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For the Love of God

"But the disappointment God... It's SO heavy. I don't want to feel it anymore. I don't want to carry it anymore. Plus... Paired with the anger... The anger that's still consuming 10% of my heart... Well the anger really makes the disappointment feel all consuming at times." This is me. This is me working through… Continue reading For the Love of God

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Disrespected and Devalued

“I guess… I felt, well I felt deeply disrespected and devalued.” That’s what I told Holy Spirit this morning as He attempted to peel away another layer of my soul that’s sick and dying.You see I had a dream last night, and the dream reminded me of my past… My past where a significant amount… Continue reading Disrespected and Devalued

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What A Wonderful Life

This is my grandmother. You know she was healed in 1975 of a rare bone condition. Yep... On her death bed, in a neck brace and body cast for 19 1/2 years, didn’t have feeling in more than half of her body BUT the power of God’s Holy Spirit transformed her in a single moment.… Continue reading What A Wonderful Life

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All That Matters Now

My path has been different. I've never really understood it. I don't know if I ever truly will. Regardless of it all following God with my entire heart has produced my reality... And my reality is, I've gotten to fully become myself. I've been thinking about what it means to fully become yourself... No strings… Continue reading All That Matters Now

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Alone and Lied To…

Since the age of 6, I've struggled with one core thing... The fear of being alone... Deep within the core of me, I began to believe a lie... And that lie told me, "Because of the weight I continued to gain, I would never be enough... I would never be pretty enough... I would never… Continue reading Alone and Lied To…

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My Story of Scoliosis… 

It was somewhere around two years ago... I was standing in the kitchen of my employer's home in Beverly Hills... As the eldest child of my employer passed by me she causually said, "I think you have scoliosis"... Since this was news to me, I quickly responded with, "No I don't. I don't have scoliosis… Continue reading My Story of Scoliosis… 

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Quality of Life…

The day after my grandmother died, a comment was made to my sister… “Well, you know Bridget, it’s really about the quality of life”… If you knew my grandmother’s story, you know that she was healed 41 years ago in August… But before that day, her quality of life wasn’t that great… In a body… Continue reading Quality of Life…