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The Standard

All week I’ve sat and pondered, “How can I become a more effective communicator of what Holy Spirit continues to reveal to me?” You see I want to encourage you to allow Holy Spirit to lead you down a path where the lame and manipulative layers of tradition and religion are stripped away, revealing a… Continue reading The Standard

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What’s Going On In There?

I don’t want to write. Honest to God, I don’t want to at all. It’s become somewhat of a challenge to keep moving forward in this area.But I must… I must mustard up what’s inside of me to get this done because it’s what Holy Spirit is asking. Which makes me wonder… Where is my… Continue reading What’s Going On In There?

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Broken Comfort Zone..

Do you ever have those moments when you just want to shake life? Like literally pick it up shake it around and question why it's acting up?...  Thats how I feel right now... Like I need to interigate life for it's actions... For the pain and injustice I feel... For the confusion and misunderstanding in… Continue reading Broken Comfort Zone..