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Disrespected and Devalued

“I guess… I felt, well I felt deeply disrespected and devalued.” That’s what I told Holy Spirit this morning as He attempted to peel away another layer of my soul that’s sick and dying.You see I had a dream last night, and the dream reminded me of my past… My past where a significant amount… Continue reading Disrespected and Devalued

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Broken Comfort Zone..

Do you ever have those moments when you just want to shake life? Like literally pick it up shake it around and question why it's acting up?...  Thats how I feel right now... Like I need to interigate life for it's actions... For the pain and injustice I feel... For the confusion and misunderstanding in… Continue reading Broken Comfort Zone..

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Unwanted Soul…

There's something incrediblely fascinating to me about feeling alone... I think it's the reality that sometimes our experiences cause us to feel separated from others... Like we don't belong because life happened and now we feel less than unwanted and undesirable... Like we have to put up a shield of protection every time we enter… Continue reading Unwanted Soul…