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Rule & Reign

Dominion... Dominion, power and authority... The constant, active and alive keys to the present world and age we're living in. We won't survive and thrive, spirit, soul, heart and body, without them. They are essential to moving forward as children of God who are cultivating life within the Kingdom of Heaven. You see it's just… Continue reading Rule & Reign

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The Steal Can’t Be Real If You Check the Roots

I had a dream Friday night. I saw the enemy of my spirit, heart and soul stealing an inheritance that didn't belong to him. My human spirit even spoke to me in the dream and said, "This isn't holy, divine or pure." When I woke up from the dream I thought about it and prayed… Continue reading The Steal Can’t Be Real If You Check the Roots

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If Truth Called, Would You Answer?

If truth called, would you answer? Could you tell her what's happening inside of you right now? Could you explain to her what you believe in, who you believe in and why you believe? Would you be able to examine your life and explain who/what placed these beliefs in your mind and why? And what… Continue reading If Truth Called, Would You Answer?

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Death Halts Life….

Have you ever walked into a situation completely blind?... Believing in your mind you know the solution will be quick and simple, but then very quickly realizing, "This is going to take much more time and effort than I thought." That's been my year... A continuation of, "How much longer is this going to last?… Continue reading Death Halts Life….