward. Allison is the head of my business in Heaven. She is within the cloud of witnesses that helps Cultivate Life operate smoothly and function the way it needs to in the Heavens and the Earth. She also works very closely with George (chief angel of my personal life), Michael (chief angel of Cultivate Life) and Topucca (chief advancing angel).

So, Allison came forward with Michael and Lucifer (who is Bridget’s chief angel—- Not the same Lucifer you might be thinking), and I began to engage the scroll.

This is what I asked:

-What are the big things I need to know about the scroll: projects, events, shifts, relationships?

-What needs to change in me (positive & negative) to bring it forward?

-Do I need to change anything financially?

-How do my writings and blog entries need to change?

-If I do all of this, will I be successful?

As I asked these questions, loads of answers began to flow and then several more detailed questions appeared. I obtained answers about projects my sister and I are working on and how to move them forward. I received direction on which relationships need to be pruned out of my life and how to prepare my heart for the ones that are coming in the new year. The scrolls gave me key words for the year and how they will relate to the books I am writing. It told me how I could shape my writing style and make it more engaging for readers, with streams of application. It also revealed how to engage more revelation. Most importantly, it told me I must lean heavily into more intimacy with God. Mainly though, it encouraged me to keep pulling from Heaven like never before. 

You see I believe my greatest asset this year has been my follow into higher realms and dimensions of Heaven. While the world scrambles about in chaos, great confusion and deception, we have the capability to come up higher. Our belief in Jesus gives us access to a spiritual kingdom that needs us to govern over the heavens and the earth. However, the only way to access the spiritual phenomenon, which is the Kingdom of God, is to spend intimate time with Holy Spirit. We should ALWAYS be on the increase of intimacy with Him. This is how new relationships with the quantum, spirit realm of Heaven are established and then cultivated.

So, I am here to encourage you to access Heaven. Ask about your scroll. Ask loads of questions surrounding it. Maybe even follow what I wrote about in this writing and see where it takes you. Also, please don’t be overwhelmed thinking, “Amanda, I don’t have the relationship with God that you have. I can’t hear Him, angels and such like you can. I cannot see into the spirit like that.” But, you have to understand, what I experience has been a process. It’s been a journey of healing and restoration. I didn’t get here overnight. It’s taken cultivation, dedication and discipline. However, I do believe this type of depth and intimacy with Heaven is available to all of us! We can all engage and receive from Him no matter the stage of cultivation we are in!

So, just try! Just try to gain one single word from Him. He needs us you know? He cannot establish the Kingdom in the earth without our help. We are the literal vessels on this planet He is using. And He needs constant relationship with every single one of us, just like we need it with Him! 🌱

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Stay Above It

For at least 7 months now, I’ve continued to hear the Lord remind me to stay focused on Him and where He’s headed with His Kingdom.

“Get above it. Stay above it. If you truly believe in Me, My Kingdom and My ways then you must constantly stay above what’s happening in the world. You must live and be and operate off of a supernatural plane of life. You must listen to ME. And… You must remain full of My Spirit alone so that He may lead and guide you.”

And I’m not going to lie… It’s very challenging to follow His instructions. It’s very, very challenging to absorb what’s happening in the world, filter through it to determine truth and then seek God’s counsel to know how to pray.

You see if we believe in Jesus Christ and have a relationship with the Holy Spirit then we are called to live above the chaos, confusion, hurt and pain of the world. We are given a position seated above every dark and evil power and principality that rules over the earth. And in this position we are asked to draw close to God… To draw close to His heart and His Spirit for answers and solutions.

Because you see when we do… When we actually focus on Him and listen to what He has to say, then HE will provide us with cutting-edge answers and solutions that break down barriers, tear down walls and bring restoration and healing to every arena of life! 🌱 #cultivatelife

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Come Up Here

”Gosh… It’s so beautiful up here. Up here above the chaos below.” That’s what I said to God as I peered out the window from the airplane. It was flying high above what looked like Heaven below.

And He’s been saying, “Come higher with Me.” And I’ve been arguing back, “No. No. NO! Because I don’t know what’s up there. And I have to let go of SO much more of what I want in life. This isn’t fair!”

God’s will… His view of what my life should continue to look like… It’s so freaking complex and misunderstood by my human mind. And… Honestly, it really takes me living through my spirit, rather than my soul and mind to continue to follow Holy Spirit where He’s leading.

But, through the deep struggle in my soul, I push through and relentlessly follow.

And now… Now I can begin to see what He’s been talking about… The reasons why He’s been asking me to, “come higher” and “cultivate life from a state of Heaven.”

And I know it sounds a little strange, but this place we just climbed to has more peace than I ever fathomed could be cultivated within myself. It’s just this constant, weightless feeling that I can’t describe with any single word but “Heavenly.”

Nothing really bothers me up here. My eyes are focused on Him and His will and I’m not overtaken with fear, stress, anxiety and worry. It’s just so still… Even though I have no clue what “next” is.

And I don’t know if this is where you are today. I don’t know what your relationship and path with God look like; however, I just want to speak from a place of encouragement and experience when saying this… Keep following Him. I know He’s frustrating and sees things in such a different WAY than we do, but when we truly trust and follow through wholeheartedly, I believe the destination is so incredibly rewarding. And no, no it doesn’t ever consist of a destination of power, fame or fortune. But it does consist of what we need for basic living… Which are the tools to continue to LIVE and cultivate a healthy lifestyle with Him 🌱 #cultivatelife

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Dear America, I’m Sorry

Dear America,

Land of the spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically enslaved, insecure and weak… I’m sorry. I’m sorry that we’ve become such a broken, run-down society… One that is so prone to every sickness and disease “they” feed us. I’m sorry our minds are so controlled and that we’ve lost touch with reality… That we’ve lost the vision of who God called us to be as a nation. I’m sorry that we’re so caught up in our devices and disorders that we miss the actual LIFE that’s happening around us.

I’m sorry that it takes us experiencing physical sickness, death and disease to realize we are spiritually sick and dying; and that we need to wake up and place our intangible needs… The needs of the heart and soul first!

I’m sorry we worship money in our hearts, but have the audacity to say, “thank you God” for all of the “stuff” we constantly accumulate. I’m sorry for what the “American Dream” has evolved into, and how we are so hyped on making money so we can afford more useless contraptions to make our oh so “difficult” lives simpler.

I’m sorry that we don’t have faith anymore… We badger God about miracles and healings, yet I ask, “Where is our nation’s faith? When is the last time a group of believers actually followed Holy Spirit out on the ledge and made it a lifestyle to depend on Him and Him alone for everything!?”

I’m sorry that we are so “proud to be American,” but not in a grateful or humble way… More so in a selfish, egotistical, no one will ever touch “us” way.

I’m sorry that we are sick, divided, decaying & dying… All while Satan (yes Satan) sits by and cashes in on our wickedness, bitterness, jealousy and hate… Cultivating a kingdom far greater than he should EVER have!

And I don’t know how we’ll change. I don’t know how God will restore this land with the power of Holy Spirit; however, I truly believe we are about to tip over an edge. And I hope… I truthfully hope with my entire heart that you come out of this alive America. And that you can be used to show the entire world how vital it is to believe and have faith in a being far greater than all of us… Because in Him and through Him is eternal life! 🌱 #cultivatelife

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New Assignment

For about a year now it seems as though God’s been emptying me of more… More fear. More idolatry. More selfishness. More hurt and pain. More of me.

And to be completely honest with you, it’s been a challenge for me to let go of more without an understanding of “why?”

I just keep questioning the need for the empty space inside of me, “Why does He need me to be so empty on the inside? Why does He need so much space? What’s your purpose in all of this God?”

Well two weeks ago He began to reveal some things to me… Things I never saw coming. The reason He emptied me of lies, manipulation, idol worship, fear and pain.

You see the new assignment He’s given me is a big responsibility. And so I guess I get it. I get why it was so important to stay focused on the path in front of me. I get why He said, “Don’t look to the right or to the left. Just follow Me. It will all make sense and come together in time. You’ll understand eventually.”

And so I just want to encourage you… Where ever you are in life… Where ever Holy Spirit might be leading you… Just keep following. Even when the process seems challenging, long-winded and misunderstood, He knows what He’s doing.

And what He’s doing will always create and promote the capacity for new life! 🌱 #cultivatelife #justlive

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Selfless Madness

I’m convinced the most challenging part of being selfless is the reality that you gain virtually nothing from it. Sure there’s some type of intangible lesson learned… But as far as tangible gain, it’s not there.

And that’s where I am right now… Wrestling with God over this idea… Over this lifestyle of being selfless. He told me He’d bring me to this place, a place where I’d be left with nothing more than Him and His wants and needs for my life and others… And so, here I am.

However, He didn’t tell me what came after this place of selflessness. He didn’t tell me I’d have to pitch a tent and live here and that my soul would constantly feel at war. He didn’t tell me that I’d have to grow and adapt and fully embrace every inch of this. He didn’t tell me it would seem confusing, or that I would be frustrated with my reality.

Instead… He just made selflessness sound so good and appealing. He sold me the idea because He knew I’d follow through like I always do.

And so this morning I sat and said, “But what about me?! Don’t I get some kind of something? A reward? Anything?” He said, “No… That’s the point. There’s no reward to being selfless. You have no personal gain. You’re doing this for the gain of others and my Kingdom. It’s not about you. It’s about Me.”

And so… As angry as I wanted to be with Him… I picked myself up and just embraced what He said. I mean He was and always is telling the truth.

And as seemingly frustrated as I feel about where God continues to lead me as I follow, I’m convinced that there has to be some kind of method and outcome to His madness. There just has to be.🌸🌱 #cultivatelife

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Simply Alive

Being alive… What a thought… I mean, you are alive right?!?

I hope you’re always growing: spirit, soul and body. I hope you’re always open to development, maturity and growth from the inside out.

Because it’s a challenge to do that today ya know? Our world is filled with technology. And while it’s good in some respects, it really has stripped the world of it’s natural process to just be alive and thrive from a spiritual perspective.

You see being alive to me has always meant that we are connected to a source… We have to bring our failures and mistakes to God. We have to rely on Him to help us get through the lowest of the lows. And then we also must allow Him to supply us with everything we need, day in and out.

And I know it seems like a funny way to be… A strange way to live. And I’m sure I sound strange to some… But it’s just because I’ve chosen to live differently. I’ve chosen to keep my heart and mind open to the things of God, rather than the things of the world and the church.

Because I believe there’s a time coming (it might even be here now) where we’ll need to have an authentic, real and unaltered connection to the divine. Something that is stable and secure… Something that the world and the church didn’t build for us, but that we worked with God in relationship to structure.

And I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I hope that you’re growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I hope you’re not on autopilot just waiting for your next instruction from some higher up social figure. I hope that you are simply alive! 🌷🌱 #cultivatelife #justlive

(See video for more!)

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The Crown

Last night I found myself in the midst of deep internal conflict. Why? Well, I was wrestling with God’s will verses my will… this happens frequently.

Well, in the middle of expressing my internal struggle my sister just happened to be watching “The Crown” on Netflix. All of a sudden she said, “Shhhh! Listen to what she (the lead characters grandmother) is saying. I think it will help you.”

So I got quiet and listened. And here’s what she said:

“I have seen three great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else. Elizabeth Mountbatten. For she has now been replaced with another person, Elizabeth Regina. The two Elizabeths will frequently be in conflict with one another. The fact is, the crown must win. It must always win.”

You see after I heard that statement, I just kind of sat back and breathed…. Because I understood, yet again, what I should do.

I believe when we come into the Kingdom of God we are asked to leave our old self at the door and place a crown of royalty upon our head. And because we wear this crown we must represent everything it stands for.

And I’m not going to lie, it’s a challenge to continue to allow the crown to win. Because as we do we let go of more of our selfishness, self-centeredness and human desire to live the life we want verses the life He wants for us.

And I get it, not everyone is going to surrender their entire self to the plans, purposes and desires of God… But I am. And I hope to continue to do it to such a level that others will eventually follow…. That they’ll follow me as I follow God into His Kingdom.

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Just a Prince

Yesterday I was on the train heading uptown to SoHo… My stop, “Prince Street.”

Right before the train came to a stop, a new thought jumped on board… “If Satan is just a prince of this world, then why are we letting him reign over it?”

Immediately my mind started to ponder the reality.

You see I believe when we accept Jesus Christ we are invited into the Kingdom of God to cultivate life… Funny thing, the life around us (or the world) is ruled by an insecure, yet very crafty prince of darkness. But then God asks us to take on our royalty and to reign over this prince.

Because I believe God’s view of us is higher than the view He has of Satan. It’s kind of like the monarchy in England. Harry and William are both princes. Both respect their grandmother. They do not try to overthrow her. And they also realize William will be given the power and authority to reign over the people after his grandmother and father pass away. And then Harry knows and understands, and hopefully respects his brother’s anointing and given authority too. He would never overstep it or overthrow it.

So then my question is, “Why do we allow Satan (who is just a prince) to overstep our God-given power, anointing and authority? Why do we casually sit back and allow him to reign over our lives and decide what rules and reigns in the world? Why have believers in Christ become insecure, pathetic losers who just sit in a corner and cry, when we could just take back what’s rightfully ours?”

As a body of people who are supposed to represent Christ… I believe we are lame. I believe we are trying too hard to be relevant and hip with the culture of Satan when God says, “UMMM, Hello! I called you to stand out and be different and actually make a freaking impact because you have been given the power and authority.”

You see I believe our power, authority and anointing through Christ should actually set us apart. Not the way we dress or the things we have or the messages we preach… But the glory of God we walk in through the Spirit in every moment.

So if you half-way see what I am saying… Then please, wake up and take back your God-given power and authority back right now.