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The Gem of Anointing

For about a month now, I’ve been asking Holy Spirit if I can share a spiritual experience I had. I mean… It was fascinating!! So, I couldn’t wait for Him to give me the notion to “move forward.”

About a month ago I was praying, listening to Him and speaking to my human spirit… Then, very suddenly, I saw this giant gemstone in the spirit. It was HUGE. About the width of my chest. Very bright and shiny. Very suddenly it started moving towards me, and I watched as angels screwed it into a large opening that instantly appeared inside my spirit’s chest.

Then, I got a separate view of the process… And I saw the large gemstone actually lay itself onto a smaller gemstone that was already inserted inside of my spirit.

OBVIOUSLY, I immediately wanted to know what I just experienced… And so, Holy Spirit began to explain…

He said, “That large gemstone is your anointing. The small gemstone is the heart of your spirit. See how crystal clear the small gem is? That’s because the light is shinning brightly through your fractals. All of your redemptive gifts are being used. And because the light from your spirit has become so bright and strong, I am having angels install this stone of anointing inside of you. It’s your anointing I am giving YOU. It’s separate from the one your grandmother carried. This is yours. I designed it for you and you alone. It fits your spirit in such an intricate way. And it can grow. As your spirit matures and grows in deeper intimacy with Me, the power of that stone will mature and grow. And more of Me will streamline from it.”

Then He went on to explain that everyone that comes into the Kingdom of Heaven has an anointing because it’s part of our inheritance in Christ. He also told me to stop viewing the anointing the way I was raised to view it. He said, “Religion placed people with strong gifts on pedestals and then called that gift the ‘anointing.’ And, while some of that is true, it’s not all true because everyone has redemptive gifts, spiritual gifts AND an anointing that are all separate from each other, but work together when you access them and cultivate a strong relationship with them.”

Now, if you’re anything like me… Or if you know me in the least bit, then you’ll understand that I was immediately eager to start cultivating a relationship with the stone. I mean… The stone, when activated and used, unlocks so much untapped power and a world full of mystery that is begging to be discovered.

And so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been using this very challenging season of maturity to learn about, operate in and pursue my anointing. Because I am learning that the anointing is vital to my personal track of maturity. I cannot move forward without it. It is essential to ruling & reigning in the Heavens and on Earth. It is pivotal in walking out any God-given, God-appointed mandate. And it is separate from gifting. It is separate from fractals of the human spirit. It is structured and built on presence. To be given or ignited within when the time is best.

And I am sharing this with you because I want to continue to encourage you to keep pursuing a relationship with Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit AND the Kingdom of Heaven. Because when we do, we not only discover more levels of healing, restoration and deliverance, but we also come into a place where we can discover and learn about portions of our inheritance in Christ we never knew we could posses. And those portions, those gifts, those revelations, those anointings… Well they will provide us with the real and raw capability to move about the earth in such a way of power, dominion and authority I don’t believe we’ve ever seen before.

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Two Trees

I left social media. I didn’t deactivate my accounts, but I left… Promising myself I would return when I felt I could consume without being burdened by pride, hate, bitterness, anger, jealousy, grief and shame.

That’s what social media does to me. I pick it up with the idea of “connecting” to “share” my world and the truth I’ve experienced while following God, but then I usually leave feeling worse than when I entered.

You see over the past decade I’ve learned how to connect to God. And… through this single, significant connection I’ve allowed Him to lead me as I’ve learned how to cultivate life.

Actually, He’s emptied me of the dying, decrepit life I was living, restored my broken pieces and parts and then filled me up with grace, love, peace, patience and endless joy.

So… when I sit down and begin to eat the fruit of social media, well my seemingly healthy vessel becomes completely overwhelmed. My insides begin to fill with endless, sometimes useless knowledge of good and evil. And, a lot of the time, what I consume begins to pull my human spirit and soul down as it leads me astray. It begins to probe at my heart, in an effort to cause unneeded division, confusion, jealousy, anger and death in me and with those I choose to share it with. Also… somehow, I become like God because I begin to feel the need to shoulder up the burdens of my world…. As if I even have the understanding and wisdom to solve anything outside of what He’s given me.

It’s not supposed to be like that though. God didn’t create us to carry death and decay. He created us to connect to Him through His Son Jesus, and then point others to that same connection so that they might be made well and new too!

Because… You see when we connect to God and Him alone our souls don’t feel burdened anymore. He gives us exactly what we need when we need it, rather than us pridefully, greedily and selfishly taking from other sources. When we humble ourselves and meet with Him on a moment-by-moment basis, He hands us life-giving skills in increments because He never wants to overwhelm our refinement, development, maturity and growth. 🌱#cultivatelife

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The Tulips

It’s morning… again… a new day… still a new year… still new things to accomplish and come my way… and all along I keep wondering “where will this year take me?”… and I know deep down to not dare ask that question because this year could take me absolutely anywhere possible…
Sometimes though… sometimes my emotions feel like the ones of a tulip… I bought red tulips the other day…  they just looked so pretty sitting in the grocery store… and I love fresh flowers… so I brought them home… and as soon as I got them into a glass of water, they feel over… they wouldn’t stand up for anything… and of course they were closed very tight….
All I could think in that moment was “ok, I just spent $9 on flowers that are wilting…. flowers that haven’t even opened up”… so I decided I try to wrap a rubber band around them… maybe that would help them a little… but it didn’t… so I left them alone and went to work…
But… when I got home that night, the tulips were standing straight up… and they were open… fasciated by their quick change in attitude, I just smiled… I smiled and got ready for bed, thinking “gosh they are so pretty”…
The next day at work flowers were delivered to the house… and guess what… red tulips were inside… that’s when I made a comment to my boss about my tullips… how they had fallen, but now they are standing straight and open… she said, “oh Amanda, that’s what they do. they droop for a while, then stand straight up and open and then droop again when they die”….
I was fascinated once again… and said the flower must be very “emotional” and “bi-polar”…
The funny thing is… as I’ve watched these tulips, they’ve been teaching me something… right now they are so open… so alive and so very attentive to the life around them… anything can come their way and they’d be prepared…
And right now that’s how I feel… when I decided to pick up and change course last year I felt like the tulips looked when I first bought them…. closed and droopy…. but as the year went on… well I began to open up and stand a little taller and firmer on my own… and for the first time really just be me and love myself for the fact that I can just be me…
And now I feel like the tulips I see this morning… more open than I’ve ever been… just waiting for something new and amazing to sweep into my life… just waiting for a ray of sunshine or a tender word from someone to brighten up my day so I can stand a little taller…
Of course I know the tulips will droop again and fade away… but they’ve left such a positive impact on me in this very moment… one that says, “keep standing tall. keep doing what you’re doing. and just stay open to life”….