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Last week I shared how vital it’s been for me to “capacitate in life.

But… You know… I was kind of vague when speaking about capacity because I didn’t really delve into the areas inside of me that are being pressed to the limit.

So here we go…

Being specific about where I’m growing with God right now seems slightly chaotic. I mean… He is stretching me in so many different areas. However, the place that feels most pressing to share with you is an area I am aiming to master.

You see it’s a challenge for me to be satisfied with the things of God.

And, because I feel challenged in this area, I’ve asked Him to help me. Which usually entails a breakdown… I need some understanding and application from Him about HOW I am to be satisfied with Him and only Him.

And guess what He told me?… He said, “Amanda, I just need your entire focus. I give you what you need daily. Every Single Day I provide you with what you need to live in peace and harmony, but you choose… You choose to allow your heart and soul to gaze on other things. To become consumed with things that have nothing to truly do with where I am leading you. And so, you struggle in your heart and soul. You flip back and forth. Questioning me. And why? I have given you what you need. You have leaned into your inheritance in Me and I have provided for you. So why… Why are you looking at things that are less than what I’ve given you?”

Now I know what you might be thinking… “Well He really told you.” And, you’re right… He did. He does. That’s how my relationship with Him is. He’s the father and friend that drops the hammer and pushes me back into line so I can develop, mature and grow properly.

He’s the one that says, “Umm, I’ve healed you from the inside out and set you free of demons, darkness, death and decay. I’ve refined you and matured you. I’ve opened up entire realms and dimensions of life for you as you’ve pursued Me and My ways. So why… Why do you allow yourself to become focused on material, insignificant matters of life? Why don’t you keep yourself: spirit, soul, heart and body directly focused on Me and My Kingdom? Because when you do, you will continue to find yourself satisfied with all that you’ll ever need in life.”

And He’s right. He’s 100% honest in what He’s saying. And I can’t think of an excuse that’s good enough to object Him.

And, because I can’t find anything worthy enough to object Him, I have to also accept the rest of what He’s said. Which is, “Amanda, you are acutely aware of the nonsense that plays out in society. You see how your culture buys into every selfish want and desire, in an aim to fulfill their souls inward need to feel like they are achieving ‘life.’ But that satisfaction of ‘life’ can only really truly be found within Me and my Kingdom. You must keep choosing it. Time and time again.”

And so I will. I am. I am making a conscious effort to keep my soul quiet as my spirit aims to expand and focus intently on where He’s leading. And I hope, I truly hope you will also become fully satisfied in Him. That you will see life through the eyes of your spirit, and really delve into all that there is to be satisfied with. 🌱 ♥️ #cultivatelife



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God Needs An Army

My heart cries for a clear foundation of freedom and wholeness for people. My passion and purpose propel me to move forward as I follow the Holy Spirit’s lead every moment of every day. And while I might not be the best at following through with every detail, I’m learning that the follow is the way of life for us as believers.

You see the battle between good and evil is at an all time high in this world. The war over our minds and souls is being pressed like never before. And I believe it’s time for us to rise up and cut out the bullshit. We don’t have time to be lazy believers in Christ anymore. We don’t have time to be people who are poor in spirit. God needs and army that marches to the beat of one word, and that word is Jesus.

Because I believe as a society we don’t really realize what life will be like if we don’t cut out the crap and pursue Him with our whole hearts.

So please, please hear the cry of my heart and soul that is so pressed towards freedom and wholeness through Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY way to the Father and eternal life. All the other ways are a smoke and mirror show, created by the enemy of our souls. And I say this again, with every pure intention in my heart, do not be deceived… Press into the Holy Spirit… Pursue freedom and wholeness at all cost… And never stop cultivating a healthy lifestyle through the Kingdom of God.

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Are You Lit?..

“It’s gonna be lit!”

These four words constantly tumble out of the mouth of a teenager I’m close too…

Now, if you’re anything like me, then you’re trying to stay up to date with “what the kids are saying today…”

Because, well why not… They are the future…

And since they are the future, well I’ve pondered this word “lit” for a moment… And my thoughts have led me to this…

Are we lit?…

Seriously… Are our souls lit on the inside?..

Do we have some type of light turned on in us that’s shining out for darkness to see and feel?…

Because I believe, more than ever before, we need to become “lit” on the inside… We need a constant stream of light flowing from us…

Because our use of darkness has increased… We are now creating more hate, bitterness, anger, pride, lust, jealousy and envy…

And… A lot of times, I can feel the darkness all around me… Sometimes it even resides in my own heart… But then I’m quick to ask myself, “Am I lit?”

And if I don’t find myself lit… Well, how can I become lit?.. How can I become bright again?..

I believe that each soul needs light… That light is the basic necessity of the soul…That the soul craves light like our bodies crave food…  That without it, the soul is dull, dark and dead…

So… If you’re like me… If you find yourself dualing with darkness and in great need of light… Or, if you’ve never been “lit” from the inside… Please know that the light I talk about can be found in its purest form in the heart of an Intangible God… 

And… When we feel down, low and altogether dull, there is something greater than what we are feeling… And that greater thing, who is simply God, can and will give us light when we choose to accept His love…

Light that will fill us up and cause us to feel so whole and complete… So alive and with filled with Life!..