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A Promise is A Promise

Six-and-a-half years ago my dad unexpectedly died. A month before he passed my parents had just celebrated their milestone 30th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, they planned to take a trip to Hawaii, but… Well obviously, that didn’t happen. Last week my mom turned 60-years-old. So, in true Winder Sister form and fashion, Bridget and I decided… Continue reading A Promise is A Promise

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Selfless Madness

I'm convinced the most challenging part of being selfless is the reality that you gain virtually nothing from it. Sure there's some type of intangible lesson learned... But as far as tangible gain, it's not there. And that's where I am right now... Wrestling with God over this idea... Over this lifestyle of being selfless.… Continue reading Selfless Madness

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Life, the process…

Life... A journey... A process... A continual climbing of mountains and walks through valleys, with a lot of highs and lows... I believe every person on earth experiences it... This thing called life... And while some are flourishing and truly thriving, others are languishing and searching for significance... I also believe it's possible to thrive… Continue reading Life, the process…